Patching Civ IV through Beyond the Sword

Hi guys, I’m trying to install Civ IV Beyond the Sword on my laptop (running Vista 64), but when it tries to update, it fails to install the latest patch.

I cannot update it during the Beyond the Sword install (which quits after failing the patch), I cannot update Civ IV itself from within the application, nor can I apply the latest patch externally.

Any ideas before I pull out any more hair?

(Civ IV runs unpatched).


Hmmm, I always just patch from the downloaded file (i.e. not via the auto-patcher). The patches are cumulative, so you only need to grab the latest one:

  • Alan

Yes, I never used the internal patcher, as it inevitably stalled out and never really gave good feedback on progress, anyway.

The internal patcher is abysmally slow, locks your machine while downloading, and never actually worked for me. A horribly shoddy piece of work in an otherwise fine game.

Kick it squarely in the ass, and instead head over to Patches Scrolls.

Well, the only thing that seemed to work was to patch Civ IV incrementally to its latest version (the latest patch continually failed when installing over the base game), and then install and patch Beyond the Sword.

After much ado… what a pita.

Thanks to those who replied.