Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I wish I didn’t know that Owlcat is a Russian developer because this used to be on my wishlist.

There are some great dialogue choices with a charisma build. I went with the Azata mythic path and got a dragon pet with some decent melee chops. They join in the conversations too. Lots of summoning options too. Keeps the build interesting throughout.

Im playing the new through the ashes dlc and really liking how differently it plays. You are limited on where you can rest, and after you start saving people, if you choose too, there are consequences for resting to often. So finding a wand of healing, is kind of a big deal. I normaly horde, and forget about consumables.

A warning tho, at some people you can recruit 3 companions, either you pick them yourself, or let the guy pick for you. When I took the pregenarated ones, the cleric was bugged, and couldnt take any actions, including heal. Saw some other people with the same problem. So I had to reload and roll my own.

There are also 2 voiced companions so far [spoiler] One you get right away, is a rogue, the second about an hour or so in, is a sorcerer. [/spoiler]
You cant miss them, just mentioning it to help pre plan a party.

I’ve been meaning to play this since it came out, but have been distracted by various other things. Just when I’m about to dive back in (I think I finished the tutorial last time?), I read that an “enhanced edition” is on its way.

Is this version particularly janky, ie waiting for that enhanced edition would be advisable?
From what I can tell the enhanced edition is coming in the fall - Though its also possible that this “enhanced” edition is pretty much a marketing term and will be pretty identical to the original edition + 6 month worth of patches?

Personally, I am waiting for the controller support, which I suspect will be arriving around the time it launches on consoles.

The game is already pretty good - while there are issues, its pretty much impossible not to have issues in games this complex, its very playable from start to end.

Ok, thanks! will give it a go then.

Yeah, WotR is great right now. They’ve added a few more glitches with the latest patch (I have loading screens that show a blank white picture, for instance) but it’s a solid game with lots of replayability. I’ve not read anything about an enhanced edition, but their intent seems to be to support the game for a while.

Not really. And the enhanced edition is going to be like… a while out.

It’s almost universally fine at this point and if you’re bothered by things not working like they “should” there are mods that can fix those.

All that said, a DLC did just drop and often big patches/DLCs break some stuff for a little while.

As much as I loved the two Pillars games, I think WotR is the best isometric, party-based RPG since Baldur’s Gate 2.

I agree.

But I also said that of Kingmaker once it was all said and done.

I almost agree. I do love WotR quite a lot, but honestly Pillars 2 is still my go to. I’m constantly tempted to play it again despite having done so three times now. The only reason I haven’t is I’m saving my next play through to try out on the Steam Deck, hopefully next year. I just really like how Pillars 2 looks and plays, how it feels and how the mechanics, classes, and story plays out in a big way - it super gels with me, all of it, though I know I’m somewhat unique in that.

Only three times? Pfft, pleb. :)

Pillars2 and the first Dragon Age would probably also make my top 3 post-BG2 list.

Holy crap is the newest DLC not fun.

What’s the worst thing in Pathfinder? Playing level 1.

Let’s make a whole adventure where you’re basically level 1. But also you have no gear, so it’s like level one only fucking worse in every way.

I just want to get through it so it can connect with the main game or whatever, but I’m about to give up on that.

There are some neat ideas in it, but “you don’t even have fucking weapons or armor” is not one of them. They took the worst part of D&D games, a part that is almost universally skipped in the first 5 minutes, and extended it over hours.

I enjoyed the new DLC. It does cap at level 5, and there are definitely builds that are very hard to play no gear lvl 1. I just played a monk.

Kineticist is also a good build if you’re gear starved.

This is a huge thread, so please forgive my search skills for failing me. I’m about to take a 17 hour flight and I’m going to spend a bunch of it playing this game. What are the “don’t miss” mods to set my game up with?

Toybox - Toy Box at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community

Bubble Buffs - Bubbles Ultimate Buff Bot Lite Extra Simple (BUBBLES) at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community

Bubble Tweaks - BubbleTweak at Pathfinder: Wrath of The Righteous Nexus - Mods and community

And of course, UMM - Unity Mod Manager at Modding Tools - Nexus Mods

Thank you very much. I’ll post from 38,000 ft and let you know how it goes.

Game 14 done. I did it on Hard mode. And it was hard. I had a build in mind of a gnomish, DEX-based duelist wielding a dueling sword. Which is a terrible idea for hard mode. DEX builds are inferior to straight-up STR builds with the power attack → improved cleaving finish feat path.

I made up for it by going Trickster and switching to Legend to keep all the cool Trickster feats. The game was pretty hard at the lower levels, as expected, especially the swarms. I used Ember with Ascendent Element (Fire) at M1 to handle them with Scorching Ray and a Wand of Molten Orb.

The difficulty finally started easing up around level 13 just before M4, and got pretty easy after that. It was still hard, but by paying attention and focusing on core strategies it was manageable. I one-shot the Pathetic Quasit and the Abyssal Conspiracy. Playful Darkness took 4-5 tries.

Threshold wasn’t bad, though the Desolating Gallu Stormcallers were worse than the Vavakias, as they could get off three spells a round including a Tsunami. Khorramzadeh went down in one round. The allies who turn up to help on Legend provided a useful distraction.

It was all pretty great until Areelu, who turned out to be quite difficult. Especially on Legend, as you have to fight her with the Shadow, who buffs Areelu with a Mythic song that heals ~25 health every time she makes a save. Which is always. With her high native resists, blasting her with an Empowered Hellfire Ray would… just heal her. I even had to turn off melee abilities like Blinding Critical. Anything that could be saved against I couldn’t use. Eventually, several rounds after the Shadow dies, the song will fall off. And magic missile doesn’t get a save so MM actually contributed a lot of my damage to her.

Now for game 15? Probably going with a palette-cleansing STR build this time. But then, I’ve never played a rogue…

Oh, but I need to (finally) finish the Inevitable Excess first, as it confers a significant bonus in the base game!

When you like a game…you reeeeeally like it!