Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

If anyone is interested in picking up The Last Sarkorians, it’s 15% off just that DLC (not the Season 2 Pass) at GMG for Steam version.

I’m waiting until much later to return to WotR and likely the entire Pass will be discounted by then.

This game. This game.

Last night I finished out the Ivory Sanctum. My gameplay went:

  • Fight giant pile of monsters on a bridge. Reload reload reload yay!
  • Open door. Fight main baddie with front giant summons. Do OK.
  • Main baddie turns into swarms. Reload.
  • Fight main baddie with frost giant summons. Fight off swarms. Main baddie gets a HP reset. Reload.
  • Finish main baddie. Yay! Huge achievement.
  • Level up and leave area to teleport to main city. Map loads and city is attacked by three armies without any pause. Defeated, so can’t fast travel.
  • Travel along the road. Barely move before someone on road dumps me into area. Attacked by giant pile of Drows after character betrays me. Reload. Win.
  • Get to city. Realize level 8 army barrelling towards me and don’t have time to rebuild.
  • Toybox no longer working because of patch on same day. Can’t put in a cheat.
  • Download new version (thanks @Balasarius !) Make it so that new unit stacks are 50 instead of 7.
  • Save and turn off game at 1:30 am. Wondering WTF I am doing.

The difficulty of the Sanctum itself was high, so finishing like that was just a massive amount of frustration. It’s like the game is actively trying to stop me from enjoying it, but it is completely failing because I totally love it! Aaargh.

Sitting at work today and my mind was ginning up a chaotic good human named Tom Bombadil who would go base Shifter and Azata mythic. Because I really need to start all over again for the 20th time, right?

Puzzle Skip remains broken, so I’m safe for now.

Oh shit, Puzzle Skip is fixed.

Realized I’ve only beaten this game as a Legend, Angel and Aeon despite over 600 hours in it, and still want to see the Demon and Azata paths at the very least. Especially teh first one, since I’ve never played an evil build very far into the game. I think a Shapeshifter/Azata would be fun and I’m thinking Rowdy rogue/Vivi with Demon.

If puzzle skip does what it says on the tin I will be very very happy

This shifter cheese is so OP it probably wouldn’t be fun.

The moment you’re combing through your save games and find a lvl 14 ranger deep in Act 4 you created a year ago who’s spec’d really well (compared to that 14 Cavalier of the Paw just months earlier saddled with terrible feat choices).

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I’m currently running a axe n board ranger in act IV. The cheese is about the same as the shifter build above. Bashing finish gives a shield bash when you crit. Between improved improved critical improved with grave singer and many ways to get OoO stuff is blowing apart pretty fast. I didn’t realize some of these things are supposed to be bosses when they gib in the first round.

Oh and I dearly love puzzle skip 🤣

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Sure, but you have to go Swarm.

Started yet another new game this past weekend with a STR-based female skald who’s going to go Azata just because it feels thematic more than the min/max potential of the build. Enjoying it quite a bit, the skald class seems really powerful and is a great support addition to the party. Despite 620 hours with the game, I’ve never played with one in the party, I tend to bounce off of bard/skald type builds for whatever reason. And I avoided 2-handed reach weapons for instead dual-wielding kukris, with lots of displacement/blur type spells to keep her on her feet during tougher fights.

Skalds are neat. But I’m still not sold on using a primarily buffing class for my MC.

One time I made Ember a skald wielding an elven curved blade for the crit range. It was interesting.

I think that’s why I went the front-line dual-wield route instead of a safer reach weapon approach, to make her more directly involved in combat instead of reach or ranged. And kukris because of their starting crit range (and the fact I’ve never used them).

New, short, survey out about the romances in the game, for anyone interested who might miss it:

I think I’m overall ambivalent about the romances in the game. They needed to have about twice as many stepping points to fill out in a way that would be truly satisfying as a story within the game narrative.

I agree although some of that was that none of the romance options seemed to be compelling as romances even if I liked some of their story arcs.

So I rolled a Sorcerer (duh), but a Sage Sorcerer so I use Intelligence instead of Charisma. My background is pickpocket so I also got them mad thief skills. I played through Act 1 entirely in RTwP just as the default, except one fight, and still the hardest fight in the game so far by a long shot. Made me switch to turn-base just to fully explore the total bullshit.

Gray Garrison:

That stupid meeting room on the second floor full of fiends and the guy with the key you need that spawns locust swarms. The fight IS basically impossible using RTwP. And when I said impossible I really meant fucking impossible. I beat it first try turn-based but it was still way harder than anything I’ve encountered so far.

Might stick with turn-based now but boy does it make some simple fights last 10x as long. The Inn fight was really long in real-time. I can’t imagine how long it would take turn-based.

Woo, first time? AWESOME. Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be happy to help. I sent you a Steam friend request, too.

Are you going Lich? You should probably go Lich as a sorcerer.

As for RTwP vs. Turn Based, it’s all about the difficulty of the encounter. And the difficulty can vary wildly based on the game difficulty setting and your party builds. But difficult encounters, like the one you mention in the GG, will almost always require turn based. You definitely want to kill the miniboss before she can summon the swarms (or before they get to move), because they’re gonna kick your ass bad.

I’m going to guess that you didn’t have the permanent Haste buff you can get in the GG, or the Inquisitors to help with the miniboss fight.

I feel I’m very much an outlier when it comes to the use of TB in WotR: I use it all the time. Yes, it makes everything much longer, but I think I’ve been converted from preferring RtwP since it was an option way back in the day to enjoying the ability to watch everything unfold through TB combat. In parties that can be spread out, I find I miss too much action when I’m in RtwP.

Also remember that, for no penalty, you can reduce difficulty at any time if you’re getting frustrated with a battle. Unless it affects an achievement, of course.