Partial Commercial Plague

Anyone else notice that on several different channels like HGTV ABC and History Channel there are 1-2 second parts of commercials then skips into another? This plague is fairly recent.

It’s a plague!

Whats up with that?

It’s what happens when your local cable provider ineptly puts their commercials over the standard national feed.

Yay local commercials!

It’s like Web 2.0 on cable!

And when you have a truly inept cable company like Cox, the commercials run over so you miss a few seconds of whatever you’re watching. “Look, they’re in the middle of a sentence.”

Even fucking better is Cox’s habit of running their own commercials at 150% volume. I’d like to take a digital shit in digital max’s noisy goddamned digital mouth.

Amen to that brother, Amen.

I have Brighthouse.

I also have trouble mid afternoons with many channels freezing for 5 minutes-usually during the climax of a movie/talk show/or citcom etc.

I call them for $20 credits for my troubles.

They usually accomodate me.