Path of Exile

Has anyone been playing the path of exile beta and care to share their thoughts?

I love the beta timer…

So basically the game is free, but you’re paying money to look different. So I guess it only costs money if you’re part of the target market for horse armor.

Hey if there’s a business model where people can buy horse armor and fancy berets so that I can get games for free, I’m all for it.

Hmmm, intriguing. I like the looks of it and it sounds like a game I would rarely play online because i would suck like hell, but maybe I need to change my gaming ways. If we are going to have free to play games, as, of course, we are from here on out, this model seems pretty harmless.

Other games have proven that it only takes a small-ish percentage of people to start funneling in money in order to sustain a F2P game.

BTW, I wasn’t criticizing the game, just our benefactors: the vain gaming public.

It looks like this might be out prior to diablo 3 (another beta im not in either). I wonder if PoE will impact the sales of it.

I love that a guy named aeneas is interested in a game called Path of Exile.

It’s a decent business model. If the game is good, and I’m enjoying it, I’d buy some cosmetic stuff to support the devs. I wouldn’t do so in a game with a subscription, but a free game, sure.

The problem for people like me (if there are any), is that I won’t buy stuff like this until it’s all packaged together in one big discounted bundle, for fear that I may already own half of what ends up being included in such a bundle, so that I get less return on my investment if I purchase it.

I’m in the beta and its very good to date.

Sign up at they award a key every five minutes.

Plus I have a spare key for the first person that PM’s me. I suspect that whoever gets it will then get a ‘friend’ key as well so if they then post in this thread we can get a several QT3’s in the beta. (gone)

PM sent, if it’s still available.

Damn, Kevin and his ninja-like speed. I was really interested in this.

I haven’t gotten a “friend” key, but if I do I’ll post it here!

Btw, my initial impression of the skill system is OMGWTFAWESOME.

I’m not in the beta, but from the videos and previews I’m far more interested in this than any other upcoming action-rpg.

So is anyone playing in this? I haven’t heard anything about it in a long time (although I’m not exactly seeking it out), still waiting on a key :(

I’ve been playing it almost daily since I got in in small chunks and highly recommend it. I got up to Act 2 of the beta yesterday.

The skill tree is excellent and the rune stones to give you powers are pretty cool and can be individually levelled up as well.

Witches seem to be relatively overpowered but that suits my play style.

I have a level 19 witch, a level 6 marauder and a level 3 templar.

If you want to get a key you really need to post a couple times in their forums.

Oh really? I wasn’t sure as to the criteria for anything, they aren’t exactly open about it. Thanks for the impressions though!

So what’s the gameplay like? It looks like a gussied up diablo from the videos.

Well bearing in mind that I have only played the original Diablo… Its very much like Torchlight except the you can have parties of two or more players running around an instance at once. The beta doesn’t have followers or pets so you are by yourself if you haven’t got a mate to play with.

Enemy AI is quite good and you can easily get overcome by swarms of enemies around you with ranged enemies hanging back. The bosses are not too difficult to deal with but then i’m only in the early stages of the game.

I haven’t yet gone back through the first couple of stages to see if the enemies get harder the second time around with your levelled up character but I guess not.

I suspect that figuring out your preferred build will be very important once the game is finally balanced.

The graphics are excellent and the monsters, items, names of things have a kiwi / Maori flavour to them which is a nice change of pace.

The beta really is a software beta, rather than a marketing exercise, in that there are some bugs and the developers are making weekly changes.

The initial install was about 3gb and 100 mb patches happen on a regular basis.

Most weekends there is at least one developer in game at all times answering questions over the global chat channel.

My only real complaint is that the camera is fixed which means that if you are up against a wall in the foreground of the screen you can have your view blocked of your character.