Path of Exile


Is there any way to tell if you have run a map type before without looking at the atlas and searching for it?

Also, has anyone else had really average luck with alch’s this season? I have had more chaos orbs drop during the course of this season.


I find that my luck averages out over time


Not to my knowledge. I always have to open the Atlas screen and find the thing.

On a tangentially related note, I did learn in the last league that you can search on the Atlas for all maps of a certain tier with the search “tier:X”.


It’s Liches that are driving me crazy. That is, the lack of them. I have yet to encounter one. Either I’m on a bad run of luck or my intarweb-fu is week and I’m doing it wrong.


Liches be crazy, yo.


I think the spawn rate was adjusted shortly after the league start - I think maybe once the challenge that was associated with it changed? I got about 10 in the first few days then 3 or 4 in the next 2 weeks. Not sure how it’s now though, been on a single player blender for a while now.


Yeah, I agree with that. Haven’t gotten a single lich and I’ve ripped several mapping characters now. And I’m entering the down part of the league where I’m not that motivated to play any more so I might never get one. Oh well.


I’ve seen three, all in tier 6+ maps. I suspect that, like much else in PoE, there’s little or no help for the randomizer to improve the player experience. True random rolls will have long, nasty down streaks for some people. Like the league where I never saw Zana despite doing dozens of maps (back when you had to find her in the wild like the other masters). Or the current one, where I’ve gotten 5 of the 6 trials for the final Lab but the 6th simply will not spawn for me.


Coming March 2: Bestiary League

RPS summarizes:

Meet new and interesting animals, and slaughter them for power. Fits right into the Path of Exile lore.




Playing a little Abyss now in softcore, and just beat Kitava and got my 12 pt achievement for the league yay. (/deaths 7 on a lvl 73 Juggernaut)

Also, Stash Tab sale is back on now.


Congratulations! Got in just under the wire, only a week or so to go until the next leagues.


Well, I hadn’t planned to, just made hardcore chars this time and never got one past lvl 50. When they announced Bestiary I thought I should try, so I took a unique nobody wanted from the guild stash and made a char with it :) So thank you too.

Edit: and Abyss is gone already… logged back in and everyone is merged back to standard. I thought there would be a few more days!


"The Bestiary League launches alongside Content Update 3.2.0 very soon! We’re very eager to see what you think of the new content and what compelling builds you’ll be creating with the new gems and Ascendancy Class revamps. While you wait, this news post contains the information you’ll need to know about what happens on launch day and information on how to start downloading early.

The realm goes down and patching begins at: Mar 02, 2018 6:00 PM
The servers go live at: Mar 02, 2018 9:00 PM "


That’s noon and 3 pm US Eastern time, FYI. Follow the link for your own time zone.


4am Perth time!

What’s everyone planning on building?

Thinking a Jugg or Chieftain, myself.


I’m thinking Sunder Gladiator Duelist for soloing, and a summoner witch for teaming. Which is pretty much what I played last league (minus the teaming part), but I liked it so why switch right off the bat? Can always do something different later. Going with regular league this time, no HC or SSF, so I’ll see you guys around the guild stash.


What am I doing wrong? Can’t access currency stash tab. On any character, new league or not. Its greyed out.


Sounds like a bug.

I’m probably going to start with some sort of totem Templar Hierophant. I think Glacial Cascade Totems. Because pants-less is the only way to go!

That is, assuming my game ever finishes patching. I’m getting real variable speeds from the patcher, as usual.


Mine worked, although of course it’s all the way to the right so I have to scroll all the way over and drag it to the front. If it keeps failing for you, you might need to submit a big report.