Path of Exile

I’m pretty sure you can do this. Map space to ability slot 5, left click that slot and select move-only.

Yes, then you give up slot five. I’m talking about mapping it independently of the keys you need to actually play your character. Diablo has a specific key binding for movement that is totally separate from the keys you use to cast abilities and stuff. It’s PoE’s forcing me to choose one less ability slot or carpal tunnel that annoys me. Not enough to keep me from playing, but yeah.

Maybe if I map ctrl+T or something.

This reddit thread explains a lot of what I dislike about this accumulation of mechanics. It’s just really tedious at this point.

But to each his own I guess.

Ah, I think we had two different ideas of what that meant. What that Reddit thread is complaining about isn’t so much how many different mechanics there are, but the grind to get to the end game. Having to play the story on every character and restarting crafting progress in every league isn’t what I’d call a mechanic issue, but rather a matter of how league progression works. I understand that feeling! There are certainly some things GGG could do to address it, but I have my doubts that they will, at least prior to 2.0.

Not really, if you read a few comments you’ll see there are a lot of people who wish that league mechanics would be removed. It’s simply too much to keep track of at this point.

The design decision to have each league force you to grind through the ten acts of the story arc, from scratch, is certainly worth looking at. It makes sense to start from scratch in terms of stash and crafting–that’s how for instance Diablo seasons work. It allows for a clean start and that sense of “ooh, what is this? Neat!” when you find stuff. Grinding through the story, though, simply makes me yearn for Adventure mode (again, like Diablo 3, which is the gold standard of ARPG in many ways, especially UI and UX).

But PoE has always been about the path less taken. It’s probably one of the only major games of this sort, if not the only one, to still pretty much make you commit to a build and live or die by it with very limited abilities to undo your choices. That adds a lot, but it also makes the game fairly frustrating at times and pretty much mandates you follow a build exactly or near to it, unless you’re a total PoE maven.

As an aside, when I started PoE when it launched all I played was Hardcore. I cannot, now, see how I could play Hardcore. The numerous knife fight in a phone booth boss encounters they’ve added seem tailor-made to eliminate Hardcore as an option. I’ve never, ever, not died at least once to these types of bosses. Starting with Kaom, and then pretty much every boss thereafter, you’re tossed into a locked and small room with tons of AoE. It’s not a matter of skill so much as it is a matter of build at that point it seems (though I fully admit my action skills are sub par). I’d never get out of Act IV if I was playing Hardcore.

I love leveling to 70 in POE. I’m not super enthusiastic about continuing from that point on. I am not exactly sure why except for the fact that I hate grinds of any sort. So the discussion of all these mechanics being added is interesting to me because I don’t view them as a bunch of separate grinds. I view them as things you can do if you feel like it. For instance, if I don’t feel like messing around with the betrayal stuff I just kind of ignore them. Or I do the incursions when I’m forced to and I ignore them the rest the time. If I don’t want to delve I don’t. I don’t feel compelled to do any of these mechanics even when I want a cool reward from them. But once in a while I do get really interested in one of the mechanics and so I spend a lot of time doing that. So to me, all these mechanics feel like choices.

Regarding your hard-core versus softcore mentality, I’m exactly the same way… When I first played I played hard-core only and now I don’t really understand why! Crazy boss mechanics, unexpected lag, the ability to jump up when I need to and go take care of something. Lower stress! Those are all the reasons that I play softcore.

I read the thread, I saw as many if not more people saying stuff along the lines of what @ineffablebob said than I saw people swaying “just axe stuff”.

Of the people who want stuff removed, I found it interesting that a decent amount are focusing commentary on a significant amount of shit that isn’t actually causing bloat. E.g. Talismans.

I still like the idea of Hardcore, and in Diablo it’s viable, but not so much here. That’s not a flaw by any means. The two games have different natures, and with PoE, for me, it’s about all the wackiness and weirdness, which means I have to be able to die a lot.

The reddit thread @Bateau linked above got me thinking about how the new-league grind could be improved, so I posted something about it over on the PoE forums. Basically some additional map crafting abilities to smooth out the Lab process, and allow creation of alts that get to skip the story section. I don’t hold out much hope of anything like this coming anytime soon, but it was a fun thought exercise to come up with it.

Guess that’s just a matter of personal taste. Myself, I’d miss some of the older ones if they were removed entirely. Having them pop up occasionally at higher levels is perfect as far as I’m concerned.

Yeah, as long as I’m not playing Hardcore, bring on the dancing horses! I can deal with the occasional WTF moment.

No one’s disputing that, I just pointed out to @ineffablebob that he did not misunderstand my original post. I don’t have much issue with the campaign, it’s the mechanics bloat in maps that got out of hand.

If anyone is playing Harvest and looking for some hand-me-downs or group play hit me up on Steam. I hadn’t played in a number of leagues and I appreciate the revamp of the Mapping portion, even if it is not great.

Appreciate the offer, @zenblack. I’ve been playing, but for various IRL reasons my sessions tend to be sporadic. Half hour here, hour there, long AFK times on occasion…so not great for team play. We do have several folks leaving and taking from the guild stash, feel free to do that! (If you need a guild invite hit me up, “ineffablebob” works in-game.)

I watched a video the other day about someone advocating playing in SSF because it makes you slow down and smell the roses so to speak. Also, since you can’t just buy something to get over a hump you are forced to deal with your characters weaknesses in a more natural way… Either by farming stuff or by crafting or whatever. And you know, there are a lot of choices in how you can overcome issues with equipment (Especially with this league) so SSF isn’t the wasteland it once was.

So I decided to try that for a while. I got to say that I do miss the way @ineffablebob stocks the guild stash though!

Free microtransaction box this weekend (you have to log in before July 7 at noon … noon, someone’s time!). To get it you need to log in and then open the in-game store and claim the box. I got a free angelic hood which looks fairly nice.

Been playing a bit and for the first time, even though I have played this game off and on since launch (or maybe beta, I can’t recall), I am doing maps. For the first few years I only played hardcore, and never got that far beyond like level 50ish. My Arc Witch is now 81 and I really am digging maps. I like the variety a lot, and the loot drops, while generally useless for me directly, are at least interesting.

Where I’m held up is on gear. I desperately need a six-link all blue chest piece, and only have a five-link. I have several six links but none are all blue, and I’ve blown through a lot of chromatics trying to fix that. I have never used trading, as it confuses the hell out of me, and I don’t have the currency to buy anything it seems, based on the searches I’ve tried on the trading site. Without thee six-link I can’t run the end game Arc set up, though the five-link is decent.

There are a number of ways to craft the sockets you need in the right colors. You can buy a chest with six links on it of any color and then use the harvest craft to change a non-blue socket to blue. I think there is also a crafting table recipe for that but I am not certain. It’s possible there are fossils that can do the same thing, but I am not familiar with fossil crafting.

Since you already have some six link chests I think harvest crafting would be the way to go. I don’t think it’s terribly difficult to re-color sockets using harvest.

Also, I am no endgame expert but I have almost I’m not familiar with a build that truly requires a six link to work. Would it help a lot? Do you want a six link? Sure. But most of the time I’ve gotten to mid to high tier maps a five link works OK.

Are you familiar with ? If not, can save you some chromes.

Even if your optimal setup is 6LB, you can still use other colored support even if its not as good, and it will still be better than your 5LB

I’ve looked at red and green supports, but nothing seems very useful. The only attack I have is Arc, and so blue or spell-based mods are pretty much what I use. I can check again though.

That calculator seems…off? I mean, I’ve already blown through a hundred chromatics and never gotten better than 5 blue on a six-link.