Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Tristan comes pre-selected with Selective Channeling the feat that regulates Channeling so the healing only affects your allies and the damage undead only affects your enemies.


IIRC Tristian should already have that feat by the time he joins you. He takes it at level 1 or 3 or something early so unless you’re respecing him via a mod, he’ll always have it.

Actually they split the damage and heals, so it would only damage her if you were doing the “Damage Undead” version of it and didn’t have Selective Channel (basically if you were using Harrim and trying to damage undead with it instead of healing).


I thought I remember it showing up around level 6, or so. But I must be conflating it with leveling up Herrick at some point.

Using a Paladin player character and adding some animal companion classes to the mix lets you drop Valerie. She’s useful, but super boring to play. I created a Druid and switched Linzi to the Sylvan Sorcerer subclass so I often have a Bear and a Mastadon tanking for me. It’s also fun to watch them run to check chests and barrels for me. Add the ranger companion to the mix and it’s a regular menagerie.


If you were thinking Harrim got it to show up around level 6, he doesn’t actually meet the CHA requirements, so if you saw it show up for him you probably just had some +CHA equipment on him when he leveled up (and yeah, taking that equipment off and reducing below the requirements does correctly suppress the feat).

If you were thinking of Tristian, not sure. :)


Yeah, I chuckle when my leopard does it.


Screw this game. Once things took off I ended up playing until 2:30 and now I’m suffering at work.

Jokes aside, the game has a ton more pull for me than Pillars. Not sure why to be honest, because both games are very similar.


Link from Twitter to Owlcat poll looking for opinions on Kingdom Management.


I see making the actual mechanics of kingdom building not crap aren’t even on the radar.


To articulate why its crap, is because you basically spend all this time and effort NOT to lose the game. There is no reward no influence to this effort. This design is counter to the very purpose of a RPG, which is all about evolution and building to effect


Yep, agree 100%. I voted for “not enough BP” because one of the ways this should be more interesting is when you build stuff up you should earn more BP. By the last chapter I was earning like… 80 BP or something a day, and needed hundreds to do projects. I was funneling nearly all my adventuring money into buying BP’s which required half a dozen loading screens and was boring af. The entire Kingdom thing started off interesting but never goes anywhere but incredibly boring busy work. The thematic story beats of running a kingdom driving the story is probably the best reason to adventure in the wilderness I’ve come across, but they need a major overhaul here for me to not just put it on “auto” or whatever next time I play.


Agree completely!

In my mind the kingdom builder fix is a simple when married with for another issue the game has. Having the equipment (i.e.weapons) you want at shops. If they tied the building you build to equipment you can buy at local shops and then the higher level building gives you modified versions of that equipment (cold weapons, magic weapons of that type) and sprinkle in a few top tier special weapons/equipment only available if you maximize a certain as aspect of your kingdom…you then have a reason for all this AND why spending your gold on BP to be worth it! .


I can expand further. None of the buildings have a positive ROI over the course of the game (I go over this in more detail in an older post), even taking into account that ever so fancy adjacency bonus system.

Thus the “optimal” way to play is to never actually build anything at all (or at least the minimal required) and purely “build” a kingdom off of event cards. Well, and maybe to bootstrap some of the kingdom stats (e.g. espionage) up to improve odds on those cards.


I suspect that’s just how it worked out in the PnP version. They chose to copy the original source material a little too closely.


I mostly agree with this, but I do find the teleportation circle building pretty convenient.


And really that, and the stuff that @David2, is exactly the kind of thing the KD building should have been used for. SOmething to enrich the gameplay and expand the horizons of what your characters could do via the backing of a whole settlement/city/city state/empire, rather than just make you slowly and laboriously increment numbers to pass Save or Die kingdom checks.


That poll is invisible on mobile… what is this, 2004?

Anyway, I voted that 10 advisors wasn’t enough. Apparently I’m the only one who feels that way. :) There was always more events to tackle but I always had to let some slip away because I just didn’t have enough advisors to go around.


Oh, it’s a problem. It’s just very low on a list of other huge problems.


So I’m skimming the modules and I don’t think there are supposed to be any tangible benefits to Kingdom Management. I think the kingdom itself is supposed to be its own reward.


All this talk about Kingdom management is making me a little worried. I’m playing on Normal which means that Kingdom management difficulty is set to normal as well - is it still manageable on this difficulty or should I drop it down to easy or effortless? I still want to experience that side of the game (just killed Tartuccio so I expect that part will open up soon) so auto is out of the question. But I also don’t want to lose my game due to some arbitrary events that I had little control over.


You get no rewarding feelings (and few in-game rewards) for managing your kingdom. It’s heavily RNG-based, and the optimal way to play (build as few buildings as possible, save scum failed checks) is tedious and counterintuitive. I’d say there’s no shame in dropping it to at least easy.

But yeah, play on normal, don’t save scum, and be prepared for a long, drawn out death spiral depending on how your rolls go.