Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

That is everyone gets a shard ending? I think that is an ending I will never see.

Well, I kind of want to be a demigod.

I thought she left if you went to Threshold without completing it. Is that incorrect?

I made a list of all the notable loot from the Enigma dungeon -

Singing Steel Breastplate +5 x2
Mask of Nothing, +20 saves. Head slot, only usable by MC.
Robes of Water and Air
+5 Sickle with a variety of suffixes zzz
+5 Heavy Pick with a variety of suffixes…
Quicken Metamagic Rod (up to level 6)
Elven Notes x1
Bracers of Armor +8

Killing the bonus demon lord on the Trickster / Demon path without that mask will be difficult.

Since it’s also the conclusion of Nenio’s personal quest, presumably she gets something for it. Good luck figuring out what it is, though. They hid those really well this time around for some stupid reason.

Yeah for me, I killed the dragon. And I was wondering where that NPC had gotten off to, why he wasn’t hanging out in Drezen.

  • Bloodrider could only ride a smilodon - fixed, now it’s a horse;

Bloodriders are no longer as interesting to me. No longer can you be He Man.

Basically you find the masks, put them into the correct statues, then a dimensional portal opens up. If you go through that portal, then Nenio will leave you if you exist again without finishing the dungeon.

So, the beta Patch seems to remove Retraining from Core gameplay.

Playing around with builds, I made a sohei monk and then went hex channeler witch at 2nd level after hitting Neatholm, picking Ice Plant and a lizard familiar, along with spells like reduce person and mage armor. The character’s AC is 30 fully buffed at 2nd level, no armor, no defensive stance, only magic gear is the +1 bracers you get. Might add one level of some variant of Bloodrager for the rage ability, definitely 4 levels in Red Dragon Disciple for the +2 AC and STR boosts, take feats like Dodge, Combat Expertise, etc., probably a 2nd level in monk. . . . Toon is also a asimar (sp?) for the eventual wings you get.

Core base settings I thought always had respec off?

Nope, I’ve been respec’ing like crazy on Core before I installed the Beta Patch.

I was going to suggest taking the Shaman instead, but then you don’t get the Hex until 2nd level. And no Mage Armor either.

@John_Reynolds on builds:

I’ve been largely happy with the Monk 1 - Thug 4 - Spawn Slayer 2+ tank/demoralizer/damage build I’ve taken up through a good bit (most? idk) of Chapter 2. It’s a bit crunched for feats, since Monk and Thug don’t get much, but it does get:

  1. Dex to damage (Thug 3)
  2. Power Attack without Str requirement (Slayer 2 - Terrifying style)
  3. All the fear (Thug 1)
  4. Uncanny Dodge (Thug 4) super nice for the way the dumbass TB mode starts combats
  5. Plenty of Sneak Attack (Thug/Slayer)
  6. Only lose 1 BAB off full (Thug 4 is +3)
  7. Flurry of Blows
  8. Mad AC (High Dex/Wis, Slayer Mythic that gives target bonus to AC against)


  1. Stuck using some specific Monk weapon (Monk 1 Unarmed Strike is awful, and you need to pick something for the dex-to-damage Rogue thing)
  2. Feat-starved (basically one total bonus feat as of level 5)
  3. Godawful damage until level 4 (Thug 3 for dex to damage)
  4. Mediocre HP

Pretty fun though.

Yes, it was a bug though. You’re not supposed to be able to respec on Core. For whatever dumb reason.

Not really a dumb reason. Respec’ing means you can skip over all the weak parts of some crazy build after all. Bloodriders are weak for the first 5 levels, because no mount - just don’t be a Bloodrider for the first 5 levels. Or… you can be like me, and be a Bloodrider for the first 5 levels.

But now… now I don’t get a Cat, so I don’t think I will be a Bloodrider in the future.

Am I wrong to be moving toward the belief that Shatter Defenses is damn near a requirement for pretty much all Characters Wot 'it Fings? The effective to-hit bonus is just enormous on so many enemies.

Go home autocorrect, you’re drunk.

So I started over after playing a bit of that sohei monk in the Maze. I’m sick of charge and mounted combat being so buggy, despite the temptation of spirited charge giving double damage. So. . .

I went with a traditional monk, aasimar, farmhand for scythes, 17 STR, 16 DEX, 10 CON, 13 INT, 16 WIS, and 7 CHA. Second level was a hex channeler witch for the Iceplant and lizard familiar (plus spells like mage armor), and took him to the inn and dinged 3rd, where I went Vivisectionist for the STR mutagen to offset combat expertise and defensive stance creating negatives on my attack rolls and its spontaneous casting and stealth attacks. Red Dragon Disciple probably coming soon once I get 5 ranks into Lore (Arcana). That’ll give another 2 to my AC and a +2 to STR, which will hit 20 at 4th level.