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Embezzler spirit is certainly appropriately named. Wasted upwards of 300c before I finally got the challenge. If I was planning to actually spent currency on anything but challenges I’d be mildly miffed, to be honest.


My account name I think is @fozzthulu and char name is Brunwillow


I have a dumb question, what gems can support minions now? I had thought a gemhad to say minion on it to support a minion but looking at bills I see a lot of people supporting skeletons with things like ruthless and melee splash. Do you need some special equipment or passes to do this?


No, skeletons are melee mobs so they benefit from such gems.


Thanks now i need to get gear with more links, i like the gems i’m using.


Yep, as a general rule, any gem you link to a minion will be used by that minion’s skills. So like @Bateau said, if you link a melee splash to skeletons or whatever, any melee attack the minion uses will have the splash. There are a few exceptions - if in doubt, check the wiki.

Also be warned that a few gems work both for the minion skill itself and the minion’s skills. The most common example is Spell Echo. Link that to Raise Spectre, and your spectre’s spells will echo (usually used with Solar Guards). But it also means the actual raising of a spectre will echo, since that is also a spell, meaning you’ll raise two nearby corpses instead of just one when you cast it. Since that’s usually not what I want, I tend to unslot the Spell Echo, raise my spectres, then put it back in.


I can’t handle summoner QoL, even after the improvements (which are non-trivial to be sure).

With the Vaal skill rework they desperately need to figure out something to either use a modifier key to trigger a Vaal version of the skill or cave and give more skill slots. Or both.

Idk what they’re so afraid of with adding more skill slots (other than onboarding, but hell, hide it behind a defaulted-off settings toggle. This is a solved problem!). You’re hard-limited by the slots on your gear anyway. Bleh!


Yeah it’s a problem on some builds, especially if one of your slots goes to Move only. A bandaid solution is to remove any toggled skills (auras, heralds) from your hotbar once you activate them, and replace them with something else.


Yeah, and I do, but that sucks.


I actually prefer not having auras on hotkeys as otherwise I sometimes hit them by accident. My summoner layout gives a hotkey to both regular and Vaal skeletons and that’s been working fine. And i really like that my minions have survived all the boss fights up till now ( start of A10.) Some spectres have died in the temple though, and maybe in one Vaal ruin, and my main QoL beef is that i dont like having to go find replacements.


My spectres seem to die if you look at them sideways. It’s pretty frustrating. The build I’m doing recommends getting them from Act 2 and Act 6, but doesn’t that mean the spectres have low life (i.e., isn’t the life of the spectre somehow tied to the level of the mob you’re raising?). I’ve got raise spectre in a +2 helmet and have it linked to minion life, dunno what else I could do to make them tougher (well, I guess I could get some of the gear people recommend for Animated Guardian, I suppose that would help them).


If moving stuff like auras and use-once-in-a-blue-moon stuff like summoning spectres off the bar like @Bateau said is a deal breaker, then summoner is definitely not your thing. Personally, I’ve gotten so used to it that it barely registers any more.

On CharmingOssifier, my bar is set up like this:

LMB - Summon Stone Golem (this is move only unless you hold shift and click)

Middle button (I actually remapped this to Z cause I hate accidentally hitting it) - Vaal Summon Skeletons

RMB - Flame Dash for emergency and convenience movement

And then the bottom bar is Orb of Storms (with dual curse on hit), Summon Skeleton, Flesh Offering, Desecrate, Animate Guardian

Those last two could be swapped out if I really needed some other skill. And I do exactly that if I need to resummon a spectre, or activate Hatred or Clarity.

Spectres prior to gem level 10-ish are terrible. Don’t expect them to live long. After that they generally do fine, assuming you:

  1. Have picked up basic minion survival nodes: Herd the Flock and Puppet Master node clusters, plus the leech minor node up by Death Attunement. Grave Intentions is a nice bonus with all the chaos damage flying around incursions/temple, but you can do OK without it.
  2. Make sure their level is at least as high as the zones you’re running around in. You do this by going to get the spectre from whatever zone it lives in, then entering the higher-level zone and using Desecrate until you get the right corpse. Make sure you enter a new instance of the zone with the spectre in tow, or Desecrate won’t pick it up. And remember that both Desecrate and the Spectre gem have to be high enough level to match the zone.

It’s a bit of an arcane art to get the right level zones for that second bit. If you’re still in story mode it’s fairly easy, just go to the highest level zone you have unlocked. In maps, the highest level you can access is gonna change as you move up, so you have to keep updating. Good news is that once you get a nice high level spectre, it stays at that level - you only have to resummon if it dies or you get access to an even higher level zone. And one additional tip - subzones like master missions and Uber Lab trials are one level higher than the current zone, so you can get a bonus level if you find one of those.


Today was a good day for trading - made the biggest trade so far this league (sold a jewel 17 exalts). I’m a little tempted to roll another character but my Saboteur matches my mapping preferences so well that I just don’t see anything topping it right now.


And you’re not going to tell us what it was? :) Details, man!


It was one of the uber elder unique jewels (watcher’s eye) with triple aura mod. I forgot exactly what it was but I think it had 30% life recovery for vitality, freeze immunity with purity of ice and 10% physical dmg taken as cold when using purity of elements.


Huh, never even thought about those being crazy expensive. We peons still messing around in red maps have no such concerns. :-) still, congrats on a nice payday!


17 exalts is an amount of currency that I’m pretty sure doesn’t actually exist.


You’d be shocked if you knew how much currency top traders get each league. Even if I liquidated all my league assets right now (probably ~80 exalts) I doubt I’d have 5% of what those guys have.

There are a lot of players from SE asian countries that make pretty decent living with RMT. As in, they make more playing PoE and selling currency than they would with regular work.


I am aware of these things and also a concept called “hyperbole” ;)