Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Maybe he’s neutral and it’s random? I forget the wording, but it’s the same as Kingmaker iirc.

I forget the rules, but good shouldn’t summon redcaps and evil shouldn’t summon angels.

Okay, nevermind then. That’s just odd.

There are multiple camps on this, but generally the answer is:

Wolf/Dog for tripping stuff. Smilodon for raw damage.
People have been saying good things about Leopard lately, but those might be outliers.

I’m not sure how being able to gear and level them affects the Animal Companion dynamic, but I would think it’s significant. It’s entirely possible not enough people have done it to really determine what is best. The Wolf/Smilodon dynamic is mostly a carry over from Kingmaker.

Leopard Halfling Cavalry might be a cool trick.

But I’m playing a Druid now, although, I might switch back to my Bloodrider in the future.

(11) Nerd Commando Game Studios - YouTube

He has some Animal Companion Videos

Found an older thread about Animal Companions, might be something useful in there:

Always be wary of Nerd Commando imo. He’s the ultimate min/maxer of min-maxers. And then sometimes he doesn’t understand a mechanic and it gets wonky.

That said, he can be a great source for idea for builds or how to do something. You just don’t need a 7 in 3 stats to do it like I swear every single build of his ends up. “We dump Charisma, Int and Str to 7 so we can get 2 20’s in these stats” = basically half the videos.

Nother patch:

I’m fine with small patches that fix critical issues.

Minor annoyance with minor spoiler:

So I rest at a shady inn. I get attacked in the night. Okay, that’s kind of neat. Oh wait I’m completely naked, even my inventory slots are empty. I get killed by sneak attack dudes before I even get a turn. I have to reload from the start of the entire zone.

Take 2. I win! Only now I’ve lost like 18 spell slots because it removed my +6 headband and my book. I’m Vancian so now I have to remember what were in those 18 spell slots that were taken from me. Oh and what gear I was wearing because it all just flew into my inventory. This was dumb. So dumb I had to reload so that I could take screenshots of what my spells were or fiddle what spells were where so I can easily rememorize them. After a rest. I just rested and lost spells, because my character is stupid or something.

Neat idea, horrific implementation. I’m not sure how I’d even survive if I didn’t have skeleton minion to block the door. I was getting sneak attacked for like 50 damage and there are 4 dudes out there. Skelly blocked the door till the cavalry arrived, but if I was just about any other squishy? I’d be toast.

My Leopard only seem to get the one Claw attack on a full attack, which is screwy – believe it’s supposed to be two.

I’m a huge fan of the murderkitty, though. Great AC, very good damage, decent trips (Wolves are a lot better since they’re Large), and Pounce (full attack on charge) is pretty great. Dunno how that compares to the murderdino; haven’t honestly really looked at them.

I use leopard as well and have been happy. Like you say, the AC is just fantastic. Has made for a solid offtank to assist Seelah.

How useful are y’all finding the companions?

I’ve got Lann sitting at #1, because he is more gun then man. Lann solves problems.

Seelah is big, tough, and effective at damaging single targets.

Regil is somewhat less tough, but carves stuff up good as well.

Graybor’s usefulness 100% depends on whether the target can get sneak attacked or not. If so, hoo boy, but I gotta keep him alive.

Soriel is a big slab of buffs. Keep buffing, Soriel. No, more than that. More!

I’m a Bard. I sing, haste, and cast trickster stuff. It’s a living.

Oh, and one small thing: if you play trickster and are wondering whether the turning all 1s to 20s power is worth it, lemme me the voice in your ear that says that Yes, It Is.

Early game, my tieflings is set up to absolutely kill something, or throw out a grease slick.

My opinion matches yours on a lot of those. Special shout out to Ember, though, she is absolutely taking out the trash now. She bypasses fire immunity and DR completely and rarely has her spells resisted at this point. Fire snakes (or whatever the spell is called) absolutely rips through the baddies and leaves allies untouched. Also provides some buffing and backup spot heals for me. She really carried me through the Ivory Tower or whatever that area is called last night.

I just had a bug where everyone could only walk down an invisible tunnel off and under the map.

Super weird and wonky.

I used Toy Box to just kill everyone and then I no longer had a mouse.
So, I guess I’m not getting a +6 Con belt.

Unfortunately I may have hit a progress limitation with the demon mythic path in act three.

