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I pretty much always do Efficiency, auras or not, if I’m actually using the jewel. (On many toons I’ve already got something better by then and don’t use it at all.) Even if you have no auras the other two mods aren’t bad.

@sharaleo is correct, just let us know who you are! Feel free to message ineffablebob in-game, too, though unfortunately that’ll only work if I happen to be online.


Thanks! Do you think assassin’s hastewould be better? That’s the only real contender I have right now. Or I could use the skill point on more armor…


Absolutely, I often use Assassin’s Haste until a better jewel is available. All the mods are useful until your other nodes or gear have covered those areas.


Sorry, but I thought that was clear?

Anyway it sold for 10c, pretty quickly.


I’m running a physical skeleton summoner, and it’s going well. And by well I mean I’ve just started mapping; didn’t have any real issues getting there. My character is MotherBones. At the risk of sounding whiny, the build feels lacking in a way that I find difficult to put my finger on. It kill stuff, but it’s certainly not what I’d call fast (I have trouble completing Incursions and fissures in time). She’s only died twice, but I feel like I get hit a lot. Are these characteristics just the playstyle when you’re using skeletons and zombies?

Regardless, she gets the job done, though it’s a bit unsatisfying.


The skeleton summoner definitely takes more damage than the spectre/zombie version. You’re regularly resummoning them, which means more standing still. And the skeletons don’t soak up as much area damage as the zombies do by simply being in the way of stuff, although that may not apply to you since I see you have both. Plus I see you’re not using a shield. Queen’s Decree or Femurs of the Saints have nice benefits, but you lose quite a bit of defense without the block/life/resists that a shield give you. I’m still using wand/shield on CharmingOssifier.

As for damage, I’m running into similar issues in tier 10+ maps. I can stay alive or I can clear incursions, but not both. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll do a few lower-level maps to build up temple connections, because I can pretty easily clear through incursions up to about tier 8. Then once I’ve got most of the rooms connected, I’ll do my higher level maps and just try to kill an architect in the last few incursions, which usually (though not always) can be done even if you don’t clear things insanely fast.


I have 3 “The Risk” div cards, which will exchange for a Ventor’s Gamble. This all feels super meta.

8c a piece, but I think I’ll take my chances on the ring instead.

ooooh, 2% lit res and -6% quantity but the rest of the rolls were very good (59 life, to boot). Oh Ventor’s Gamble, you tease so.



What’s your point?


That you had a generic ring with plenty of other rings available to compare to.


I don’t even know what you are doing or trying to say right now. I’ll just take it from the top.

I came here with a ring, and said I hadn’t found much to compare it to online which I would have hoped would be understood to mean_I had searched on trade sites for similar items_. You either failed to read that part of my post or failed to parse it or I don’t even know what, and immediately followed up with the classic “try searching online”. I explained that I in fact did that.

My “generic” ring sold for 10c. It’s certainly possible I lucked into the worst POE player of all time who still happened to have 10c, but I sort of doubt it. Anyway it’s more than I was expecting (I thought it would probably wind up selling around @sharaleo’s guess) . But it’s not really hard to see why the search you just posted isn’t applicable to my ring. It’s been my experience that people will place value on both IIR and all-res, neither of which you factored into your search. You didn’t even put a minimum on the phys damage (which alters your search noticeably).


As soon as you posted the ring I gave you the parameters to use when searching (80 res, 50 life, some phys dmg). Clearly you didn’t use them (or you used 25+ ALL RES) otherwise you’d find as many rings as I did, which is enough to get a ballpark value.

The reason you got 10c is probably because the guy needed those specific resists and was willing to pay a few chaos extra, instead of shuffling the gear around to patch the resists around a dual res + life ring that he could’ve bought for 2-3 chaos.


You are objectively terrible.

This is amazing.

I know how to do searches on trade sites. I don’t understand why you don’t get this. Amazingly, you continue to ignore the things I am actually saying.

Good day.


You also seem to be good at overvaluing certain stats which will naturally narrow down the search results if you use them. I mean, why not put in the fucking light radius in search next time as well.

Once you’re familiar with the stat potential of each equipment slot you’ll know how to use the trade search more effectively.

Good day.


Guys, please, is this necessary? One person’s junk is another’s gold, eh? Can we agree to disagree here?


I still literally don’t even. I simply factored IIR into my search, and also did some searches where I put boundaries in physical damage, you did neither of these things. I did some with all-res and some without. I ran with different ranges and lack of floors at times for all things. I did all of this because I have an understanding of stat potential and how trade seach works. Shocking!

If you wanted to argue the phys damage didn’t matter, or the IIR didn’t matter, you could have done that. You did not. If you wanted to ask for clarification on what I used to search you could have you did not. Indeed you have spent this entire shit-show of a sub thread ignoring the actual things I say and running off on drunken tangents and apparently now deciding to question if I know what I am doing because eh fuck who even knows. If you just wanted me not to pay attention to you, “peacedog please don’t pay attention to me”, that would have sufficied. Lucking, we got there anyway.



Is that really what you think this is?

You think I care that the ring sold for 10c and that I somehow won an argument? It’s got nothing to do with that; as I said I think I was fortunate it sold for 10c and I’m certainly pleased with the result but who cares. This isn’t about being right or wrong or what the ring sold for. Hell, the PoE economy is always gonzo so you can’t really be right in any static sense since things change so much league to league.

This is about why Bateau is doing whatever. . . this. . . is. . . instead of using like a half ounce of. . . civility? Empathy? Soberness? Something that isn’t this. And not acting like he just skipped half the shit I typed.

I mean honestly. That said, you needn’t worry further.


Just trying to help. A lot of equipment, jewelry especially, can end up with junk stats that are completely pointless for your build. Knowing what’s meta and what stats are desired (per slot) makes pricing easier, especially if you know what to trim.

@peacedog for example values all-res, which is fine, but getting resists together is trivial because they can come on every slot, what matters in the end are the totals, especially once your gear is more or less finalized. All-res is valuable when you’re still changing pieces because you don’t need to look for a specific combination of resists to replace your other slots, but people generally don’t dump too much currency on placeholder items like that. And as I hinted at above, knowing the potential of each item slot plays a big role - rings for example can have +% ele dmg implicit, which is huge. Diamond ring in question here has a great implicit as an item base, in this case it was unfortunately overwritten which makes it more comparable to trash tier bases like paua, where only the stats below the line count.

I did, by stating which stats to use. Flat phys is fine, iir is not very desirable (quant is better), especially when it takes a slot of other better mods like WED.


I thought this was the war room :/


War room