Path of Achra - The Next Evolution in Roguelikes?

I think I cast one prayer through that entire playthrough just to top up my health before heading into the final boss room! Kept forgetting about them so… maybe a prayer build next? :D

Edit: no, wait, it says three times right there!

I ignored them for a long time, but there are skills that activate on summoning, and a god whose prayers summon, so it was a good combination.

I’m trying to play this on Steam Deck and all the controls seem messed up.

I had to spend a bit of time remapping the controls to find something fairly comfortable.

I had a good run of successes with DEX/lightning builds last night. Towards the end, I just wasn’t getting hit at all.

I think I may focus on finding builds dedicated to one skill school, and then branching out from there.

Knocking out the one domain achievements is a great goal after unlocking everything. It’s fun to sit on the character creation screen and think “okay how am I going to do this”

I’m getting really frustrated at cycle 7 hitting things that just kill me. I was running a summon build and hit a level with multiple extreme speed lightning casters zapping me from the far side of the map. Speed 100 summons don’t help if the bad guys also have speed 100 and are 10 tiles away. My astrohunting builds always die as well.

Is there any advantage (other than experience rate) for playing at higher cycles?

Fair point. The lower cycles seem kind of easy, the harder cycles randomly kill you…

I only realized last night that I could change that. I’d been floundering on cycle 7 myself for a few days.

Hah, and after that I have a pretty easy cycle 7 win with an astrohunting/projection Sahasi build . Absolutely hilarious - standing still teleported me next to an enemy and attacked it twice, also triggering 7 additional ranged hits doing fire damage. Each hit triggered a small fire AE, 3 ranged astral damage strikes, and 2 astral beam damage strike. Each fire damage triggered additional astral damage both on target and on adjacent enemy. Each time I did astral damage I gained 5 poise. Poise adds directly to all astral damage.

It wasn’t the most “clear the board in a turn” build as it tended to run out of things to spend hits on and the actual raw damage numbers weren’t tremendous, but anything adjacent melted very reliably.

My little familiar helper at the end of the final fight.