Yeah, enter the matrix is a PERFECT example of a mediocre AAA game, thanks, I couldn’t think of one.

I actually rather liked unreal2.

To get picky, AAA is actually a term that refers to the overall development and marketing budget of the game. By that metric, Daikatana was most definitely AAA. Has nothing to do with expectations of gamers…

Ok, I’m ready to take back my mild appreciation. Playing a bit more makes the plot seem, well… courtesy of babelfish. It’s garbled gibberish.

I still like the outdoor sections.

I still hate the checkpoints, espeically the ones BEFORE lengthy cutscenes.

Don’t pay full price for it :(

(…Did you upgrade the shotgun?)


But I can’t tell if Kieron is daming it with faint praise, or just plain damning it. :)


Why did you all dislike Unreal 2? Do you also hate and torture little puppies?

I was not fond of Unreal 2 at all. I even got a rude angry email from one of the guys at Legend (RIP), a developer for whom I have a lot of respect. I sent him a conciliatory reply, actually apologizing for not liking the game. He never replied, but I guess I can’t blame him.

Oh my, I see it got a 36% on Rotten Tomatoes!


Oh my, I see it got a User Review Average of 64 % on Firing Squad!

:wink: They surely didn’t reinvent the wheel, but I had fun outside the mothership cutscene levels.

I liked Unreal 2, even though it was slow. The squad stuff toward the end was especially great. Very gritty.


PS: On the subject of under-rated shooters, did anybody else like New World Order? It was treated like a floating turd by most of the game press in 2003, but I’m getting a kick out of it now. Some levels are extremely tough. No saves and no health packs! :)

I just read the FiringSquad review. Never having played Unreal 2, I am wondering if someone can spoiler for me what they do at the end that is the point of all the intra-ship camraderie stuff.

I thought Unreal 2 was rather underrated. Granted, it didn’t live up to the expectations placed on it due to its predecessor but taken on its own, I thought it was about as fun as any other shooter that came out that year. I was still working at Homelan and was in the closed beta for the multiplayer and had spoken to a few of the Legend guys. There had been lot of internal politics between Legend, Epic and Atari that went on during the games’ production that led to U2 not living up to its potential. Much of it wasn’t Legends doing.

Speaking of XMP, that IS one of the best MP games thats come up in the past several years IMHO. If Atari had an ounce of brain matter they’d release it as a free standalone in the same way Activision did with Enemy Territory. Its simply a brilliant game and it didn’t deserve to be shelved the way it did.

Unreal 2 was a decent game if you turned your brain off and didn’t have any better shooter to play. As Tom put it in his classic review, “bad dialogue and a bad storyline wouldn’t hurt Unreal 2 so much if it didn’t rely on them so much.” If Legend had simply cut out those utterly pointless ship levels the game would actually have been better as a result.

I can agree that Unreal 2 was pretty… average… not bad not great. But then again, I’m starting to think most shooters are pretty generic these days. INCLUDING Half Life 2 and Doom 3. I’d also like to add that every friggin WW2 shooter since Medal of Honor is regurgitated shit. I;m so sick of the Saving Private Ryans Ass mentality. If you’re gonna be ‘edgy’ put some damn better gameplay instead of linear minded carbon copies of SPR, Band of Boyfriends, or whatever macho patriotic WW2 movie/tv shit ppl eat up. Hey I loved the movie… but I don’t want to play the same damn ww2 (or now Vietnam/Covert Ops) fps game every 3-6 months with a new release. Anyway, my point is, Unreal 2 might be generic… but then again rip into Half Life 2 why don’t you. EVERY shooter is generic… (except SWAT 4 recently!).

… oh… this is a Pariah thread…


Ok, so I finshed the single player portion… My god, what happened to the plot? I thought it was being let out in atmosphere-building drips, but no… Unreal 2 was vastly more coherent than this.

… but the same people who sold me it for £17.99 have also just taken my Gothic 3 pre-order for £17.99 :) Yay for

Gave this a poke around, but after playing the gloriously inventive Psychonauts, the generic vibe of this was just a massive turnoff - I felt like I’d seen, heard and done all of it before. Of course, it’ll probably outsell Double Fine’s game by the proverbial bucketload, but still…

So basically, given that Unreal 2 received a very similar “meh” reaction in QT3 back when it was released, we should expect Pariah to appear in an “underappreciated FPS games” thread in the next couple of years…?

I doubt it.

I’ll be watching… ;)

I just played the single-player demo. 250+ mb download. Maybe 10 minutes of lukewarm gameplay.

It was kinda cool when I shot someone in the face and their glass visor shattered on the ground.

How long was this in development and how much money did this cost?