Path of Exile


Have at it. Do need to futz around with switching items and trees (can do that on the bottom to the left of reset, just found out about that).

True that the original build doesn’t seem to be making the most of the gladiator ascendancy, so it probably might have been better as a raider traveling west.


I think I prefer the one-hand-and-shield anyway, now that it’s been suggested. Playing HC, the extra defense is well worth the reduced DPS. In a regular league, I might go the other way.


I threw the nodes around a bit, added auras (+ele weakness) to your version, then compared to bleed and the bleed pulls ahead in dps by a few k (even more after you factor in vulnerability). I think you forgot to account for Crimson Dance in your original comparison, you have to multiply that number by 8. It basically comes down to investing 100 int+ to get a little more frontloaded damage (although with 100% ctb the bleed stacks up fast) and the ability to use elemental/chaos flasks.

If I feel like it I’ll create an item template from my old dw gladiator later so we can play around with PoB a bit.

@ineffablebob: if you want to be extra safe you can also swap sunder with cleave. One of the quests gives you access to threshold jewels and Overwhelming Odds is one of them.


@ineffablebob : once you get your resist in order you can also try something like this. I went for Sanctuary initially because I’m using BoR and resists are somewhat hard to cap in the start without investing into some nodes. With this version you get a little more dps, block, life and 1% life regen, plus some dex from pathing if you want to use any dex gems.


FYI, PoE Wiki is borked at the moment due to Gamepedia deprecating an API of some sort that was used for back-end look-ups. No ETA on fix, so as a workaround you will need to hit up google cached versions of the pages you are looking for.


Map stash tab! I’m going to resist buying it immediately since I’m not sure how much mapping I’ll be doing this league, but I’m definitely going to pick it up one of these days.


I was gonna come here and post that… map stash tab, how awesome!

Regardless as to how much mapping you’ll be doing, think about how you can organize all those map tabs you have everywhere…


On the flip side, with the new tab it takes 2 more clicks to get to the map you want. I have ~30 premium tabs so I’m holding off on this one for now, the functionality isn’t quite there yet.

Also, this league is the bomb. Couple of times I rolled a beyond map and ended up with like 10 abysses, abyssal depths, zana, breach, uber trial, essences, you name it. Total carnage, explosions everywhere. I love it, it’s raw unfiltered insanity when things start snowballing.

Honestly, I think it will be hard for GGG to top this league, it’s the best one so far imo, just barely edging out Breach. The war for the atlas is also a very cool mechanic and I’m looking forward to making more use of it (still clearing atlas right now).

The new maps are also extremely cool and I’m loving the shaken up meta (some upper tier maps got moved to lower tiers). Very tight design overall. Path of Exile was in my eyes already the best online game ever made but with this update they have only widened the gap between them and the competition.



Yes, there’s definitely wrinkles to improve on, but I spend soooo much time organizing my maps that this will make a huge QoL difference for me even in its current state.


Got my Gladiator Duelist past the second Lab and up into Act 7 with no real issues. Thanks @fdsaion and @Bateau for the build advice - he’s really rolling with the axe-and-shield setup, and I feel pretty safe with 50% block at level 60. Well, as safe as you ever are in PoE. I’ve only had one really bad moment on this second trip through Wraeclast thus far, against Doedre in her sewer. Bit of lag hit, causing him to take a few of those poison explosions that I’d normally have been able to avoid. But so far, so good.

Found my first couple of Abyssal Depths, which are good fun. I was a little leery at first since I wasn’t sure what the end bit was going to entail, but turns out it’s just 90 seconds of pit spawns. Not much different than what you see up above, just in a tighter space. At these middling levels that’s not a big deal. Might be a rougher go when it happens in maps, though.

Also, screw you, RNG. Found two uniques in the last Abyssal Depths run, but both of them were quivers. And I’ve found three unique bows. What part of melee is hard to understand? :)


Had my first lich fight today - this is now officially the best league ever. Or at the very least tied with Breach.


I was just in the middle of killing Yugul when my screen froze and I got kicked out to the login screen. Man, that’ll give a HC player a heart attack! I logged back in immediately and my dude was back in town, so at least he didn’t get killed during the disconnect. Good time for a break!


My poor Sunder guy died to another Quetzerxi, this one in a corrupted area off The Descent. I almost had it dead, down to just a sliver of life, when my flasks ran out and it was too fast to run away from. Lesson learned, avoid that guy on fast-attacking HC characters!

That was a fun character, and I’ll probably try another one eventually. Anyone who’s been having bad experiences with melee, or just a tough time progressing in general, ought to give the axe-and-shield Sunder Duelist a try.

But next, I’m going back to my roots and making a summoner. Raging Spirits and zombies, here I come!


I’m doing a SSF SRS+Zombies character and she’s been pretty boss so far (just hit 60). I’m starting to think I need more life nodes though (I have like… 1600 HP right now). SSF is a challenge since I’ve found it difficult to get the links I need on the gear I need.


Yep, that’s definitely an issue on the first character through. Hopefully once you get one up into the 60s you’ve started to find enough of the various kinds of orbs that it’s possible to craft those sockets. You might have to use some sub-optimal support gems occasionally as well, if the best ones are the wrong color.


This league seems to have lack of chromatic and jewelers orbs to me.


Inception is strong this league. Regular map -> Zana -> Abyssal Depths -> Lab Trial.


You do pickup up all the R-G-B linked white stuff that drops to vendor for chromes, right? I am rarely short chromatics because you have a steady, reliable stream of income from those drops.


Your loot filter should be highlighting all these for you! If it doesn’t, grab Neversink’s filter, it’ll do the job.

I pretty much always find myself short on jewelers and fusing orbs during the leveling process, since you’re regularly changing gear and thus having to re-jigger links all the time. It gets better once you get a character into mapping, and the loot explosion that goes with it.


Just did the Elder - fun fight. It also has three tiers (white, yellow and red) that correspond to the map tiers he can spawn in. Mine was white so it was pretty easy and I don’t know yet if other two have any extra mechanics or phases.