Pata -pata -pata PON!


Why can't this come to the PS3 ?


Gotcha. Thanks!


I have a full complement of archers, spearmen, and axemen, and have fought the dragon boss who swallows patapons whole, removing them from the game. Thus, my newly-recruited axemen are ass-kickers! But my spearmen and archers still stink.

The only way I can think to replace them with better units is to basically feed them to the dragon boss. But that seems TOTALLY SICK. Is there another way?

p.s. I just got horsies!


Yes you have to kill them right before going in to the mission. (in the line-up)


I tried doing that, but didn't appear able to. I'll try again. Thanks!

(Can I think of it as 'dismissing them to their farms' instead of 'killing'?)


When selecting your troops before a mission push triangle to zoom in then press Select to "retire".


Just finished! Sadly. :(

The last monster was completely surreal.. the one that births from the stomach of the other. It, along with the intense music, made my pulse race. Someone could have hit my head with hammer while I was playing that level and not gotten my attention.

The last cutscene needed a better writer, but the song retrospective that played during the credits was SO GREAT. This game's got the best soundtrack of any game I've ever played. Of course, it's tailored to this style of game, and so there are other very different soundtracks (e.g. that for the Myth series) that are wonderful, too, but this gets my all-time favorite vote for being perfectly suited to the game while also being thoroughly clever.


PS4 remaster is out today! If you didn’t have a PSP/Vita, be sure to check out the best rhythm game ever. Though maybe only if your TV has a good response time. Apparently the port doesn’t have any calibration options and we saw how Parappa turned out.



But, wait, I’m just now seeing that the Patapons seem to work fine with the Vita. Why wasn’t I told this earlier?



OMG, I am playing Patapon 2 on my Vita! I thought the Patapons were lost to time and PSPs.



Pretty sure I posted about Patapon 2 on Vita before. The one downside is that you can’t use Bluetooth headphones with it because of the lag.

Edit: Yup


I loved the first game, but got stuck hard fairly early on, and never got back into it due to just assuming I am bad at rhythm games (this assumption has proven true time and time again). It’s a shame, as I loved the concept and the gameplay a lot.


Makes me happy to read this thread and think about this game.


I am on the opposite side: I was so glad to have gotten that darn littany of theirs out of my mind. Now, merely reading the topic’s title, it is totally back in ¬_¬
Why did you have to bump this, Ginger_Yellow, why?!


Patapon 2 remaster inbound next year:


I love you, discourse, for the “mute” setting which I just figured out (nothing personal, @Ginger_Yellow).


Switch version or GTFO!



I feel this way about the entirety of the PSP and Vita libraries, including Sony’s own games.


It seems like Sony makes the game so I’m guessing no Switch version soon.


Well, now you’ve jinxed it. Great.