Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

That should be fine.

There remains a definite performance degrading effect in the game in later chapters, similar to the “autofill action bar option disabled” bug from a few weeks ago. It’s not as bad as that one, but FPS will continue to degrade. I’m guessing it’s caused by some spell or effect. Charging in TBM looks like a slide show.

Who do you use midnight bolts on? I have 3 of them in my inventory. Its the major demon lords right? Not their underlings? You can only use 1 bolt per fight, right? How is this mechanic discovered normally? Are you expected to read every book and note you find and put it all together?

My understanding is that to get the full secret ending, you need 6 Crystals, which means using the bolts on the demon lord’s. I think the trickster and the demon gets you one other place.

Also, in at least one fight, you need to pick up the crystal before the fight ends.

Massive 1.1 patch drop incoming, huge amount of fixes/changes coming. Here is the full list.

You can opt into the 1.1 beta branch to get immediate access, sounds like. I’m in Chapter 5 (I think) and just hit level 19 last night, but I have a lot of quests still open on my journal, so I have a feeling I’m not quite close to the end yet. Is it me (75 or so hours) or this game way bigger/longer than Kingmaker? I thought it was supposedly going to be a “shorter game with more replayability” and so far while it may be more replayable (I can’t speak to that, it sounds like @Balasarius can however, what do you think?) it’s certainly got legs.

Then again I’m playing most (not all) battles in turn-based mode, so I’m sure that’s a big part of it.

  • Bloodragers with Celestial bloodline now correctly deal additional damage with Angelic Attacks to all demons;

  • Bloodrager Bonus Feats didn’t appear on class progression screen - fixed;

  • Bloodrider was limited to riding a smilodon - fixed;

  • Redesigned Skald archetype Court Poet;

  • Court Poet archetype’s description has been updated;

  • Elemental Rampager’s druid bonuses didn’t increase by level - fixed;

  • Elemental Rampager’s Rampage ability didn’t have a visual effect - fixed;
    I wonder what this means.

What does this even mean for an Owlcat game? Does it just delete random system files or like chunks of your video drivers?

I read that list and think, “Man, that’s a lot of shit Owlcat is going to break.” But we’ll see, at least they’re quick to respond when they do break things.

Yeah, I won’t be opting into the beta myself since I’m close to the end (and have some mods that I assume might need updating as well). I think the fact they are having a beta is a wise move and speaks to the care they are taking, however.

It definitely has a lot of replayability for a mega-RPG of this kind. The Lich playthrough is very different from an Angel, for example. But ultimately, of course, both the Lich and the Angel go to 95% of the same places and kill the same guys.

As for the length, it might be a touch shorter than Kingmaker.

  • Druid couldn’t pick the Impossible Domain Mythic Feat - fixed;

I just saw this. I’m intrigued by this, sadly, the two druid subclasses I like the most (elemental rampager and the Drovier) don’t have access to domain slots.

Still on my first playthru. A few fights into Grey Garrison area. And hit a room with a bunch of obvious statue/puzzle/doors. I saved and shut it down. I kind of hate puzzles in rpgs. I mean I’ll prob be back tonight but yuck. That was a crappy way to end my night. Especially after a fun and tough fight . Oh well, it is what it is.

Google can get you through a lot of it, if you don’t mind.

I usually try to get it a few tries first, and some, I get. Some I don’t get and Google helps. Some I don’t get, and Google Helps and I kick myself because in hindsight it seemed obvious.

Oh dude the puzzles are almost all hilariously bad. RPG version of pixel hunts. I just Google it if it’s not immediately obvious.

Haha. Glad I’m not the only one. Yet i actually liked the one in the first maze thing. But in this garrison thing as soon as I move into the room and hit Tab and like a dozen things highlight I said Fuck It for the night. I’ll give it a shot or two but will google the hell out of it if needed.

FWIW I particularly despise that one. The clue is extremely obtuse, and there’s no feedback to guide you to the solution. Ugh.

That’s one of the better puzzles, actually. It gets much, much worse.

There’s a giant multi-level dungeon that’s basically a huge puzzle. I despise it. It was one of the last stretch goals and now I’m pissed that it was achieved.

The over abundance of puzzles in this game is really the worst part about it, imo. Fortunately they can be solved relatively quickly with the aid of google.

Except that fucking mega dungeon. Set aside a night or two.

The fact that this project had stretch goals that they actually worked on is in itself infuriating.

Well, “infuriating” inasmuch as a wizard game about wizardly wizard things can be infuriating. But come on.

Box quote, muthafukas!

Just skip Nenios personal quest that has you find 4 masks. That just leads to the mega puzzle dungeon that should be skipped because it is horrible beyond description. Also you loose Nenio if you go into the dungeon and then decide it sucks and leave, so do not go into in the first place.

Also there is another set of tile game puzzles you will find. These should also be skipped, the rewards are complete garbage.