Path of Exile


I mean, ZiggyD basically is their marketing people.


Their help system has pages explaining things like Delve now. They really need to try to get that in for each new league at launch. I know people don’t read docs, but at least it would be something to look up quickly in-game without rummaging through their site or YouTube or point people to when they get confused.


Sounds good. Hoping this drop all the loot at your feet at end of a decaying memory will eventually get applied to maps.


I’m now up to the point in my Path of Exile progression where I make a brand new character. As predicted!

Just started a Spark Inquisitor. Spark + Pierce is pretty crazy. I love having bajillions of sparks flying around… and this is only at level 8! Pretty low mana requirements also (the one thing that bugged me about the Storm Brand guy is that it seems I cast 2 spells and then have to drink a flask. Either I need gobs more mana on my gear or maybe there’s some passives I need to get with him).


Putting together the memory fragments is a pain in the ass, but every once in a while, something decent happens.

That’s only a middling loot drop, since I still haven’t figured out how to really take advantage of adding mods to the loot nodes. I’m getting better at maintaining mods on the chains of fragments that I place, but generally the loot nodes don’t get connected until right as I’m running them.


Finally hit 90 last night and I’m extremely happy with the way my character turned out. I’m confident that I could comfortably take on guardians and shaper with my current (pretty bad) gear but Uber elder would require some investment.

I wish I had more time to play but with The Division 2 coming out today and Sekiro next week my gaming time is fully reserved for the next few months. And to be honest I’m not too excited about this league in general, having to constantly interrupt my mapping flow to go to some hub isn’t very fun. Contrary to what most people on Reddit seem to be saying I think the league would do well as part of the core experience because lower frequency of these encounter would mean I wouldn’t have to stop mapping so often.

All in all, pretty happy with this patch and I found my new favourite ascendancy (trickster). If next patch really focuses on melee I’ll probably try to find a way to make it work with the new changes rather than going with the standard melee options like slayer, raider or berserker.


S I have been fiddling around with a few other character types. I did try a summoner who used The normal assortment of zombies, phantasms on kill and specters. It’s working pretty well. I don’t quite have enough life(?) on my specters so they do die off every now and then and that’s a pain having to go grab flame sentinels. But other than that the build kills pretty easily.

I’m fooling around with a purifying flame Templar now and it’s an interesting spell. Not sure how different it is at its base level, from any other fire-based melee spell though.

I have to say though, my single most hated fight in the game is against innocence. I usually resign myself to dying two or three times on that fight. The summoner though did it so quickly that it was a breeze.

And one last note: it’s clear this league isn’t quite as popular as the prior ones. Usually the guild bank fills up like crazy with awesome gear. And I love it because I’m so slow that when I’m leveling my characters I can usually go to the guild bank and find a wealth of items from which to choose. In this league the guild bank does have some items but the rate at which items are being added is quite slow. Not complaining, just an observation!


That will mostly fix itself as you level. Spectres die easily until you get up to around gem level 10+, then they survive most stuff.

I know, right? When I first ran that fight I was expecting to die terribly because people were complaining all over the place, and it was a cakewalk. Different builds, different strengths and weaknesses!

Yeah, usually there’s 4-5 of us playing but I’ve only been seeing 2-3 online this time around.


Yeah, I’ve been trying to get into this league, but am bouncing off pretty hard.


I kinda fizzled on the league too. Dom Blow is certainly very powerful, particularly as a league starter, but it’s not all that fun for me to play - I like builds that are more interactive, and you really don’t do much with this one. And I’m just not feeling anything else at the moment.


I am still enjoying it for the most part and about halfway through yellow maps. The Nexus stuff is entertaining but don’t like the limit on placed nodes and seemingly random speed of the blue stuff that makes it either a cakewalk or impossible. Trading has been more of a pain than usual and not sure if it related to lower population or being locked into long runs that don’t let you port out.


Someone reorganized the guild stash with a vengeance and for that I thank you!

I played my Summoner a bit yesterday and found out she’s ultra-squishy now. I swear the Brine King hit me with 2 or 3 of those spray things (which I’ve never even bothered to worry about before!) and I was dead. I guess that’s a sign I need some more life nodes (they’re in my build but I’ve been getting more offense nodes first).


Brine King has some crazy spiky damage if you’re not maxed out on cold and lightning res.


Very impressive analysis - my cold resist is 34 and my lightning resist is 50. Hadn’t bothered with them since I got past Kitava the first time.


Yep, you’ll get deleted on a bad roll with that. I know I have!


Warframe has it’s claws in me, so I’m probably passing on this league.


So this is the least ethical league I’ve ever been in, drop wise, and I’m sitting on 4ex and over 100c (and still can’t trade for alchemy orbs to save my life lol). And I need to decide what to do about my gear, playing CI for the first time. Currently at 7700 ES with ok gear. But I’m at a point where I can spend on some real gear. Running Bane in a 4l (Bane - CD-Temp Chains - Despair) with Enfeeble in Vixen’s Entrapment (and poachers mark maybe once I do uber lab). Damage is very good right now, at least in low yellow maps (I was having a shitload of mapping trouble before the hotfix). So I’m still feeling my damage out and not in a rush to make this decision.

I see my options as the following:

  1. Spend 1ex on a 5L + 600ES chest. this would be a nice upgrade (current chest is like 410 es I think). This is a nice damage boost, but it’s not amazing. 6l/600ES chests would drain the coffers, if I could afford them.

  2. Try to craft something. 6L white chests are going for 2ex+ (and vaal regalia are 2.5ex). Pricey - I haven’t tried to calculate how much it might theoretically cost to get a 600+ es chest with some resists. Alternately I could try to 6L on my own (possibly off an armor with otherwise good rolls). I know it’s theoretically possible but I’ve never done it and everyone who says they have is a liar. I can clearly see on videos and streams showing it off where they have been doctored.

Also, it seems like I might have used up all my RNG already.


Good god, man. Did the RNG just bestow 4 freaking ex on you?


Three point of fact (all monster dropsI believe).

And a Kaom’s Heart. Poe Ninja was valuing it at 2ex, and it looked like that might be the price on trade sites, so I put it up for sale for 2ex. In the time it took me to determine who the first responder was and reply to them I got like 10 trade requests, and the original guy had upped his offer twice. Too 2ex 40c in fact, so I changed my reply top him and said “sure” and thanked my lucky stars (or else they’re secretly going for much more and I am an idiot). In hindsight, someone had sent me a trade request and I dismissed it without checking because I was sifting through chat and that must have been him and made him think he needed to over bid? OTOH, it’s Kaom’s, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I briefly considered saving it to do Ngamahu’s again since you can easily run Cyclone in a 4l to do that.

One day, perhaps. But not today.

Bane is pretty great and I’m enjoying my first foray into CI.


That’s crazy. Almost 700 hours logged over various seasons and I have had a grand total of two drop for me.