Demon Mythic Path Spoiler: basically at some point you get summoned to the abyss and get to hang out in a demon city. Super cool actually you get a bodyguard and everything. At this point there are three main zones that you can teleport freely between. However when I finished zone two and zone three and tried to teleport back to zone one I am instantly gibbed with a game over screen and have to reload. Happens repeatedly. I tried going to zone two again and teleporting to zone one from there - still instant death. I don’t even get to see the battle report to see if something hit me. I have a feeling it’s more like a collision error -where an NPC is standing right on the spot I’m supposed to teleport into or something like that.

I do have a save before I reach that location and I get the feeling that do you story quest is opt in until I am ready; however you get to play the game of how long until the developers patch it? There are plenty of things for me to do an act three for now.

EDIT: Wonderful - appears to be a new bug - *Spoilers* "Once in Alushinyrra..." quest game breaking bug - #15 by Maul - Bug Reports - Owlcat Games

I take everything bad I said about Nenio back, aside from her being annoying. She’s phantasmal killered too many bosses to sleep on her any longer. Spellcasters in general just feel like they take a good while to get going in this game due to all the spell resistance and DR but she and Ember are both rolling now.

Damn, man, I’m sorry. What a pain. The bug I was dealing with today was the game would drop to 5fps (not an exaggeration) whenever dialog with an NPC happened and it just got stuck that way. Thankfully blowing out some files like @ShivaX mentioned above fixed it… for now. One of my companion quests (Nenio) seems bugged, though. I can’t talk/interact with her at all anymore when in town.

You definitely need to work on them to get there, but once they get there it’s kind of insane at times.

Mythic Spell Penetration with the other 2 feats damned near makes Spell Resistance not exist. Especially with some of the gear that can add to it.

Nenio has to be nuts because I keep seeing gear that’s like “increase the DC of your illusion spells by X”.

I started seeing those same frame drops after today’s patch, only when Nenio was selected in battle, though. I always have the Task Manager Performance tab running on my second display and I noticed that whenever the frame rate plummeted the GPU % use dropped from 80-100% to about 25-30%. Not sure what that means, other than it’s no wonder the frame rate dropped out; the video card wasn’t being utilized to it’s full extent anymore. It wasn’t struggling, it just decided it didn’t like Nenio.

This is a 2060 Super and has had no problems handling the game otherwise (all settings maxed) after 56+ hours.

Scroll upthread for earlier today and ShivaX has ap post that talks about blowing out a folder to fix a freeze. I wiped it out (keeping saves of course) and I haven’t had a framerate drop since. Might work for you too!

Seelah I multied to Gendarme after her 3rd level of Paladin to give her some extra combat oomf. Its tedious sometimes to maneuver the large horse in some maps but in open maps she’s hoofs on wheels.

Camellia I simply splashed a level of master of all to give her some sneak dice and she is a decent enough off tank dual wielding a shield and bashing folk.

Since Daeran’s persuasion is so high he is the pre battle buffer / post battle healer and stands around demoralizing everyone during the actual fighting.

Lann and Wendaug I have left pure as they seem fine for their intended roles to me.

Ember I kept pure and just purely puts someone to sleep each round.

Woljif I am playing as a ranged arcane trickster until his mythic magic armor makes him useful in the front lines and then will spec him back to a dagger sneaker.

Nenio is excellent with a few choice mythic perks but stands around useless most of the time until a big bad shows up and if my main can’t kill it in time she will.

The rest I haven’t had much use for or played around with too much yet. Maybe next playthrough.

I have three different playthroughs at the moment at act 3 not rushing into the more buggy bits at the moment. One is a lvl 3 sacred hound to get the dog/teamwork feat sharing/rest sohei tripper. Riding the mount with the teamwork feats like tandem trip, overwhelm, etc pretty much guarantees a trip against anything that can be tripped.

The second is a ranged sohei that went divine hunter at level one to get the leopard. Flurry of blows crossbow with elemental barrage with the crossbow that facilitates that is lol but not as much control as the tripper.

The third is a build I saw online that combines the pounce of kitsune scion magus with a splash of scaled fist and oracle to get crazy AC to charisma via the nature mystery of the oracle. With the wolf scarred face bite, demon gore, and scythe that damages everyone around its quite the shredder.

I am thinking about trying a build based around the mythic hideous laughter skill. Dirge bard probably so that (in theory) it affects undead as well. A half elf can start with 22 CHA and you can get some serious DC with various items and perks.

ohhh - that sounds fun! I am so bad at this game. I just try to hit people with weapons, and use Haste and Acid Arrow mostly, Bless and Prayer.
Also - I’ve never tried multispeccing a character, since I am afraid to ruin them.

But this sounds really, really cool!