Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

So I snagged this today and spent an hour building an elf archer with an elk companion, and so far I am having a fantastic time. I’m playing on baby/story mode and so far it’s just been a blast.

So I went to Iz to rescue Queen Galfrey only to see her die. My kineticist is an aeon so I didn’t see a clear way in the dialogue choices of saving her. I took out the demons around her and after the fight she spoke a few lines and gave up the ghost. I’m curious if this is hard coded or if other builds have ways of saving her since I swear I’ve seen a few late-game videos of her being a romance option.

Did you give her the Lexicon of Paradox in chapter 3?

Did you go to her first instead of the Sword of Valor?

Yes and no. So those were the determining factors? I’ll have to keep that in mind for whatever toon I next get that far into the game.

I’m pretty sure those are the only ones but I also vaguely recall some Irabeth flags tying in with Galfrey…

I’m at the same point as you and I’m also Aeon. As an Aeon, for the lulz, you can reverse Galfrey’s youth preservation and turn her into a crone. I wonder if that breaks the romance? Hehe.

Damn, that makes me want to reload an old save and replay that entire area.

I could spoil it for you if you like. ;)

That is awesome.

Just finished the Aeon ending, and, wow, completely different. New portraits, new voice lines, really cool stuff. I had to take lot of screenshots of the ending slides.

@John_Reynolds have you finished the game before? Finishing as Aeon on your first playthrough is bit like, I don’t know, playing Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines as a Malkavian. The experience is completely different.

Nope, my aeon kineticist is my highest level at 18th, and my only toon to make it to Act 5 so far.

I don’t mind, but I really do want to play a paladin with angel mythic, though my next highest is my Cavalier of the Paw azata build. My very first build is a martyr paladin, aasimar, who’s only 4th level, not sure why I got bored with him so early on, but if memory serves I bounced off him to a gendarme build that has the whole crusade system disabled (which I came to view as a mistake). I also have a evil bloodrager who went demon, and a rowdy rogue build for trickster.

Balasarius’ tips and tricks after 730 hours and six playthroughs.

  • Figure out who your buffers are and give them Enduring Spells and Greater Enduring spells as their M1 and M2 abilities. Yes, there are plenty of other juicy abilities, but nothing compares to the QoL of having 24 hour buffs. I use Nenio, Daeran, and Woljif (as a vivisectionist) for buffing. If you roll with Sosiel you could probably have him buff in lieu of Daeran. Ember is not really a buffer. Camellia probably is (if you can put up with her).

  • Now that you have those sweet 24H buffs, start using them. Barkskin is always better than whatever Amulet of Natural Armor you have at the time and frees up a neck slot for the handful of classes that benefit from something else in their neck. Similarly, Shield of Faith is always better than whatever Ring of Protection you have access to and frees up a ring slot. Blur and Magical Vestment (Armor + Shield!) are a must for all melee, including pets. Greater Magic Weapon makes it so you no longer care about the + enhancement on a weapon, only its additional effects. Crusader’s Edge is fantastic. (You can cast Crusader’s Edge on Unarmed monks, but not GMW.)

  • Bubbles Ultimate Buff Bot Lite Extra Simple (BUBBLES) is an incredible and game-changing mod. It’s so good I bet Owlcat implements something like it in their next game.

  • At the end of Regil’s Chapter 3 quest in the Hellknight Outpost, the demon will offer you a reward if you agree to let them go. Take it. Regil will bitch, but it gets you a ring that makes you immune to mind-affecting conditions and you will use it for the rest of the game.

  • Daeran gains some spells automatically as part of his Oracle Life Mystery. Look at his character sheet to see what they are and make sure you don’t select those on level-up. Because as much as the Wrath UI has improved over Kingmaker, unfortunately it will still let you select spells on level-up that you’re going to be getting automatically. Daeran gets Mass Heal through his Mystery as a level 8 spell, and can then select it again as a level 9 for a total of around 20 Mass Heals. Absolutely OP. Similar to Daeran, Ember gains a few spells from her Curse. (I’m pretty sure every type of spontaneous caster gains some subset of spells automatically. Figure out what they are and don’t select them on level-up.)

