Patch for HOI2 Doomsday out

No, really. Nothing really major.

Wow, maybe I should get around to finally finishing a game of this now.

Nothing really major.
The family of John Bassett Moore would disagree.
Deleted minister entry for John Bassett Moore in USA

I’d like this if it wasn’t for the fact that I’ll have to check all my mods and see what’s broken.

Unfortunately, my main gripe with HOI2 Doomsday that can’t be modded out easily wasn’t fixed - the inability to tell puppets to quit sending you expeditionary forces.

Yeah, Germany giving me control of 1/4 of their divisions scattered throughout Europe has pretty much ended my interest in my Italian campaign. If I wanted to control German units, I would have selected Germany when I started.

I thought they had a “assume military control” diplomacy option that pretty much gave you control of all your puppet’s/allies units? Why would Paradox have the AI bombard you with expeditionary forces?

That’s actually a really tiny patch for Paradox!!

Well, they just released the “Armageddon” mini-expansion which, for $5, includes that little feature among other things.

Here’s a forum thread with a more complete list of changes and additions:

Very cool. Any online multiplayer games happening?

I’d be willing to try again, but the last time we tried to put one together it didn’t turn out well. I honestly don’t know if the network issues are any better now.

But IF you want to try again, Comrade Jusuf Stalin would be pleased to join again!!!

I’d deifnitely be interested in having a whack at mp.

I’m up for it if we can find someone to host it.

Count me in, yo.

Ok, I’m willing to host this. I’m on a significantly faster connection than the last time we tried, so hopefully that’ll improve things. How’s Sunday for everybody?

Sounds good, I can try. Are we using Armageddon, Doomsday or HOI2 vanilla?

I can do Sunday depending on the time.

I was thinking we’d do Doomsday with the latest patch, unless anyone thinks Armageddon is vitally necessary.

As for time, I’m flexible. Early afternoon, EST would be my preference.

I am so up for it.

I’m in and this weekend works fine for me. Saturday is better than Sunday, though.


Uhhh… This Sunday? As in Easter Sunday? Hmmm… I might be able to do later evening (EST), but afternoon is out. Regardless, don’t count me in, yet.