Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Thanks lol, but I really should’ve known since I played BG2 in the past.

Another question - how do I maximize a spell? I’ve tried experimenting with the meta magic tab (I have the maximize feat) and tried to maximize some of my spells, but nothing really worked, or the stats at least didn’t change. I tried with Acid Splash which is level 0, and another random level 1 spell, but neither worked.


I don’t remember exactly, though I remember struggling with this myself at first I did figure it out. I lifted this off the Steam forums:

On the bottom right of your spellbook is the metamagic button. Click the button :steamhappy:.You then You do actually need to be able to cast spells of a higher level than the original spell eg: three levels higher for maximise spells. You then make a “custom” higher cast level copy of the spell by combining the spell with the metamagic feat you want the spell to have. The spell then appears at the appropriate higher level tab as a selectable spell (as well as on your favourites tab) eg: the level one spell now also has a maximised version on level 4. You can delete the custom spell at any time.


Thanks, got it working with Magic Missile. I can’t figure out why some spells are not eligible though.


Metamagic increases the level of the spell, Maximize increases it quite a bit (+2, I believe). So a Maximized Magic Missile takes up a third level spell slot. If you don’t have access to level 4 spells, for instance, you can’t prepare a maximized Acid Arrow (a level 2 spell). Also, Maximize can only be applied to spells that you roll damage on, iirc. Or maybe if you roll to see how many HD are effected (like with Hypnotize), not sure about that last part.


I can cast up to level 4 now. Maximize is +3, so a Magic missile which is level 1 should be 4 and Acid Splash should be 3. But I can’t even apply maximize to Acid Splash, it’s greyed out. I’ll try it with Empower once I unlock it.


Why would you waste a 3rd level spell slot on doing 3 points of damage with Acid Splash?


I wouldn’t, I’m just curious how the mechanic worked - and I still don’t know why some damage spells can be maximized and some can’t.


Not sure, it should be possible. Acid Splash deals damage so it should be maximizable.

Just loaded up an older save with my level 17 Sorcerer and it looks like cantrips can’t have metamagic feats applied. I’m not sure why, but I can’t figure out why you would want to either, so maybe that’s actually why.

I also remembered you can see which spells can have your selected feats applied to them, they have empty circles on them.


Thanks! This information will be very useful when I get around to doing a new run. Learned so many things in this campaign that I’m really tempted to just start over.


I don’t think Cantrips or Orisons can be metamagicked.

Edit: Nvm Scott beat me to it. :D


I just finished this, I loved the beginning but by the end I felt the game had overstayed its welcome by a chapter maybe 2. I was just wanting it to end, but it was a much more balanced and fun game overall. Just a bit too long. Not likely to want to replay it again for a bit mostly because of it being too long.


Can someone tell me if Cold damage is different from Cold Iron in this game? I’m currently whacking a downed Crag Linnorm, with octavia using Ray of Frost, Valerie with a +3 weapon and Amiri with a weapon that deals 1-6 additional cold damage per hit and the thing just won’t die.


Very different.

EDIT: +3 or better weapons should also bypass the Cold Iron damage reduction.



Thanks for confirming. I bought a cold iron weapon now and will try again, the fight itself wasn’t particularly hard at level 10 so it’s no biggie.


Cold Iron’s more of a poetic reference to fairy lore than a useful descriptor, alas, hah.


But doesn’t stop the Regen of say… a Crag Linnorm. :D

You need actual Cold Iron for that. It’s worth keeping one Cold Iron weapon around forever just for stuff like that imo.


Finished this yesterday. One of my favourite games from 2018! My characters ended less than 150.000 XP from lvl 20, so I guess they buffed XP gains for last couple of chapters as AFAIR most people that finished the game earlier ended on lvl 17/18 (I restarted after patch 1.1). I got the ending with Nyrissa’s redemption and killing the Lantern King which I quite enjoyed.

Things I liked with the game:

  • Nice implementation of D&D/Pathfinder rules. Reminded me of playing pen&paper D&D 3rd edition ages ago.
  • Relatively bug free experience (I restarted after patch 1.1)
  • Enjoyable companions which were quite different and with mostly interesting back stories.
  • The overall story was pretty good. Not so much text that I didn’t bother to read it. Becoming baron/king is a nice character arc for the main character.
  • Graphics, sound and music were all great.

Things I did not enjoy all that much:

  • House at the edge of time. Annoying enemies and lots of them.
  • The fate of one of my companions. Loosing Linzi before the last two chapters after having made her an important part of my party. She covered some vital spells and skills :-(
  • The game is too large. I did all the wilderness encounters, but most of them were just a reused map with a single big enemy that had one piece of loot that I probably didn’t need. This got worse in the last few chapters. Exceptions: lich and dragon fights were awesome, needed more fights like those.
  • The kingdom building is not well enough connected to the rest of the game. Too few buildings have effects that are useful and after upgrading the advisors a bit, the building stats does not matter all that much.
  • Combat in the last few chapters is too chaotic. Everyone is hasted and the combat log becomes just a blur. I didn’t mind realtime with pause combat for the first 5 chapters or so, but I would have liked turn based for the final bits. I ended up focusing on buffing before combat and then mostly let the combat sort itself out.


“Midweek Madness” sale on Steam;
30% off Explorer edition (basic) for $27.99
50% off Royal edition (soundtrack, map, art book, two bonus portraits, module, red panda pet) for $34.99
20% off season pass at $19.99
20% off The Wildcards at $6.39

The pricing strategy on this game has certainly puzzled me a bit since release. For instance, no discount on the Imperial edition—Royal + season pass—so that’s still $84.99 despite the components only adding up to $54.98. Still, for once the extra stuff which comes along with Royal seems significantly more worthwhile at only a $7 premium than it did at the absurd $30 level.


Is it too hectic even with the shift+space slow-mo mode?


I’ll admit that I didn’t even know about this mode until I was nearly done. I only tried it briefly - it helps, but I found it inconvenient turning it off and on constantly. I probably should have tried harder to get used to it.