  • While there are a ton of build guides out there, here are a few simple ones that are really good. Woljif makes a far better Vivisectionist than Eldritch Scoundrel. You’ll want to go 4 ES / 16 Vivi. With Medical Discovery Infusion he can apply normally personal-only buffs to other characters, like Shield and Transformation. He comes with Finesse Training (Dagger) which means he adds his Dex bonus to dagger damage… Nonetheless, give him Martial Weapon Prof and and all the kukri feats. There’s a kukri in Areelu’s Lab that adds every type of elemental damage. Then give Woljif the Mythic Feat Elemental Barrage and he will absolutely wreck shit. Unless you plan on giving the kukri to your MC, of course.

  • Lann as a level 3 Zen Archer can use Wisdom in lieu of Dex for ranged attacks, so level up his Wisdom and ignore his Dex. I like making Lann a 3 Zen Archer / 1 Rowdy / 16 Divine Hunter with a monitor pet. Rowdy for the sneak attack and Vital Strike, and of course the pet from the Hunter is great. If you take Lann to level 5 Zen Archer, he gets Ki Arrows so his ranged damage becomes his unarmed strike damage. So if you decide to do this, it’s slightly better to have him use shortbows instead of longbows. The damage will be the same, there are some sweet shortbows in the game, and this will save the good longbows for Arueshalae.

  • Enemies who haven’t moved yet are considered flat footed and are easier to hit. And can also be sneak attacked. Consider having your ranged characters prioritize these enemies. This is why I give all my ranged chars 1 Rowdy plus the sneak attack feat and mythic feat. And if it’s a surprise round have them use Vital Strike.

  • ToyBox is another must-have mod. I recommend enabling Take 10 Out of Combat (Minimum) as it will save you from save-scumming. Also Can Move Through Party will make charging work better and will prevent your characters from provoking multiple attacks of opportunity during RTwP.

  • If your alignment is somewhere near Lawful Good, I recommend choosing Iomadae as your god. If you call on her at the end of Chapter 3, she gives a great buff that last an hour – 24 hours on those with Greater Enduring Spells! Since the Hand of the Inheritor can rest you without passing time, this will allow you to clear a good chunk of the Abyss with the buff up. (Note that you’ll still need to rest eventually to trigger companion quests.)

So I just killed Mephistophiles and he gave a whopping 1.8m XP points, rounded up slightly. And he dropped in a single round, he never had a chance to act. Crazy.

Did you take him up on his offer for the achievement?

Is the Kukri really so go that you give up all the bonus damage that comes with Reduce, cat’s grace or whatever other bonuses to dexterity you can layer on him?

No, that didn’t gel with the arc I have in my head for that toon. And I pay 0 attention to achievements.

Deadly Earth needs to be nerfed (but only after I beat the game with my kineticist). I know the whole idea of kineticists is that they’re the ultimate glass cannon, one shot per round and if you miss you miss. But for someone wanting to play on unfair, having 3-4 of these guys in your party would cheese the game pretty hard. Especially if you know the maps well and remember enemy locations. Drop 3-4 of these, throw up fiery walls, and I doubt anything could reach your party alive.

The kukri is a light weapon so you don’t lose that. You do need to take Mythic Weapon Finesse to add Dex to damage for the kukri. The Finesse Training (Dagger) is wasted, but it’s worth it.

Mortismal made a video on that very thing!

Heh, it was one of his videos that got me to me a elemental engine kineticist after it explained the class mechanics to me.

Only a few Act 5 quests left to do, at least ones I feel like doing, and there isn’t a single demon army left on the map. It got to where my level 20 mage general commanding my rank 12 army could annihilate any army facing it in two rounds. Hopefully the invasions stop so I can wrap things up in peace 'n quiet.

I am at it! Typical. I rereoll alla time to optimize but hey thats an rpg.