So excited.


Fun little trailer. Those water rides make me far too excited.


Right? That submarine one made me all aflutter.


Great trailer. I especially liked the little peeps walking away from the coaster looking like they wanted to barf.


That Fun o Vision, or whatever they called it, seems like a great idea. Because it looks like they are implementing systems so that the fun visual design stuff that makes Disney so refined but is rarely important in these games, actually matter.


I’ll say it. For a real RC Tycoon game, this is way better than Planet Coaster.


Oh I agree, PC was pretty, and had great riding tools, but as a park management/tycoon game, it was soooooorely lacking.


Today is the day. I’ve been holding off diving into building a new park until release.

My only issue with the game are the floating config dialogues. They are aggravating as hell.


So excited to finally have a campaign. Can’t wait to dive in!


Please keep your hands and feet inside the ride at all times.





OK, you guys aren’t kidding. The sim in this sim coaster is so much better. I also really like the logistics additions. Working out paths for staffing, hiding it, making it efficient… all very cool. Originally when I tried this a year or so ago I was put off by the very simple graphics look, but they have tweaked it and given it its own personality now. Planet Coaster is still the better lego set for building beautiful screenshots, but this seems like it is going to be a far more interesting game


Are the tools kind of easy to use? I might gift this to someone because they like Planet Coaster but like me would like more sim in our simulations.


Hey, this game turned out to have some really nice stylized graphics. When did that happen? I thought it had 2d rollercoaster tycoon retro graphics. Maybe I’ve got it confused with some other game.

In any case, this looks quite lovely – both in terms of the visuals and gameplay. Would like to hear what folks think of the campaign.


I think its very easy to use. There are some minor annoyances, but for the most part it is pretty intuitive. First, this isn’t the free camera game that Planet Coaster is. This is an ISO coaster game disguised as a 3D game, which works just fine for me =) There are little windows that pop up for everything, and they can get cluttered, but there are easy enough ways to close them all quickly. Umm… that’s really the only main struggle I’ve had. (This is when 21:9 comes in handy! Lots and lots of little informational windows can be open =)


I’ve done the first two campaign scenarios, and enjoyed them both. They are what you would expect out of the first two: straight forward and simple. The second one adds a wrinkled in a veiled landscape challenge which was subtle, yet varied and fun.I didn’t feel threatened that I would fail either of the first two scenarios, but It wasn’t run away easy like PC is.




If you have interest - get it. The Sim park of this is so much better than Planet Coaster.