Path of Exile

The summoner build I was playing would use a movement skill, use a create skeletons ability, and use a spell with curse on hit linked to it. Plus every once in a blue moon you’d have to resummon zombies and sometimes when you did that you’d have to fire off a desecrate to create some corpses. So that’s a lot of skill variety!

One of the most fun and engaging builds I ever played was Blade Flurry. The rhythm of channel/release and movement and totems and flasks was awesome.

Cold Snap / Frostbolt + Vortex was also excellent and just stupid powerful.

Wondering if anyone is playing the xBox One version? Especially considering the K/M vs Gamepad discussion above…

Thanks for the suggestions, all! Blade Furry sounds neat, I may look into that…

@Bateau had a lot of success with Blade Flurry as I recall, in case you end up looking for any guidance.

That’s been years ago Adam. I have no clue what state the skill is in these days. Right now I’d recommend spells over melee.

Blade Flurry is fun (at least it used to be!). Blade Furry, not so much.

I’m old. Anything that has happened since I turned 30 is “recently” ;)

High fantasy hedgehog is what I am picturing

Winter Orb has that “channel for a second, then run around and watch everything die” magic going for it. Expensive to gear up for end-game, but super fun.

Same with blade vortex.

GDC talk on POE design

The new Unique Collection Tab is on sale for 110 coins this weekend. I bought it and dumped a couple weeks worth of collected uniques in, only to discover that this tab’s search filter does not check all item text like other tabs do, it only searches their names.

New League mechanics reveal video from ZiggyD dropped this evening:

Interesting stuff. I am especially interested in the changes to melee combat. Long overdue.

Just picked this up. Seems quite nice. Played 1-40 in a session that I do not know how long it lasted on a Witch(?) then made a Archer to try that out. Seems like, even early on, you can make some interesting builds to have fun with, so wonder what endgame will be like. The paths you can take on the skill tree seem huge, but wonder if you can even pick all the options eventually?

Story wise, there is a lot of voiced dialogue and whatnot, but I kinda skipped through all of it , so no idea what the storyline is. Some of it is quite good voice-acted even.

Think Grim Dawn is the only hack’nslash I’ve bothered to read the lore.

Oh no. You can get a maximum of 123 skill points. 99 from leveling (but you won’t hit 100; a very realistic goal even casually doing endgame is level 80, so 79 from leveling) and up to 24 from quests. The “up to” is because one of the options for the Act 2 bandit quest is to kill all 3 bandits and receive 2 passive points for your troubles.

There’s also your eventually ascendancy skill tree, which you can eventually get 8 points for (and allocate out of 14 possible nodes in most cases).

The farther you push inti “end game” content the more your build needs to be optiimized and the better your gear needs to be. Also, the main form of scaling for skills is your linked support gems. 6 is the slotted maximum but there are gear that allow you to “soft” bypass that (by having fixed support skills built into their enchantments). After that it’s your ascendancy tree, passive tree, and for physical skills your weapon.

The majority of people do. :)

FWIW it’s fairly interesting and weird.

There is a Qt3 guild if you’re interested in joining. The main benefit of the guild is that you get access to the guild bank. People tend to throw unwanted gear in there (and it’s typically very good gear). If you want to join, post here and… uh… our revered guildmaster will throw you an invite.

There’s not a whole lot of social interaction in the guild so don’t worry that you’ll be required to chat or anything onerous like that!

Yea, was looking for the QT3 guild, but not sure how to search for it.

Cheers for the info Peacedog. I killed 2 of the bandits, guess I should’ve done them all for the skillpoints, went for the passive buff instead.

There is a way to change the results of the bandits quest but I dunno how to do it off the top of my head. The decision is not a big deal though, so i’d just keep pushing forward.

Well sometimes the particular set of passive benefits is best for a build. I wouldn’t worry about it. FWIW there’s a great wiki for the game if you want to look up how to change it.