Thanks for the reccomendation @jpinard I played this last night, very fun!

Not to derail this much but, how complete is it right now? Should i wait or is just enough to be playable?

Seems good the campaign is not yet in but the sandbox modes feel well fleshed out. The only big negative for my setup is the performance, for such a casual looking game it sure chews up some horsepower. So its not (yet) the light casual laptop game yet I would love.

That said as I noted I am having a BLAST on my desktop machine. My daughter sat beside me and we made vomit inducing coasters :)


Ahh thank you for the info. I might give it a try then.


I’m waiting for the campaign to go in. Can’t wait.


Yep, pretty much waiting for 1.0 , its great so far.


For these kinds of games, I am almost exclusively a campaign player. I have started watching the updates though since a few folks said they enjoy it right now and it’s more of the business sim than the other ones.


Me too. I always go through the campaign first, THEN the open shit.


This helped me:



So excited.


Fun little trailer. Those water rides make me far too excited.


Right? That submarine one made me all aflutter.


Great trailer. I especially liked the little peeps walking away from the coaster looking like they wanted to barf.


That Fun o Vision, or whatever they called it, seems like a great idea. Because it looks like they are implementing systems so that the fun visual design stuff that makes Disney so refined but is rarely important in these games, actually matter.


I’ll say it. For a real RC Tycoon game, this is way better than Planet Coaster.


Oh I agree, PC was pretty, and had great riding tools, but as a park management/tycoon game, it was soooooorely lacking.


Today is the day. I’ve been holding off diving into building a new park until release.

My only issue with the game are the floating config dialogues. They are aggravating as hell.


So excited to finally have a campaign. Can’t wait to dive in!


Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.