Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

All monks get it at level 1 as far as I am aware.

Haven’t tested it personally but blog I read said claws don’t get unarmed, so they don’t work with Flurry. So they’re entirely pointless for monks of any flavor.

1 stigmatized witch 1 for nails (weak claws but always on) or iceplant (4 ac) also qualified us for dragon disciple, also get knowledge arcana 5)
1 oracle (lone strider): wolf face bite
1 sohei monk (flurry with claws, 3rd claw when full attacking)
3 vivisectionist: mutagen claw/claw/bite + 2d6 sneak attack. and +str mutagen (claws last 30 min)
2 Dragon disciple: bite and +2 str

demon mythic: bite, and mythic your natural attacks ignore DR.
race: motherless tiefling: bite

That Steam link has this comment, which is just sick. My build I’ve been working on might have to get flipped over from lawful good to lawful evil. Not sure why sohei monk over other subclasses, at least off the top of my head. Less focus on AC, though it’s still going to be decent, even unarmored, but instead of focusing on that scythe/quarterstaff this looks pretty OP.

Stigmatized Witch can get wolf-scarred, no need for oracle.

Believe Flurry doesn’t work with claws.

I just tested respecing fairly close to what I posted above and my character sheet at level 7 was showing two claw attacks (not sure if taking the Nails hex as a witch and the feral mutagen is redundant, text above claims nails hex is always active, which means the feral feat for vivi is a waste ??? I could take the Ice hex instead for added AC is a thought), and I didn’t have a BAB of 6 for that 2nd attack. So I’m assuming scaled fist monk’s flurry was working with claws.

The oracle nature’s whispers double-stacks your CHA AC bonus alongside the scaled fist monk. With crane, defensive mode, mage armor, etc., the respect was at 29 AC. Not sure if shield stacks with mage armor though. STR was at 28 with enlarge and the mutagen active, which with stealth flank attacks would start being some serious damage. Definitely better than my scythe/quarterstaff build upstream, though with slightly worse AC.

At least I don’t think I had a BAB of 6. The respec was

vivi 2 levels
1 oracle
1 witch
1 monk
2 DD

Lol, amazing.

I’ll see if I can confirm the claw/Flurry thing. I believe claws themselves come as a two-attack package, so you’re seeing that rather than Flurry. Easy enough to check against Monk 6.

Interesting read. That one dip in monk might be a waste except for the AC boost synthesizing with the Oracle AC bump.

So I am apparently mistaken about Flurry and Monk levels. Not sure where I read the 6/11 thing, it’s just the one extra attack at 11 according to the in-game tooltip.

In other news, wtf Blightmaw lol. Probably need to cheese this with pre-layering like five Grease casts. Also, can I just give a big giant “fuck you” to the game design that has SR values on every enemy that I want to hit with spells that even with SpellPen/GrPen/MythicPen Ninny only has about a 25% chance to punch through? Fuck’s sake. Guess I’ll just cast buffs and conjurations forever!

I respec’d my build again and he’s now got 8 attacks per round with all the bites. 28 STR, 34 AC, nasty outflank bonuses to hit and dmg. It’s almost silly. The only real negative is some of the buffs like shield or enlarge don’t last long due to the small dips into the classes that enable them.

Got this build to 8th level. Self-buffing sees a 32 STR, 7 attacks/rounds, a 36 AC and a +16 to hit with all primary attacks. Not too shabby. Time to take Drezen back, again.

Enjoying the siege of Drezen a lot more this time, figured out a way of getting to the ash giants and clearing the walls sooner than my previous efforts. Makes that whole scenario a lot more enjoyable.

I am nearing the end of my 2nd playthough and have a few questions.

  1. How do you get more than one of those crystals you need to ascendance? I know you shoot demon lords with midnight bolts and you can only use ONE bolt per demon lord. As far as what counts and a demon lord, these are the bosses of the abyss, Noctula level right? The problem is that there is one you encounter at the end of act 4 in the mine dungeon you sail to and I got a shard from him.

Then there is the locust guy in IZ, only he falls into a pit at the end so you can’t collect a shard. Now I am in the final area and still have like 4 midnight bolts and nothing to shoot them with. How are you supposed to actually collect a bunch more?

