Path of Exile

Anyone know if annointments stack if you already have the notable in your tree?

It just assigns the node so it won’t do anything (more) in that case. If you have anything that modifies that node (e.g. might of the meek, legion jewels) you get the modified effect (e.g. nothing, whatever legion effect)

The 3.8.0e patch says it addresses tower positioning. “Improved the placement of Blight Tower positions such that there are fewer clusters of unused Tower foundations.” Can’t say I’m extremely optimistic, but any improvement is good.

I can’tr tell if towers stuck behind walls, awkwardly position away from doors where the path comes through, do anything without LOS. It may be not be a concern, but I’ve seen that a lot in windy indoor areas. Also, another problem I occasionally observed was a new branch/gate spawning and only getting like 2 tower positions (and maybe being in range of established towers in some cases, if they were longer range towers I had placed).

Anecdotally post patch, I’ve only done like 4 missions. Twice I’ve had dual path spawns at the start and they were medium lengfth, one tower right next to the gates themselves. In one case, the other tower was near the gate and there was just a long empty stretch along both paths back to the pump. In the other, one path had a tower near the pump but the other was far up. Tht was a bit odd and I hadn’t seen that before. But both instances were fairly easy.

The Delve Stash tab has finally graced us with it’s presence!

Huh. Do people actually have enough Delve stuff that this matters? I’ve never had more than a dozen or so Delve items in post-Delve leagues. Which is not to say I won’t buy this. It’s a stash tab, I must have all the tabs.

Some people apparently do. I’ve probably had as many as 20-30 at my peak (also post delve).

Did a few maps with @peacedog and @Zephyr earlier. Fun, but we might skip the blighted map next time. You have not truly lagged until you’ve seen the slideshow that two necromancers and a glacial cascader can make while fighting a gazillion creeps coming from every direction. I can see why the devs have been posting about working on performance in those maps!

Yeah that was. . . something else. :P I can see where it would be fun though. It was almost impossible to loot at the end there was so much stuff.

Today I begin my quest to makemyself not fall over at a stiff breeze. I’ve already picked up a 5l chest (my first purchase, natch). I’ve been having a lot of trouble even in the early delves, honestly. Can’t recall the last time I felt this squishy.

It was fun watching the server catch up and everything was moving at Benny Hill speed. I did also get the minion achievement after popping vaal skeletons, but not sure how many I had up at the time. I also couldn’t loot much around the pump as the loot filter went a bit mad with all of the items.

I have a bit of chaos saved up and need to reevaluate my gear this weekend. Even with 4k EHP, I didn’t feel too squishy last night, but damage did drop off.

I think I’ve found the kryptonite for this physical necro build. Ran a Lava Lake (T14) that had physical reflect, a couple of extra monster damage modifiers, and the big monster physical resist mod. Died 3 times in that thing on the boss fight, minions falling over constantly and the big add spawns taking forever to die. Lesson learned…physical resist is annoying, physical reflect is annoying, both together is deadly.

Welp, GGG has admitted that they screwed up with this league, as far as performance goes.

There’s a lot of stuff in there but it boils down to “we made a league mechanic with a ton of monsters that live a long time, and also made summoners very popular, and that killed our server performance…our bad.” They say they’re still working on it, and if they find a solution that would be great, but I’m not hopeful. My suspicion is that the “solution” will end up being fewer monsters and minions, which may make performance better, but it won’t be the same gameplay. Which is too bad because both the Blight mechanics and the summoner stuff is great, when the performance holds up.

ZiggyD thinks the recent patches have helped things a lot, he put out a video.

Personally, I think they could do away with some of the older league mechanics that they’ve kept around. Also, they could probably remove half of some of the current zones. It frustrates me every time I play that I become over-leveled so quickly, and stop gaining XP efficiently. Being a completionist I’d prefer to have to almost clear each zone, instead of running past most trash mobs. That’s probably an unpopular view though, and I recognize that.

Well, they effectively did do away with over 50% of the older league mechanics in maps in this league. They’re out of the maps and queued up at the master NPCs to use only if and when you request them now. If you don’t like them, you’ll only see them a bit less than half as much now.

In Path of Exile 2 (nee 4.0, and it’s not due to Q4 next year at earliest), we will no longer socket gems into gear. But rather, gems into other gems (barrage is now a support for bow skills). You get “active skill slots” based on gear (what they showed off in the demo was 4 in a bow, 2 in armor, and 1 each in gloves/boots/helm). There are also “meta gems” which allow you to e.g. socket multiple auras into them (and they’re all commanded by a single hotkey).

Man it looks pretty great, already.

The announcement:

Huh. Well, I pretty much won’t need Diablo 4.

I mean, you’re funding the CPC either way so shrug.

It’s a PoE re-launch with a ton of new content, not a whole new game. Does look like a great update though.