Pathfinder: Kingmaker

I am in the exact same spot, although I finished all of the quests under Troll Trouble, all of my Companion Quests, and the Misc ones at the bottom. I believe I am waiting on that time that talks about the next event happening on that one Hill. It should be one of your Kingdom Quests (forget the actual name).

This is my first playthru, though, so I may be completely wrong. I have been meaning to look it up to make sure I am not doing anything wrong! I was going to take the time to explore the map as much as I can, claim some resources, and do some Kingdom quests with my main character and other advisors. I believe I am all caught up and waiting on that timer.

EDIT: I should say on difficulty, I am just on Normal also. I sort of like that challenge level, though, and don’t like to push my challenge in games like this. I am still running RTWP and pausing to select spells to cast periodically, and that is working well. I love turn based, but haven’t turned that on yet. It sounds like normal is a bit on the easy side for most of the game, though. I just keep it there as I like it to be a little easier.

Yea some triggers just need time. As for the dificulty, you probably have a good MC and a balanced party so you can up the difficulty. Normal for me was doable with a roleplay party without efficiency/min-maxing.

@Kelan yeah the haunted hill thing might actually be the “hidden” chapter 2 timer where in chapter 1 it was overt! Good catch. I still have a month.

I noticed Normal difficulty actually has enemies and crit damage set below normal values. WTF. I changed those to the Normal values and played for a while but I haven’t noticed much of difference. Maybe because I am in the twilight period of chapter 2 so the next chapter might wreck me?

I played through until I got the barony, and then sort of fizzled out. Only level 4, but the game began to feel like a min/max slog after a while. I can see all the crunchy goodness that appeals to many, for sure, but I guess my patience for such things has worn thin over the years. That, and the abysmal interface/system for the barony stuff.

That just sounds like total insanity to me. For me coming from the grand old Infinity Engine linage, this is totally and completely 100% my wheelhouse. Where have I been these past years?

I am a leprechaun that found his pot of gold.

That’s great roguefrog! PFKM is a real gem.

The beta for the sequel should drop in a few weeks.

Yeah, this game is awesome. The weapon impacts alone!

But it takes me back to high school when I played D&D 3.0./3.5 Now 3.75. 3.99.9. Whatever Pathfinder is, but it is fully recognizable.

I had a similar reaction until I got pissed at the mediocre-at-best content later in the game. Day one for the sequel though!

That’s exciting, I didn’t know the sequel was so close! Unless they do really long betas. I didn’t play Kingmaker day 1 so I don’t have any context for how it went the first time around.

I had figured out the settings you needed for a “Core Pathfinder run”, but it’s mostly making damage and crits on the PC work correctly. Which often leads to people exploding suddenly.

The difficulty isn’t too bad these days, but ultimately it comes down to if you’re playing with companions or mercs, if you’ve gone heavy into min/maxing or even respecing the companions, etc.

And the difficulty does ramp up as things go on a bit, but not explosively so anymore.

Just got word on the beta, I’ll update the other thread.

So I completed the season of bloom quest line:

Destroyed both flowers. God I hate those attribute damaging spiders, and I hope I never see them ever again. I caved and turned on the option to wipe all negative status effects on rest because I don’t got time for that: specifically the micro-chore of preparing specific spells to clear attribute damage one by one across the entire party until all damage is healed, then recalibrating the spell books back to their normal spells, all taking an uncountable number of rests ad nauseam…when I could just rest once and be done with it. (my head canon is the priest does all this stuff automatically for me)

But now I still have lots of time in chapter 3/when the Haunted hill countdown expires? Like over 150 days or something.

I am not sure if I am on pace for the kingdom management meta game but I suspect I should focus on that now? I just upgrading my capital to a town after having 3 settlements. Most of my advisors are rank III. I picked up two more advisors.

Just wondering if there are timed quests (feels like all quests are actually on a hidden timer in this game) that I have to find via exploring the map before it is too late?

Always have Delay Poison Communal up. Always.

It doesn’t delay poison, it makes you immune to it.

Unless you’re talking about Mandragoras, those are a blood drain effect iirc. But spiders as a whole become pretty easy to deal with when poison no longer exists.

Yep, I don’t remember who gave me the “all DP all the time” tip, but it certainly plugged some holes in my approach to certain encounters.

Delay Poison is but one flavor of the suite of “Fuck Yo Bullshit (Communal)” spells in the Cleric book, which makes them all but indispensable. Want to laugh in the face of Wisps? Fuck their bullshit! Kill a Lindwurm way before you should? Fuck his bullshit! Spiders? Their bullshit: fuck it!

A sane DM would see this happen in a single encounter and then move the fuck on. Not so much in Kingmaker.

Yes. And then combine it with Stinking Cloud and roll over everything. Heighten it when you need to. I’m sure this strat will stop working at some point but it’s OP for much of the game.

Eh, you know, it is a computer game. It’s ok if you game it if you want to. And if you don’t want to, if you want to pretend it’s closer to a table-top experience, you can do that too.

I just signed into law poison immunity when inside my own territory. Not sure if it will help future encounters but what the heck.

There seems to be hard counters to many one-note encounter areas. Like the island of lightning bolt floating skull fucks. Protection from Energy + Resist Energy communal vs Electricity made them all harmless wannabe mortes vs what would otherwise be several waves of very damaging party wiping lightning death.

Oh totally. I’m being a bit salty for effect here. It’s pretty baked into the system.

To be fair, a game with a complex magic system is guaranteed to have such issues, particularly when the players learn what’s happening under the hood. Mind Flyers are trivial in BG2 by using magic weapon prot + chaotic commands or one high-ac tank or undead summoning.

Sure, but the Mind Flayers in BG2 have multiple solutions. And brute force still works. I didn’t do at all what you mentioned and still cleared the whole compound with satisfaction.

One-note encounters with a prescribed hard counter solution makes it feel like…you have do it this way or you will be frustrated beyond belief. And you will be. At least I definitely was.

This kind of thing is usually reserved for super difficult encounters that require a specialized touch. The BG2 Liches. The Dragon Age: Origins Revenants. That one Mind Flayer Lich Wizard bastard in Storm of Zehir. Etc.

So, uh, what is the counter for the BG2 liches? Asking, uh, for a friend.

(I always just ground away with a lot of reloads until I managed to get their various spells down without anything catastrophic happening to my party.)