Password Finder $39.95

One of the ads up top is for a secret password recorder? Whether it’s a scam to sucker the gullible would-be hackers into spending $39.95 or the real deal to wreck other people’s lives, I’m not a fan of seeing that kind of advertising here.

I think they are google ads, which are generated by topics that appear on the page. In other words, Chet can’t really control them.

Yeah, Google’s the one to complain to. I haven’t seen that particular ad, but if it’s what you say, they probably will care.

Yeah, I clicked it out of curiosity myself, and the site sells various forms of spyware “to monitor your children.” Yeah. Right.

If I’m remembering this correctly, this has happened before with a google ad selling pirated games or something, and we complained here and then chet complained to google.

There’s a link at the bottom of any Google AdSense ad, “Ads by Goooooogle”. It takes you to the Google site explaining the AdSense program, and there’s a link to “Send Google your thoughts on the ads you just saw” as well, which lets them know which ads you’re concerned about and lets you fill out a form as to why.

Knowing Google, they probably move quickly to get rid of the undesirables.

Is that a Google-in-China reference?

Sure. I’ll take credit for being unwittingly witty any day.

They are auto-generated. But if you have the url of the offending ad, just pm it to me and I will remove it. The adsense ads are temporary, but until they are moved off I will still remove any “bad ad” just as with the graphical ads.

You don’t need to click thru to get the url, just right click and copy the url and pm me the entire thing along with why.



Aw. Why are the Ad Sense ads only temporary? As I stated in another thread, I rather like them!