Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I keep hoping to see a fix for the “This character causes framerates to plummet during tactical combat” bug. I don’t know if that’s just something super difficult to track down or if it’s not a priority for them but man, it’s awful.

Interesting. Do you know if that’s a TT thing or if it’s an oversight in Wrath?

You weren’t able to figure out what item on their belt was the cause?

It seems to be showing up for other weapons. Basically, weapons for small sized characters deal less damage, but being small gives you +1 AC and +1 Attack. At least in tabletop.

Anyway, I’ve gotten somewhere with the whole Background thing. It looks like, Masterwork Weapons stack with your Background Bonus, but Magical Weapons don’t. That is probably a bug.

For me the framerate drop with Nenio went away on its own. I didn’t change anything on her or in her belt that I was aware of, although she did (and still does) use Bismuth. Maybe I used something up in a battle that I don’t recall. Just hope it doesn’t come back.

That sort of transient glitch is awful to troubleshoot.

I’ve stripped most of them off but there’s a couple that are really useful and still trigger it, unfortunately. I keep hoping for a fix so I can put them back on my belt as well as get around the performance issue when it does crop up. :)

My fingers are crossed for you, buddy! :)

Occurred to me earlier today while watching more build guides on Youtube that for all the base classes in this game there’s nothing truly close to an actual psionicist. Which makes me wonder if that class and set of abilities even exist in PnP Pathfinder.

I really enjoyed that Psionics handbook in 3 or 3.5, whichever it was? Good times.

I haven’t played tabletop anything since D&D 3.5 which was a billion years ago. One cool thing about Wrath is that it piqued my curiosity on how the D&D ruleset has evolved to 5e. Not that I’ll ever get the opportunity to use them but I grabbed the 5e sourcebooks for nostalgia + curiosity sake. I understand that Pathfinder also has a new edition compared to what is in the Owlcat games, is that right?

The closest you get is Occult Magic. It uses the same spell system as Mages and Clerics, but no verbal or somatic components. Instead, it’s thoughts and emotions. Which means Fear really bad for the class. But it does mean you can cast spells while tied up or in heavy armor.

Anyway, some different spells, and there are 5 classes that use Occult Magic.

Anyway, you friendly Talking Sword is was a Spiritualist, which is an Occult class that uses Wisdom for spell casting.

By the way, the Kineticist is an occult class in the game.

But there is also the Psychic.

Indeedy. I found this link interesting. Seems like a lot of changes.

What are the major changes between Pathfinder first and second editions? - Role-playing Games Stack Exchange

That’s an interesting read, thanks! The date of the post indicates the new edition came out 2 years ago. Any idea if Owlcat plans to move to that system for their next game? Just skimming through some of those changes a lot of them sound really nice.

I think they’ll probably do at least one more game on Pathfinder 1. People are betting on a Sea Adventure (swashbucklers, Summoners, and Investigators as the new classes, if not the occult).

I bought the 2nd ed Pathfinder handbook and read ‘most’ of it in the fall of 2019 and liked most of what I absorbed, definitely a bit different than 5th ed D&D.

What do you think of that Mwanglu Hunter Background?

+1 damage, but also proficiencies in Throwing Axes and Javelins

So they added four new PC voices to Wrath from Kingmaker. One of the female voices is called “carefree” and it’s like My Little Pony. It’s pretty funny. Quotes include -

How cute!
Adventures are exciting!
A simple smile goes a long way.
This spell’s not working! (whine) That’s mean!

Would be hilarious to use with a Lich playthrough.

That’s a great summary of why I’m playing Normal (I bumped one or two settings towards Daring at the start but I have no idea which ones now). Since I do like theorycrafting with builds my party is reasonably optimized but not crazy.

I’ll probably crash and burn horribly in later acts because other than the basic buffs I’m not using a ton of spells.

I found a bug. One of the coolest Trixter abilities is to make any item you find with a + actually +1 better. The item’s name does not change, just its enhancement. Armor and weapons have an additional tooltip to show this, but not all items do. For example, I have three Wisdom headbands in my inventory. Two are +2, that I got before I got the Trixter ability, and one is +3 because I found it later.

If I equip unequip the +3 headband it gets stacked with the +2 ones and is effectively gone. I’ve seen this happen with a +2 / +3 breastplate too.

Probably won’t get fixed for months.

I had a mod that added Armored Might (which was a thing on Table Top). I was mostly using it to fix Exploiter Wizard issues, but Armored Might and fixing Crane Wing and similar stuff is just better at the end of the day, imo.
It’s beyond silly that it isn’t there given the lack of melee Mythic options worth a damn.

IIRC it also added some fighter advanced weapon/armor stuff at least a couple of which can help with AC (at least if you’re a fighter anyway).

For some reason when leveling my party from 12 - 13 everyone goes through fine except for Sosiel who suddenly is being leveled to 19. Have to allocate like 14 attribute points and his feat selection takes the level 19 warpriest slot (skipping 5 levels). Hmm. Probably because I respected him from Level 1 with a mod.

I’ll have to search for that and install it. The lack of melee and durability mythics is weird to me. Getting Ascended Element or Mythic spell pen on a caster is huge but for melee it’s like… I don’t know, do I take +1AC from Mythic Dodge? That’ll surely help against these twits with +60 attack. :)

Since it’s not on Nexus and thus a pain to find.