Path of Exile

The Labyrinth is by far the least favorite part of the game for me, even with the POELab help. Can’t stand the mazes with spikes and/or saw blades.

I agree. That’s why I usually do them when I am way over leveled.

Thanks for the link to the Labyrinth site. That may help. If it wasn’t so damn necessary, I’d ignore it, but the skills you get are pretty key to the build I’m running.

BTW, did something change with the guild stash? Suddenly I can neither put stuff in or remove it.

I couldn’t access it today either. I can see what’s in the tabs, but I can’t interact with the items.

Apparently it’s a known issue that cropped up recently.

Not ETA on fix yet, but I presume it’ll be fairly quick, as it affects quite a few folks.

Heh, thanks for the info. It’s not crucial right at the moment, but I do like to drop in useful stuff and occasionally browse for anything that might fill gaps in my gear. And speaking of gear, the crafting system(s) in this game are more complex than most other games’ entire array of systems.

Will you be starting a new summoner for the delerium league? One of my sons is playing lately so I’m considering jumping in to spend some time with him and summoners seem to be about my (lack of) speed. So I’d be interested in what you plan to do.

The question @ineffablebob is not whether he will play a summoner but which specific type of summoner he will play!

The fact that GGG is adding something like 350 new types of specters to use certainly makes the use of specters seem appealing. I’m sure there will be some crazy ones available now.

But I think I am waiting until the patch notes come out… Which should be sometime today, Tuesday, before I commit to playing a summoner as my league starter. I would not be shocked to see summons get nerfed since summoners have been crazy OP for two leagues now.

Right now I am thinking about summons or an ED build, or maybe something with Bane (which looks cool but I have never used). Or maybe a wand-based build since those new wand skills look pretty crazy. But it might take some time for people to figure out what works with the new wand skills so maybe wands would End up being a second build, not the first.

This is a fair characterization! I haven’t taken time to look into all the new stuff yet so I’ll probably start out leveling with the same zombie/skeleton physical damage build that has worked so well in the last few leagues. Even if there are nerfs, it should work fine for leveling into early maps. Then I can either start a new toon or respec that one into a more interesting build, once I have some currency to work with.

Think I might go a Holy Flame Totem Heiro.

You were right about them nerfing summoners.

40% damage reduction on skeletons, one less each of zombies and skeletons, lower Carrion Golem damage. Likely won’t be noticable while leveling, but I expect red maps and endgame stuff to be much more difficult.


Oh Spirit Offering got murdered dead (no reason to use it over Flesh Offering without the defensive ES heal)

Also Spectres got their levels nerfed, so you need more +gem levels

spirit offering nerf is gonna hurt the most. one less zombie is annoying but not a huge deal. feeding frenzy nerf seems gratuitous for a skill that was already iffy compared to increased minion damage.

Specter level was lowered also (they’re now 76 at gem level 20 instead of 80). And Herald of Agony also got hit with the nerf stick.

Also the Baron helmet was blasted to bits, and they removed the ability to get +1 to minions on gloves and chests. So they also made it more difficult to pump the gem levels as much with gear.

Feeding frenzy still gives your minions 10% extra damage, speed, etc, when you get the buff, so it might be worth it.

In the end I think zombie/specter builds will survive, especially since odds are some of the 350 specter they’re allowing us to use will be OP.

Hmm what happened to totem builds? Maybe I should try One of those instead. My main need in a build is not needing to aim as when things get hectic I have a hard time doing that while dodging.

I hear ya, brother! That’s one reason I’m a bit cool on Essence Drain builds - you lay down the Contagion but then have to hit a mob with the Essence Drain pellet. And I am so bad at step 2, often missing!

That’s also why things like freezing pulse and arc and other things that chain and go long distances appeal to me - you just shove them out in the correct general direction and they kill stuff!

Totems got… a little extra life and a teeny delay in casting I think. Don’t recall any other changes. So I think totem builds will be just fine.

Here’s an example of the change to spectres, from this thread about a Spectre build. SD below is talking about Slave Drivers, a popular Spectre.

In the end, all these changes probably won’t affect anyone too much until you get to red maps, as @ineffablebob said above.

Oh geez. I somehow missed the updates to The Baron. Yeah, the change to 500 str from 300 is huge. That’s going to hurt a lot.

You’re probably right that until red maps it won’t matter much, but that’s where I spend the vast majority of my time, so that’s still pretty frustrating for me.

The burning + exploding skeletons build I posted is mostly intact. I don’t have the urge to replay builds though. There are too many interesting things I want to try.

Last league I mostly played a Cleave/Impale/Fortify champion built to tank metamorphs, and then a Vortex occultist I started with friends that was super smooth and just kept scaling well.

I think a high mobility, fire & forget build like Vortex or Ball Lightning or the skeleton bombs will be good for Delirium, so you can focus on movement and defenses. A skill you don’t have to turn around for seems ideal because of how the fog spawns monsters behind you. Sire of Shards might be useful, and totems could be popular.

I’m super excited for my Delirium starter build. It’s an experiment, but I’ll report back if it works out.