Pathfinder: Kingmaker

I played a paladin and it’s a bit easier than that because even neutral or chaotic good choices will steer you from LG, and frequently you are presented situations with no LG choice at all. Luckily, you can buy a scroll from the primary priest vendors in the game that reset your alignment in case you lose your class abilities.

Yeah the issue with LG is that everything moves you away from LG because often there are G options, but no LG option. Thus if you actually wanted to keep LG (without using the scrolls or cheating) you occasionally had to throw in the random LN or LE choice to keep on the L side of the matrix.

Yes very well designed

There are also plenty of times where you can chose an option that doesn’t affect your alignment in any way. I’ve got 4.5 play-throughs and never had an issue with my alignment or had to purchase an alignment reset scroll.

So wait, instead of having good/evil and lawful/chaotic axis they move you towards the alignment you chose? That’s pretty dumb.

I’d understand if the game forced you to make a classic choice between chaotic good and lawful evil but just neutral good being too neutral for hardline LG is meh.

It’s pretty specific to the Paladin to have the dual restriction. Druids need to maintain some form of Neutrality, and Monks some variety of Lawfulness (IIRC), but Paladins gotta stay pegged at both Lawful and Good. It being a videogame whose developers can’t craft a functioning GMing AI, there will be points were there are not a full set of 9 aligned decisions to make.

I started this back up this past week and have been having a great time. The turn based mod is much better than I thought it would be. It almost feels kind of cheaty, I can beat fights with it that I wouldn’t possibly be able to in RT mode. Some of that is I am just garbage at RT mode, the other part is how it resolves everything in turns and not simultaneously so you can set up spells and take advantage of 5 foot steps.

I would love to play on Hard but I can’t make it past the first couple of levels, so Challenging it is.

I am actually enjoying the Kingmaker part too now, though we will see how that goes. I am still early on.

My major issue now is it’s just hard to tell what order to do things. A whole of exploring and dying and reloading till I find something reasonable.

Ok, so um. This game is really giving me trouble. Just in a basic, y’know, “how do you play it?” sense. Like, right clicking versus left clicking. When an instruction “takes” and when it doesn’t. Which abilities are state-toggles and which are one-off actions. How much the AI automates.

I really, really would like a proper manual for this game, or a “you are brain dead, here is how you do basic shit” tutorial, but there seems to be nothing like that. All my searches basically turn up arcane Pathfinder P&P info, when what I want is some help just with the moment-to-moment handling of party instructions.

I would like to like this game, but since I got out of the little tutorial bit, every battle seems like a fight with the interface. What am I missing?

Oddly I completely felt this way when starting Divinity 2, while this one felt easy to jump into.

It’s hard to say what you are missing here, as it seemed like it played the same as other games in this genre such as Baldur’s Gate or Pillars of Eternity in terms of controls (left clicking does stuff, right clicking for more information, WASD or arrows to move the camera around, that sort of thing). My advice would be to watch someone playing it on YouTube or something and get some idea of what they are doing, or (the best way) just dive in and see what works and doesn’t - if this is your first isometric RPG it may take a little bit to click with things (no pun intended) but it’ll happen with some more exposure.

I’ve played all the BGs, Icewind Dale, Pillars of Eternity, D:OS, etc., so I’m familiar with the genre. Just on a click by click basis this one is providing a lot of resistance to me. The number of times the game seems to be ignoring what I want to do in combat is really frustrating and pushing against the ‘dive in’ approach. I guess I’ll bang my head against the wall some more until it breaks (my head or the wall, whichever comes first), but I was hoping maybe there were better tutorial resources out there somewhere.

Very little. The AI will attack the nearest enemy with whatever is equipped. They will not use any abilities without you telling them to. When the enemy they are facing is dead, they’ll pick a new one. You can right click on a spell / power and the character will chain-cast it. You usually want to use this on, for example, Octavia’s Acid Splash or an equipped wand. On harder encounters, maybe have your cleric chain-cast Channel Positive Energy (note: Harrim’s Channel Positive Energy will heal enemies, Tristian’s won’t – Harrim is too ugly to get the feat).

I mean, for most battles, draw a box around your characters, and right-click on the closest enemy so they all focus fire on it. Repeat when it dies.

That doesn’t work for e.g. these swamp guys who fear my dudes and then murder my little crossbow wielding hobbit narrator. As far as I could tell, having AI turned on seemed to cause certain instructions not to “take,” but I can’t be 100% sure, partly because it’s additionally hard to tell whether the instructions were able to be executed in the first place – that very ambiguity and lack of feedback is part of what I have found so frustrating.

Apparently my experience with this game is atypical, so I’ll back out of the thread. It’s proving far harder for me to dive into than you’d think, given all the Infinity games I played.

Yeah, those guys are hard at level 2/3. Do them later. Did you do the Old Sycamore, yet? Lots of encounters of there are appropriate. And few that are hard.

No, I’ve been hesitant to wander around too much on the overworld for fear of running the clock down.

Don’t worry about the clock, it’s pretty much impossible to run out of time.

Ah, that’s good to know. I’ve been traumatized by timed CRPGs ever since Fallout.

Yeah, same, but thankfully this is really more of a “flavor” thing than an actual mechanic. Even if you explored the entire map (available to you at this point) and took liberal camping moments to fully heal and etc., you’ll still have like 30 of the 90 days left with nothing left to do except the big push to wrap up the chapter and then the clock goes away.

Setting these options to Always might also help you to keep an eye on what’s going on in combat.

Cool, thanks.

Man, I love this game. The writing is amazingly good. Irovetti is a fantastic villain. This is the first time I brought Jubilost to the Rushlight Tournament.