Pathfinder: Kingmaker


I did warn ye :)


You did, but I was hoping my lack of issues that you had would make it fine. I had no issues on that front, but the invisible walls and enemies are a little more than I can deal with atm.

Also the moron who decided Monks can’t fight ghosts at Paizo makes me hate them with a passion.
RAW is stupid sometimes and having to deal with it non-stop gets annoying quick.


Actually …

Incorporeal Creatures and “Counts as Magic”: Say I have an attack that counts as magical for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction, such as from the monk’s ki pool (magic). Does that mean I can’t harm an incorporeal creature at all, since the attack doesn’t count as magical for that purpose?

Such attacks should also be able to harm incorporeal creatures as if the attack was magic. This will be reflected in future errata.


And yet…

Cause believe me I looked into it when I saw I couldn’t hurt anything incorporeal and the RAW police had things on lock-down. So apparently they never did it?

Edit: I’ll toss it up on their forum where they’ll ignore it, but it’s worth a shot.


I’d encourage you both to try Expeditions: Conquistador. It has many elements of what you want, although not all. Phenomenal game either way.


Following this thread, I think y’all have convinced me not to buy this any time soon. It’s definitely going to remain on my wishlist but there are some major issues that I feel would block me from enjoying it as the game stands now. Time limits are a death knell for many games if they are too critical to the main path (i.e. not optional), and that kingdom management side sounds awful.

Another one that I’ll watch for QoL improvements and patches to fix.


I am talking the game nice and slow, and so far no issues.


I played quite a bit of that closer to when it came out. I thought it started off strong, but I kinda fizzled out on it. I don’t remember why. Maybe worth revisiting at some point to remind myself how it plays.


There’s also Expeditions: Vikings which improves somewhat on the formula, I think, though it maybe ties you more into the story. You can’t ignore the storyline in any of these games, either - not really open-world in that respect.


I happen to have a copy in my GOG account for unknown reasons. I’m skeptical of playing as Conquistadors, but maybe I’ll give it a try.


This probably doesn’t impact to many people, but it looks like the Feyspeaker uses the Wizards BAB instead of the druids regular BAB. This is exactly like the Pen and Paper version, but it does weaken the Feyspeaker a lot, making it impractical for anything but a spellcaster/face.

At this point, it does seem a lot weaker than the the Sylvan Sorcerer, except that it can wear some armor and use a few martial weapons.
Sadly, druids can’t use crossbows, so I am stuck search for a silly sling.

I might start a new character, but I am not sure what yet. With ever lady in this game sporting a 14 or above charisma, I feel like going high in charisma is a waste, but I like my character to be a leader!


So… I got past the last dungeon and it goes full on anti-fun and stupid.

So that’s a thing that someone consciously decided to do.

I mean it was pretty anti-fun right before that, but they managed to top themselves.


I added to your post (including some thoughts thanks to the details you provided me in Steam chat) over on the official forums.

It’s not really a spoiler, but to sum up - chapter vi is not just a buggy mess, it’s straight up BS. Huge bummer, and hopefully one that gets addressed.


Is there a walkthrough guide for the post chapter 6 content? I’m sitting idly in chapter 6 waiting for whatever is next to trigger.


No idea - I never got through that last dungeon. Too buggy, way to hard, even on story mode.

This has been helpful. No chapter 6 though.

By the way, I need inspiration. I’ve put my Druid to rest, and I’m bouncing around trying to figure out a new character.

I guess my rules of thumb something not covered by the NPCs (at least the NPC’s I will use) and some sort of partial spell caster.

I’ll have to ponder it for a bit, but I’m open to suggestions.


Any advise for the last dungeon generally speaking? besides:

  • Buy all rations
  • bring some cold iron weapons


Uninstall and wait for them to fix it.

Seriously, that last dungeon is full of bugs, nonsense fights that endlessly respawn (and are like CR 22 if you actually calculate them out), and problematic issues with the way the dungeon is implemented (with some enemies effecting you while you walk around even though you are not in their “plane” of existence). It’s not great.


Done. Too many issues in this game still. I’ll see how it looks in 6 months.


Waiting is probably the better idea, but if you want to take a swing at it:

Freedom of Movement for everyone (save undead Jaethal)
Lots of Remove Blindness/Restoration effects
Raise Dead scrolls and Diamonds