Party based rpgs/tactical games

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After you mentioned it I’ve gone and done some reading and I can see where it has come a huge way since I last looked in on it. It’s got me excited. I saw where apparently now you juggle relationships between I guess squadmates or something? A dash of persona sounds fine to me.[/quote]

I updated mine to the latest maybe two months ago, and I haven’t seen any relationship management a la Jagged Alliance. But it is more of an RPG than X-Com, in that the gals are more diverse in their talents than the squaddies and have probably hundreds more options for outfitting. And because it’s all gals, I name them after my favorite women of the moment. Stacey Abrams, Valerie Leon, Irish McCalla, Xenia de Mattia, Olivia Cheng, et al.

What happened to this game? I remember following it but there was some reason I never bought it, but i can’t remember why? I foggily remember maybe that it never got an English translation? It looked pretty fun for the time but I can’t remember why I never bought it.

Broken Roads looks neat. Always skeptical of gun-based RPGs, though; I generally don’t feel guns and turn-based work all that well together, without a really good environmental model (cover, destructible terrain, etc). That seems unlikely in this game. Anyone been following it closely?

Worth noting that Cyber Knights is a Trese Brothers game and will therefore receive the most amazing post-release support you’ve ever seen. Those guys do good work.

I’ve been following it closely but so far there’s not much to follow. News has been rather scarce beyond the Steam page.

Really looking forward to Cyber Knights, purely off the strength of Star Traders Frontiers

The number of updates is astonishing. 262 and counting for Star Traders: Frontiers alone. I would buy anything from these guys

Might be my most anticipated game right now.

They added both to Black Legend now.

Here’s another one, looks a lot like Cyber Knights:

Hi all,

Thanks for the tip on Trese Brothers. I saw this is on sale today…looks like it’s tactical but not sure if it’s party based. If it isn’t, I can move this post to the bargain thread.

Save 40% on Templar Battleforce on Steam (

Aside: how come my links don’t always show the preview pic?

Oh, and if you look in the Templar Battleforce deal, they also have a link to a Steam “Turn-Based Tactical Bundle”.


  • Templar Battleforce

  • Chroma Squad

  • Golden Krone Hotel

  • Warbanners

Only one I’ve played is Chroma Squad, which is pretty good.

Just popping in to say that I tried out Templar Battleforce. It’s good. If you like Space Hulk, with retro graphics but lots of RPG development trees, you’ll dig it. These Trese Brothers seem to know what makes gamers tick.

YESSS!!! That was one of my first love’s too and one of the few games I actually finished. Man I loved that game.

This is my preferred genre, too. I grabbed Mario vs. Rabbids as soon as my kids got a Switch and I bounced off it so hard and have a couple times since. I don’t know if it is the theme or the leveling/gear simplicity or the stripped down environments and mechanics. I’ll probably give it one more shot eventually, but now that I have a gaming PC again, it will be a long while.

You know what game I love that is in a team management subgenre that has not really been duplicated? Battles of Norghan. I spoke with the developer off and on back in the day. Such a nice guy. I love the fight, do well, experience losses, level up and gear up cycle. I think that is why I love Battle Brothers as it has many of those aspects in similar amounts. No one part overwhelms the others. I have not found a similar team a management, turn based tactical game that does that.

How did I NOT know about this, this is amazing find! Right up my ally

For a long while it was not on Steam and only available through Mitorah games. Once it was added, I emailed the developer and he sent me a key as I still had my original purchase email. That’s been a few years, though. Time is hazy.

The game has plenty of drawbacks due to its age, but the core of the game is one I want more of and surprised at how few games have gone down this path. I realize to some extent, all party-based RPG are team management. However, this is stripped down to just management and fights. Not that I don’t enjoy story and exploration, I do, but there are plenty of those games from which to choose.

P.S. I tried to do the widget link thing, but I am not smart enough so I just hyperlinked it to the Steam page in the previous post. :)

I just stumbled onto this thread. Marvelous idea. I’m adding games to my Steam wishlist at a frantic pace. Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.

So for the game what you need to let go of is the thought about how to move and play Xcom. Namely the overwatch crawl. Instead you need to embrace what the game is about, movement. If you play your cards right you can do more damage through movement on some turns. It really is a brilliant system.

Because the entire map is revealed, and objectives designed in such a way to force you out of rote patterns, you really do learn to use the full suite of movement abilities. And traversing levels is often enjoyable on its own, as you have multiple different pathways to your goal, depending on team make up.

It really is a brilliant design. But one where if you are wanting the high of the 10% chance shot that lands, or the 95% shot that misses, you won’t get it. But that discrete and pared down shooting mechanic works well because it allows the design to focus on the core of the game, the movement system.