Path of Exile


That ain’t right! Their patching is stupid slow, but that’s ridiculous. Last time I had an issue, I ended up doing a complete removal and reinstall of the game.



“Synthesis was terrible, we’re changing pretty much everything.”

OK, maybe not quite everything, but the changes are pretty significant. Just the ability to move memories around the map makes the mechanic a whole lot more user-friendly.



That time remaining was for comedic emphasis, but their updating process is weirdly slow. This update took about 40 minutes, at which point I uninstalled. I love POE and have a ton of hours logged, but between the patching, the login problems, and the intermittent ‘oops you died to something offscreen’, I think it’s run its course for me. This is one of those games I need to let sit for a year or so before I dive back in.



To be fair, Synthesis was terrible.

e: maybe not Bestiary terrible, but pretty bad.



I’ve stuck with my Summoner to the point where she’s almost to mapping so I’m sticking with the league (minimizing the side activities so I can get to mapping). This summoner build uses the little holy relic dude and the herald of agony bug in addition to Flame Sentinels and zombies and skeletons, so it’s a traveling circus of mobs!



My favorite part of playing a summoner. :)

If you haven’t already, you may want to take a look at the change in the latest patch to the Unleash gem. It works with minions now, so you can link it to Skeletons and summon 3 at a time…or 9, if you have the Bone Sculptor ascendancy!



I finally rolled a toon for Synthesis and went with an Elemental Hit Heirophant with full fire conversion via threshold jewels and Avatar of Fire. Borrowed the Tabula in the guild stash and the damage is just insane. Steamrolled Kitava deathless with 2.6k like and resistances in the toilet. I haven’t even got any of the gear for the final setup, other than boots and +1 totem quiver. Didn’t really work that well until around level 40, when it became smooth sailing, and then around 50 speccing into AoF it basically became a joke. Seriously, seriously OP and fun build.



Finally got around the killing the Elder with my zombies.

Actually this is the second time, first one I didn’t keep the Shaper alive. This time I died once. Both of those can be attributed to me not remembering what the hell I should be doing during the fight.

For anyone interested, here’s the PoB:



And here we are…

Played around with it a bit tonight. Definitely better, but Synthesis mechanics aren’t going to challenge Incursion or even Delve for ease of use anytime soon. It was nice to get ridiculous numbers of drops from cleaning up my old fragments, though…they kept all the mods from before the patch, but with the new numbers. Now I’ve got 20 engineer’s orbs ready for next time I see a Diviner’s Strongbox!



I had this drop, seems like it should be worth a penny or two. Can craft life, cold dam with atacks or %inc ele with attacks. Seems like it should be pretty valuable with damage conversion remaining quite meta. Any idea how to price this?




I suck at pricing stuff. Usually if I see something like that I’ll put it up for around 20 chaos. If it doesn’t get an offer for a couple days, I’ll drop it down to 15. Etc, etc.



Is everyone’s tolerance for the jank in actually getting into this game way higher than mine, or am I just SOL being so far away from servers up here in the frozen north? In addition to the hours long patching process that was mentioned upthread it regularly takes three or four login attempts for me to actually get in, and then a game session rarely lasts longer than an hour before I get disconnected. That is just too much trouble for me to keep trying to get into this.

Between this thread and the ongoing GWJ podcast love-in I am feeling sad that this is not more stable. Just me then?



Think it’s just you. Try changing your gateway (on the login screen)?



I’ve stopped playing this league having gotten distracted by other games, but this is the first league where I’ve had any problems at all past day 1. And even this league I got 3 characters into maps with a total of perhaps half a dozen crashes.

It’s likely something you’ll have to find a way to fix on your end.



If you are trying to connect through Steam, I’ve had terrible lag issues that way. I went back to the stand-alone launcher from GGG.



There are definitely some issues with connections to GGG servers. Just take a look through the Technical Issues forum sometime. In my case, the issue I had was directly related to my ISP, which is doing some kind of funky routing to the GGG servers. When I use a VPN to pretend to be connecting from somewhere else (usually Texas), it avoids that funky routing and everything works fine. But my issues weren’t nearly as severe as what you describe. Still, if you have a VPN available you could give it a shot.



Well thank you very much. I never even considered this. Using the standalone launcher and the game loads and area transitions are almost instant compared to the 4+ minutes I was waiting, and no login issues at all. I’d tried various gateways in the Steam version, but hadn’t thought about not using Steam. Hoorah, I have a new game to play!



How does one go about getting into this Quarter to Three guild



Several of us have invite privileges. Easiest way is to add “ineffablebob” to your friends list, and when you see me online, send me a message ingame.



OK I think I am somewhat bouncing off this game because the only builds I have played are fun for awhile but gameplay boils down to, spam one skill, repeat. Can anyone suggest a build that is a little more involved in the actual moment to moment gameplay?

…it’s also possible I just need a break from ARPG land and will be ready to dive back in after awhile.