Path of Exile


I had a lucky tabula drop on a very new HC Incursion character. This gave me enough damage on a witch to get to see the Omnibot in the pyramid for the first time ever about lvl 15… and promptly die there to some sort of flamethrower attack. RIP nice item.


I dunno how you all play HC in Path. There are so damn many gotchas and bullshit damage spikes, I don’t even feel bad when I die to some nonsense.


I play it like a rouge-like. See how far I can get. Works great, especially in SSF HC, because you can stash stuff for your next characters, and progress with Masters holds up too.

Playing non-HC is kind of boring. I do that as well to work out the mechanics of a new league, but there’s just no consequence for dying, so it makes it just a big grind.


I often play really really SSC hardcore, with just one HC char at a time and when they die I delete them and ALL the stash, so every character starts like a fresh blank slate. I wish I could delete the masters progression and such, to completely reset all league presence for a fully new experience every time.


More power to ya! I’ll go slay spires or fire up Crawl when I feel that need ;)


That’s what I do too. One thing I learned the hard way is to always compare the level of my current character to the levels of the masters’ missions :)


If you really only want one character in a league with no progression you can do it by hitting “migrate all” which will send everything from that league to it’s permanent league, including masters and hideout giving you a completely fresh slate.

I do this when I’m practicing for races. It does mean you will have 8 billion stash tabs built up in your parent league though so if you do play that parent league on occasion it gets very annoying to sort it all. I’ve just quit playing those leagues entirely so I’m sure it’s a mess!


Ah, good to know. I seem to regularly kill myself like this. Oh, hi Elreon, lets go, OHGODWHY R U LVL5!? I’m dead.

Ugh. Hard to believe there isn’t a Delete All / Confirm / Yes / button at least for the read only tabs.


question for Bob and anyone else playing a summoner: do you have enough DPS for the temple? I’m not able to do it unless extremely over-levelled.


I was struggling on the incursions until level 45-ish. Around act 6, I think. Depends on your gem links and gear, of course, if you can get lots of damage linked up earlier you might have better luck.


I really need to learn to stick to casters when I’m playing solo self found lol. Leveling a rain of arrows build right now, and running up against the crap weapon problem pretty badly. I really do wish they would make the drop rates better in SSF, I always seem to have a tough time with attack based characters.


I haven’t summoned this league and probably won’t, but folks in my guild seem to be generally happy about skeleton builds right now.

Other than that though, no one is trying summoners at all.


I have a phys skeleton/zombie build, it’s amazing on bosses, but sort of medium on clear speed. Certainly a safe and effective build, just gets a bit tiring plowing through run of the mill packs of mobs.


I usually don’t mind clearing slowly but it doesn’t work well in the temple, alas.
More important, I’d really don’t like doing the trials and lab. I’d put that off longer than most people (I’m ready to finish A4) so I started them at lunch today. I survived the few I did but it does make me think I should stop and wait for a different game to grab me.


Yeah, the skeletons are boss killers but even with Melee Splash and Minion Speed they’re mediocre at chasing things down. I’ve hedged my bets by running skeletons as my main skill but also using a 4-link for Solar Guard spectres. No zombies at all. I might have switch things around if I try to take her into the end-game, but up into tier 12-13 maps it’s been working great. The spectres wipe out most of the trash, the skeletons clean up, and bosses just melt with Vaal Summon Skeletons.


I haven’t tried it in a couple leagues but the skeleton mages used to be pretty decent clear. You lose your bossing then though, would need some kind of boss spectre if Vaal Skeles aren’t enough. TVs? I’ve only ever done one spectre build and that was solar guards.


Regular skeletons are great for incursions with good movement speed. I had trouble with SRS but I was only splashing it.

Skeletons can chase pretty well given a setup with this: (+100% speed)
and/or this:'s_Escape (+80-100% speed)


So, This is the first season where I’ve really made a dent in Maps. I usually loose interest by this time, but I’m having a lot of fun with temples, and now pushing my atlas. I wish I had picked up the map stash when it was on sale this weekend. My stash box is quickly filling up with T1-3 maps that I think I wanna hold onto? I’ve been reading about Atlas strategies and they usually revolve around shaping your atlas with your favorite maps or specific maps for drops, and not filling out your atlas. But I am under the impression that if you don’t fill out your Atlas then your Quality % doesn’t go up, and you never chase down the shaper and elder. Is this right? As a first timer should I be worrying about this shaper stuff (I don’t even have one orb yet) or should I just be trying to get to the higher tiers?

The internet is confusing on this topic =)


Each map you complete, fulfilling the bonus condition (kill boss of magic for T1-5, rare for t6-10, rare corrupted for t11+; and just finishing uniques with boss kills) gives you a 1% chance for a given map drop to roll +1 tier. It’s a nice bonus, but it’s not world altering.

As for strategy. . . the shaper will randomly start, uh, “whatevering” maps (when they appear on the atlas covered by “universe!”). The more maps you unlock, it’s true, the better your odds of running shaper-touched maps. This becomes a bigger deal once the elder comes into play. Whereas the shaper just sort of randomly faffs about, the elder will hit a cluster of linked maps and as you do stuff the areas that are elder influenced can grow, potentially very large. Again, the more maps you have accessed the better chances of running these areas.

OTOH, if you are more picky about it you control what maps drop. There’s duds out there, no question, and you can avoid them. You’ll still get to run shaper/elder touched maps, perhaps not as many.

There’s no definitive strategy, IMO. I didn’t get serious with the Atlas until last league and I went for “unlock everything” and one day I would like to complete the Atlas. Shaper/elder items can sell for a lot of currency, potentially, so I like having shots at them. I will be repeating this strategy this league. Also, if you like seeing different stuff, you may want to go for “run everything” just for variety/etcs sake.



Uber elder down.

My trapper is now a certified nicebuild™.