Party Down parties on!

Firstly, I’m disappointed no one here alerted me to Party Down. This thread is all we get? I had to be told about the show by a buddy who doesn’t even watch TV! But what a great find. Likeable cast, clever writing, short easily-watchable episodes, and just mean-spirited enough to prick.

Secondly, like the wonderful Eastbound and Down, Party Down is getting a second season. Bring on the next round of ugly mean-spirited dark comedies. Woo-hoo!


I just started watching it the other day, it’s fucking great! Also practically a reunion casting of Veronica Mars thanks to Rob Thomas.

Also, it’s on Netflix Watch Instantly (I recall hearing about it in that thread), which means most xbox owners should be able to get on board. I will try it out.

Thanks for the tip, have a transcontinental flight coming up and this show sounds perfect to fill the time.

Well, starting topics is hard work you know. But yeah, it’s a fun little show. Virgin Freedomtinis for everyone!

I am totally in love with this show, not the least of which because it comes out of the gate stronger than any comedy I’ve seen, well, ever. The cast is awesome, the characters are oddly likable, and the scripts are painfully, painfully funny. Ken Morino should get a lifetime achievement award for the porn episode alone.

Seriously, it’s like an American Fawlty Towers. That’s how much I like it.

Holy high praise! Does this air on anything in Canada that doesn’t require some insane digital channel package?

Dunno - a friend of mine burned me a copy from the torrents. I know it’s on Starz! in the States, but I have no idea if we get it up in Canadaland.

This show is worth moving from Canada*!


Yeah, the porn episode was pretty classic. Although I think I got the hardest belly laughs from the set-up and pay-off for the really big visual gags in the first two episodes: Ken Marino rubbing the stain out in the girl’s bathroom in episode one and the flag burning in episode two. God, it’s amazing how effective lowbrow can be when it’s well written and acted!

Also, Jane Lynch frightens me. Like, I have to sleep with the light on after I see her in something. So while I’m sorry to see her go, I can’t say I’m disappointed to get Jennifer Coolidge instead. Her laughing dolphins schpiel was much less scary than Jane Lynch making out with Ed Begley Jr. Oh god, now that I’ve brought that up, I’m going to have nightmares for the next week.

  • Not really, but maybe if you combined this show and Arrested Development.

Wait, what? She’s not coming back? Awww. Her replacement really doesn’t do much for me… it must be the voice, I guess.

Watching the first episode of this now based on this thread’s recommendation. It’s pretty awesome.

She’s just as insane. Exhibit A:

Episode 10 was definitely the weakest of the season, it kind of seemed to meander and couldn’t decide whether it wanted to advance the plot or focus on the wedding. If we had to trade Lizzy Caplan for Kirsten Bell I think I could live with it, but I doubt that’s how it will end up.

“Oh, did I make that Nazi shape again?”

I would never have heard of this show if was not for Tom. I am on my second Netflix viewing now.

I agree, the finale had the group split up with each character doing their own thing, so it lost the fun of the characters interacting. I wonder how they’re going to bring back the crew without having them all fail at their opportunities.

One minor complaint: where were the minorities on this show? Isn’t California one of the most diverse states in the country. I would expect on any real catering crew there’d be at least one latino and one Asian. They also didn’t cater anything like a quinceanera either. The only black people I remember are the extra in the first show who got offended, Rick Fox, and the rappers, all stereotypes.

The real joy of an ensemble cast is seeing how weird combinations of characters interact. The first season of Party Down had a little bit of this in the relationship between Jane Lynch and the blonde kid, where they started becoming pretty good friends. I’d very much like to see more of that in the second season.

I thought it was refreshing to have a show that didn’t have to have the two token minorities. Wasn’t Tom Chick the only honky on Living Single?

Hey, I’m not one for starting threads! I’m new still. We’re also still only a few episodes in. I’m not one to pimp a show when I’m so far behind.

Glad they got a second season! Great news.

The Lynch-Coolidge switch is pretty jarring.

Great show.