Path of Exile


My Cycloner (slayer), unfortunately, is having a bit of trouble on T9+ maps. A couple of deaths are my fault for being lazy. But I think some map mods just leave me a little too in the hands of luck. Increased crit rates/multi seems to be able to get through my defenses sometimes before I can flask/leech the health back. Immortal call doesn’t really help (you block one hit and maybe a couple more but then it’s down).

I’m not sure how I want to deal with it. I should leap slam into stuff more (since I have Fortify linked). I guess I could swap from a Granite flask to the one that offers flat phys reduction but that won’t help on spell crits (although I suspect it’s the phys that’s doing me in). I am at the point where any gear upgrades are going to cost and have more marginal benefits. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worth doing, but I should consider carefully what I do.


One of my least favorite things about PoE is the inability to tell exactly where the holes in your build are. Sometimes it’s obvious what killed you, but just as often you’ll be looking at your corpse and have no idea where the killing blow came from. One mob group that looks exactly the same as dozens of others that you’ve torn through is trampling you face-down into the dirt. Some kind of damage log would be really helpful.


I agree, but I think that’s a symptom.

The real issue is that the way stats and defenses are structured, damage starts to get ludicrously spiky right around act 8 or so, and keeps getting worse the further you progress. Defenses can sort of keep up, but the arms race means that it trends more and more toward the extremes. Either you are walking through trivial content with almost literally no chance to die, or you’re instagibbed by mobs you have no chance to react to.

It’s not quite that binary, of course, but the further you progress the more time you spend out toward those extremes. I personally believe that is the core of most problems with POE (which, to be fair, is the best Diablo-alike of all time and a wonderful game) and the cause of me burning out around yellow maps at best every league.


Yep, I hear ya. This is one reason that I pretty much only play non-melee toons up into the high levels. I might get through white and some yellow maps on a melee guy, but eventually I run into a wall of “welp, I may die at any time and have no recourse” and give up. I know some people figure it out, based on the build guides you see on the forums, but it’s not in my skill set.

So I gravitate toward characters that can stay out of the way - my go-to is summoner, but you can also do totems, various kinds of ranged attacks, anything that lets you keep moving the heck out of the way while dealing damage. Insta-death still happens but it’s much more rare, and I can almost always see afterward what I could have done differently to avoid it, even if I’m not entirely sure of the details.


Looks at third Marohi drop sadly.

I remember when you used to matter, even without 5l+.


Crap, might have hit the jackpot again, lol!

Threw a 100 jewellers at it to 6S it, then nailed the 5L with a single fusing!

This one seems hard to price, not sure where EV/ES is in the meta and it has a couple of linked off-colours. Poetrade does not have too much similar, tbh.

1-1.5 EX?


I suck at rare pricing, too. I usually post things at what I think is a high price, then if it hasn’t sold in a day or so, lower it until it does.


Are there any more stash tabs available in the guild stash? I want to dump some white and yellow maps in there to help folk fill out the atlas, but there ain’t no tab space! I think you are the only one that can add tabs or make microtransactions for the guild? Officers can’t do it…


Since hybrids aren’t in vogue, I think it might be hard to get 1ex for that, since you’re competing with Atziri’s Splendor (similar resist/ES and more EV for ~5c, similar resist and more ES/EV for ~15-20c) and T2 int and good life probably doesn’t make up the difference? Or if you remove the T2 int, similar hybrids are cheapish. Add 30c for the 5L.

Might be wrong though.


No, upon tweaking my poetrade searches and noticing Atziri’s Splendour pop up, I think you might be right. I’ll list it for 1EX and see how it goes though, most likely it may only move for similar price to AS.


Yeah definitely worth sitting on at least.


We have so much crap! Only the guild leader can add tabs, yes. They’re 50 points each, I think. If you donate some points to the guild I can accept them and add a tab next time I’m on. But don’t feel obligated. Feel free to clean some less useful items out, to make room in the existing space. Just try to leave a good selection for folks leveling alts!

Also if anyone needs any map up to tier 10, I got you covered, just ask. Have a decent selection of red tier as well, happy to help with those too if I have the ones you need.


Good man, that was my intention in dropping some maps in the shared stash. :)

Also, if anyone needs a specific unique, call it out as many of us may have them in private stash and will be happy to share with guild members if we have one we have not/are not selling.


Are there other uniques like the Oni Goroshi which are intelligent items? It is not just a great weapon, but the dialog and commentary is making it more fun for me to play (just hit lvl 70HC)

If you haven’t played with one, it is what old timers might have called an Ego weapon. She (the sword) is an intelligent speaking character in the game, and has quite extensive spoken dialog parts. She taunts bosses when you defeat them, comments on your levelups, shouts at enemies when her special ability activates, etc.


Shit, sorry @ineffablebob, I was replying to you in POE, but like a noob I screwed up and was getting a bounce-back without realising I had backspaced and not retyped your toon’s name correctly. /facepalm

Apologies if I took all your maps then seemed to ignore you like a rude bastard, lol! :D

Only red map I have at the moment is a Promenade, but hit me up for sure if you are chasing Elder/Shaper and need some mid-tier fills. I am pretty well stocked on the bottom of the Atlas. Ping me here if I am not online as I can usually log in to trade anytime, but can only play a few hours every night or every other night at the moment.


The old The Goddess Unleashed was the precursor to this, it’s no longer available (and is weaker).

Also Oni should be strong enough to do shaper with depending on build.


The Shavronne’s just went for 1.5EX


Nice, @sharaleo!

Also, on this - ye gods, POE has an abomination of a chat interface I can’t believe they haven’t fixed yet. It’s so bad.


And this is what Shav’s bought. It’s pretty!


That is very pretty.