Pathfinder 2nd edition RPG system "getting a bit of an upgrade"

Seriously check out as well. The encounter building is something I use weekly to build encounters.

Paizo blog for the remastered swashbuckler class.

Our primary aim with the swashbuckler’s remaster was therefore to increase the consistency of the class to allow for more stylish moments.

One way we’ve done this is through the new bravado trait, which you’ll see in several places in the class. Bravado is not only a bit more reliable for getting into panache, but the trait also lets us give more actions the ability to grant panache, allowing for more diverse options in combat. For instance, many of your swashbuckler styles might state that certain actions gain the bravado trait.

Bravado: Actions with this trait can grant panache, depending on the result of the check involved. If you succeed at the check on a bravado action, you gain panache, and if you fail (but not critically fail) the check, you gain panache but only until the end of your next turn. These effects can be applied even if the action had no other effect due to a failure or a creature’s immunity.

We’re introducing the new rascal swashbuckler style in the remaster! Rascals aren’t afraid to use underhanded tactics on the battlefield to show off their skills and thoroughly embarrass their foes with a Dirty Trick or two.

The problem with the Swashbuckler is that they never are as good with the blade as I always imagine them to be.

Whether it’s Zoro, Robin Hood, The Dread Pirate Roberts or Pussy and Boots, or the three musketeers, always imagine them being the greatest of swords people.

But, in PF2e that will always be the fighter.

New Starfinder 2e iconics.

New play test class!

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Stuff of interest, including information about the Oracle.

CurtainCall_PlayersGuide.pdf (

I don’t think I’ve ever had a good handle on the Oracle class. The remastered version probably won’t change that.

I think it has gotten simplified a bit.

You have a curse. You get feats that give you cool abilities (like the kineticist). Every time you use a cool feat ability, your curse gets worse (just worse, no cool side grades).
But, as your curse gets worse, your Curse powered abilities get better.

Yeah; do you remember old games where you’d pick both drawbacks and positive traits for characters, balancing them out? Lots of that.