  1. On the Pet thing. People keep saying, take a class with a pet with some other class and then take boon companion and you are good to go. The pet will level with your main character level. This is not true unless there is some other mechanic at play here. What I did as a test was to take Ashura (the succubus companion) give her 1 level of druid and she got a pet kitty which was level 1. Then I took boon companion and now the kitty is level 5, but Ashura is level 17. In other words, the pet is useless. The boon companion just says it adds +4 levels to the pet up to a max of character level. It does not say, nor does it function such that the pet stays with character level. Is there some other mechanic I am missing?

I really want to do a pet heavy party, but unless the pet is part of the main class, it does not seem like you will keep it to being character level.

  1. Phantasmal killer / weird spell: I just can’t get this to work for me. Nenio has all the feats regarding the illusion tree, although I did not take mythic stuff to boost it. I think out of 20 casts of phantasmal killer, which has TWO saves to actually work, only one time did it land and kill something. With the weird spell which is just and AoE phantasmal killer, of DC of 32, out of 10 casts on large groups of mobs, it only ever killed 3 things, all of the trash mobs that I didn’t care about.

Pathfinder is not a game that appreciates dipping into multiple classes unless you are looking for something specific.

The Boon Companion won’t work with Ashur’s because her Subclass doesn’t come with an animal companion, so, you are left with a 5th level animal companion.

Yes, thats what I figured. I had originally asked about having a pet party and someone suggested that all I needed to do was to get a class with a pet, like Druid, and then take boon companion, and I would be good to go. So I can’t do this mega pet build unless I use the pathfinder guy to get custom NPCs who have pets as part of their classes.

That leaves, IIRC Solisil, Seelah, and Daeren as people who can have leveled up pets. Id love to have Lann, Nenio, and Woljif with leveled up pets too, but that doesn’t seem possible.

You do get all of them before level 4, so you take all of them, and just switch their classes for the rest of the game.
You could switch Woljif to a Mounted Magus, Lann to a druid, Inquisitor, Cleric, or Warpriest, and Nenio could also switch to a Mounted Magnus.

But you would be doing it for the next 16 levels.

Here is a Lann Pet build using a Cleric.

I want to keep Lann as an archer. I could just try and do him as a ranger, but I can’t really re-do his stats. Its no big deal, I am not hellbent on a party of all pets. I am going to wait for some DLC or something too before I try all this out.

Maybe the Hunter Class?

That could work. It seems like hunters are almost the same as rangers only they are spontaneous casters and can get up to 6 level spells rather than 4th limited to by rangers. So that is 4 of 6 party members with pets (main will be azata demon hunter (ranger subclass). I guess that is good enough. I want to keep woljif as he is mostly because he is my thief, sneak attacker, trap and locked chests guy. Nenio main nuker, MAYBE ill give her another go as an illusionist proper although Id rather turn her into an evoker, but she is locked in to her class choice, although I could replace her with something else, I am not sure who though. It might be interesting to do a mostly martial play through where as any magic is mostly healing or buffs.

I’ve somehow had success with no main intelligence caster. Myself as bloodrager, Wenduag as archer, Sosiel as tank, Woljiff has damage dealer and support caster, Greybor has pure damage dealer, and then there is Daeran as my primary healer and buffer. However, maybe starting at level 12 or so, Daeran started accumulating those specialty accessories that give spontaneous casters high level spells. He’s wearing ice ring, fire ring, and the lightning gauntlets you get in the Steampunk Dungeon. Then I started picking up his spell resistance feats and focused on electricity which helps him bypass the resistance for that - and he’s turned into a fairly talented mage when he isn’t required to heal. Can throw out level 8 and 9 elemental spells and do decent damage through level 18 so far.

Daerun and Wenduag are my other people who hang back while the other 4 wail on the monsters with a load of cooperation feats. Wenduag, Woljiff and Greybor all have sneak attacks. Only 1 pet (Wenduag), because I don’t like managing a small army through tight corridors. The only member of my team who can’t lay out decent damage is Sosiel, but he’s a walking boulder. I could probably toss him honestly at this point, because my main bloodrager can tank reasonably well with his demon abilities, and Woljiff/Greybor have some survivability while buffed out the wazoo.

What difficulty?