OMG that makes me joyous to read that.


And we’re at beta!


Does this game use sprites or is it 3D? Just curious. It looks fine.


This game is really coming together nicely. Beta 2 started at the end of December:

Zooming was improved!


I really like that they are putting up build challenges to the community and that the winners get their submissions entered into the game as default blueprints. This way there won’t be a shortage of default rides.

Other updates have included an Elevator:


Guest Stalking:


First Aid!



Wow (cool elevators!).

So a neat thing. I’d emailed the developer’s a while ago and asked if they were making this much more management/business oriented plus more challenging vs. Planet Coaster. I mentioned they’d probably get a lot of people who like myself felt the sim part of Planet Coaster was unfulfilling and we’d be looking for something to fill that void. I said I’d buy into the beta right away if this was the case. Important however was a challenging simulation, not just fill in the blanks and win. They responded affirmatively in all aspects and said that really was their focus (outside of obviously rides and coaster building).


Did you? :)


This is coming along VERY nicely.

Some pics:

Entire park so far.

Puke Cone Ride

Decided to install a bathroom just outside the ride that charges $.50 cents. For that extra profit!

I really like how they get off the ride, vomit or run to the bathroom if they can hold it, and then get back in line.

I was losing money for awhile, so I gouge them $9 to enter the park now. And I installed 2 money kiosks so they can get more funds when in the park.


Does Parkitect allow ghost testing, like in the style of RCT. I find PC’s testing and building of coasters to be… lacking.


yep i did!


It allows real time building testing. You also have drop downs to see velocity and G-forces along with other stuff. You can watch the little ghost train travel the track as you build it. It has the best presentation and detail feedback I’ve experienced.

Also the map editor is easy to use and works great.


Those first two screen shots alone should sell the game easily.


I’m pretty the reason I passed on this before is I am sick of EA, really sick of it. After playing Planet Coaster though I realize that even though i really liked RCT3, it wasn’t because of the visual upgrade so much as that plus the fact I could still tinker.

Planet Coaster is fabulous for sandbox play, like really stunning looking stuff, painters dream… but I am a tinkerer and it punishes you heavily to tinker with a roller coaster in non-sandbox park.


Beta 6 came out a few days ago. Almost 2 years in Early Access now.


Thanks for the reccomendation @jpinard I played this last night, very fun!

Not to derail this much but, how complete is it right now? Should i wait or is just enough to be playable?

Seems good the campaign is not yet in but the sandbox modes feel well fleshed out. The only big negative for my setup is the performance, for such a casual looking game it sure chews up some horsepower. So its not (yet) the light casual laptop game yet I would love.

That said as I noted I am having a BLAST on my desktop machine. My daughter sat beside me and we made vomit inducing coasters :)


Ahh thank you for the info. I might give it a try then.


I’m waiting for the campaign to go in. Can’t wait.


Yep, pretty much waiting for 1.0 , its great so far.


For these kinds of games, I am almost exclusively a campaign player. I have started watching the updates though since a few folks said they enjoy it right now and it’s more of the business sim than the other ones.


Me too. I always go through the campaign first, THEN the open shit.


This helped me: