Pariah demo (multiplayer) available

I’ve seen it at FilePlanet[Multiplayer]

and FileShack

I’m sure it’s available elsewhere as well.


Cool, just in time for the weekend. Thanks.

This is that one futuristic sci/fi FPS with absolutely no distinguishing characteristics, right?

Correct… I think

The only thing that sticks out in my mind is the weapon upgrade system.

You play a doctor I think, thats kinda new? right?

I’ve heard that the weapon upgrade system’s pretty unique, but I haven’t tried it yet. But hell, at least it’s not based on WWII.

Any place were you don’t need a username?

I think the weapon system is pretty cool. But other than that, you don’t need much uniqueness to create a great FPS. Just clean gameplay and some features blended together well, and you’ve got a good FPS.

This game is #1.

The Pariah master server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later.

Can you tell I wasn’t serious? I tried “later” and I still got the same message. That’s all right, cause I can play other games that actually work, I wonder how many customers they just lost?

Not too many?

Spent a bit of time playing so heres a few thoughts:

The game will be pegged as having a “console feel”. Its hard to verbalize what makes it feel this way but thats the only way to describe it. visually it looks like your typical Unreal engined shooter (albeit, updated a bit)which isn’t a bad thing at all. The weapons don’t have any feedback as to how much damage you may be doing or if you are even hitting your opponent at all. As far as functionality the upgrade system is interesting though I found many playing aren’t even aware that it exists so they play feeling as if the weps are underpowered. Vehicle control is similar to Halo which I personally like but may put others off.

The real downside here is the performance. Its not smooth. Network performance seems off as well (though this could just be your typical early demo release knotheads trying to host 16 player games on their residential cable connection).

All in all it feels pretty generic but if its patched to where it runs like UT2k4 I could see myself playing this when its released

I played the Xbox (singleplayer) demo, and I liked it well enough. Feels a lot like Halo 1/2, but with much worse AI (if all fairness, however, the demo only allowed the ‘easiest’ difficulty setting. I could see myself picking it up if I see if for less than $50, if only to have something to play split-screen co-op with my friends.

EDIT: Hey, my “later” had all the servers up and running, so is anyone playing in any specific place?