Path of Exile


I had a tinkerskin drop and I 6s’d it. Took between 40-60 jewellers I think, so nice return.

It looks like I could move it and the CoD for about 100-120c (depending on if the very cheapest 6s CoD’s are just scammers, which I suspect they are). But I want to 6-L one of these, (or at least 5L) and try to make real bank, so I am going to keep rolling. I haven’t checked this yet but I assume the CoD will be worth more and I’ll focus there (but I’ll check first).


Might want to check first (I’m not sure if they have volume of trades or not). It’s possible CoD is worth more but if it’s a niche item it will be hard to move. On the other hand, a lot of people are playing trappers atm and Tinkerskin is BiS for a lot of trapper builds.

And uh, I haven’t heard of anyone unironically using CoD for a while now. Like 3 years. Not even any of my friends who play hc mentioned it.


Vaal skeletons is redonkulous, that is all.


I’ve made it into A8 for the first time. The end of A7 wasn’t too bad but Doedre in the sewers sounds a lot tougher, any advice? My summoner has 2.5 k life, 1k mana and mind-over-matter, and max elemental resists, 20% damage reduction, no evade, little ES, and I have slow reflexes. Do I need to grind for more life or more armor?


This far in, its getting more important to have the right setup for the fight. Make sure you have a e.g. poison removal flask (or two), bleed flask, and get some specific advice from people who know these bosses better than I do.


If you can’t burst her down then just rotate the curses (by turning the valve) so their effects don’t stack too high.


I finally got around to making a lightning trapper…lol. I mean seriously…wow. 2nd phase of Dominus, literally one shot…just crazy. Any boss or NPC that has any kind of phase, wind up, or speech, is just insta-toast, it’s ridiculous.

Will be fun to see how it scales, but given the videos I’ve seen, I’m guessing pretty well. Not even my skeleton-mancer kills bosses this quick, fun stuff.


Hmmm… Suggestions on which gems to corrupt in Doyani’s Institute?


I’m definitely not an expert on the economy but I’d imagine you’d want gems that benefit greatly from increased level and are meta. Arc would probably be my first choice. Elemental Hit I haven’t looked at but I imagine it does well with level 21. Then any popular support; added cold maybe, gotta have them shatters.

I’m irritated at my rng as I keep getting the doryani’s institute but never have a level 20 gem to put in it much less a 20/20. I’m not willing to spend the money on a 20/20 to take a chance on hitting it big. Meanwhile I’ve only gotten the corruption chamber thing once and I’d love to be throwing things on there.


BV, Arc. Generally any active gem that also has a Vaal variant, at least if you’re going for the challenges.


Thankee, folks!


Also I just learned a bit about the Doryani’s Institute Lens. Apparently you can get a level 19 gem to level 21, and a level 2 enlighten/empower to level 4 which would be huge. You can get +2 levels, you just can’t go past 21 or 4. So all those times I didn’t put a level 20 gem in I could have taken a chance with a 19 which I do frequently have sitting around thanks to the dying anguish divination cards.

Researched it a bit and there’s plenty of conflicting opinions which makes sense given that fairly common outcomes will be things like +1 level and -1 level appearing to do nothing etc. There are enough reports of the same outcome happening twice though that it seems to be correct. I wouldn’t waste a level 19 gem you wanted to use on it, but if you’ve got extra 19s around and nothing better to put in there it might be worth a shot.


thanks for the implicit suggestion! I did cursed lab to get bone sculptor and then it was indeed pretty quick (1 heal pot) to burn her down. What is likely to be the next difficult step?


If you are having problems with the rogue gods the one in A8 can be a bit tricksy. I also sometimes have problems with the end act boss (although not with either form individually).



Pricing suggestions for this one? I don’t see many comps searching online. I found 3 rings listed that are 3, 10, and 25c. All unfortunately several days old. I The big difference are those have speciifc resistances and this got the weird “traded crit chance for Resist all corruption” and rolled resist all on top of it. 60% resists on a ring is not unusual, but it’s weird that it’s resist all.

kind of feel like this is deceptively mediocre, but I’d love to get ~10c for it.


I feel it is a good early late game gap filling ring, but not end game material. 5c maybe.


You’re looking at 81 resists, 51 life and 6-11 phys to attacks. Put that into and you’ll get a realistic price. This is worth a couple chaos, tops.


I cant decide which conqueror jewel would be best for my Necro. I already have some flask augmenting nodes so that one seems good as does the Dodge. I only have one Aura right now, in part because I’m running mom, but if I took the aura Jewel I could get some more auras. Any thoughts?


So Who do I need to talk to to get in the QT3 guild? I think PoE is going to stick for awhile…


Post your current toon’s name and your POE account name so we can send you an invite. I’m an officer so I think I can invite you, otherwise I think @ineffablebob is the current admin.