Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Y’all are so build crazy, I’m wondering if different builds actually mean much in a party-based game? I mean, I usually make my party balanced with a mix of what I need so any given party is very similar to any other party. While the individual character plays differently, the overall gameplay remains much the same, if that makes sense.

I tend to mix up character design and progression as much as I can so that it feels different, but it probably doesn’t amount to much functionally.



I mean, ahem, yeah whatever.

Recap of today’s reddit AMA:

What we learned from the AMA

  • Owlcat is aware of the issues armor users (especialy heavy) are facing and they have plans for mythic abilities regarding thoses.
  • It is hinted that we could have some new mythic abilities on the horizon. No set dates.
  • No plans for expansions yet.
  • It is highly unlikely we will get another mythic Path in the future.
  • New classes in the game is a possibility but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • Buffing Macros are not planned for EE, or in general, as Owlcat believe it to be a part of the experience.
  • Ratfolks may comes into the game in the future.
  • Most Mythic Paths received some updates in EE (Dialogues, epilogues) including (but not limited to) Swarm, Devil, Azata. Legend got a whole new quest.
  • It is unlikely we will get new ending slides for DLC 1&2.
  • The Season Pass 2 DLCs will include the following of DLC 2 (Through the Ashes), new content for the Commander and something yet to be revealed.
  • Owlcat is trying to think of a solution to the huge amount of gold you can reah endgame.
  • No new portraits planned for the game.
  • Owlcat announced that the game wasn’t balanced around the possibility of Soloing, and thus no effort would be done in balancing the game for that.
  • No buffing of the weaker Mythic Path planned.
  • No additional content for Arue Romance planned.
  • No Romance planned for Regill of Nenio.
  • Initially there were 14 Mythic Paths. Phoenix, Neutral Nature and Super Golem didn’t make the cut.
  • No informations on a future Pathfinder game yet. be it 1st or 2nd edition is yet to be determined. Owlcat is focusing on what’s on their plate for now (Rogue Trader, Season Pass 2 for WotR).
  • Console version should be better optimized than Kingmaker. But Owlcat says that porting this type of game is difficult and stuff may happens. They are ready to monitor and act quickly if necessary.
  • No official Woljif romance planned, you can instead use a mod for that.
  • Owlcat is considering adding Mythic Options for Poison, like Ascended Element or something the like.
  • One of the Mythic Path got a new secret boss (but we don’t know which one).
  • EE adds no spells or abilities. It’s focused around UI QoL features and story elements.
  • Blood Kineticist is being fixed but encountering some technical difficulties.
  • There may be a Director’s Cut or a Definitive Edition in the future, but nothing set in stone yet.
  • The EE allows to recolor armor and change the appearance of it.
  • No mods will be available on console at release. Maybe in the future.
  • Shake it Off and Greater invisibility are currently bugged, Owlcat is working on it.
  • No full voice acting planned, it is too expensive.
  • There may be some changes in the DC of unmerged spellbooks in the future, but nothing promised yet.
  • The next DLCs may have new romances.
  • Previous saves will be compatible with EE.
  • It is not planned to have other Mythic Paths than Angel and Lich, have merged spellbooks.
  • No plans for revamps on the Late Mythic Paths (as in changes to the acquisition of Mythic Ranks, mythic progression etc.).
  • Owlcat would like to rework a bit the Mythic Path special units.
  • Gamepad support is coming in EE.
  • We may have an expanded Ncticula Romance one day.
  • No Co-op mode planned.
  • The Green Faith will be added in Season Pass 2, other faiths may be added if necessary.


I’m very much looking forward to starting a new game once the EE launches. Or at least after another minor patch or two…

That summary sucks because he didn’t include Owlcat’s answer to my question!

I asked them to lower the weight of goggles and they said they’d look into it. :)

I’ve been thinking of how to spec my companions when starting a new game tomorrow. Here’s what I’ve come up with - trying to find something viable while still fitting the character’s backstory.

Companions I’ll just continue with their starting class: Seelah, Camelia, Daeran, Sosiel, Arueshalae, Greybor.
They are either casters where I want full spell progression or they seem to fit their starting class well.

The rest:

  • Wenduag: Fighter 9 / Rowdy 11.
    She seems to be a good fit for sneak attacks and has high dex already.
  • Lann: Zen Archer 4 / Divine Hound 16.
    Zen Archer is a bit front heavy, and I’d like to try him with a pet.
  • Ember: Stigmatized Witch 10 / Loremaster 10
    I’d love her to get some spells from other spellbooks.
  • Nenio: Scroll Savant 10 / Loremaster 10.
    Fits her character and not much in scroll savant after 10 anyway.
  • Woljif: Eldritch Scoundrel 10 / Eldritch Knight 10.
    Continue the spell progression, but with fighter feats and higher attack bonus.
  • Regill: Armiger 10 / Hellknight 10.
    Getting to max hellknight seems like what he wants to do :)

Anyone got any better suggestions or spotted something that’s ill advised?
Last time I made Wenduag an Assassin which was … eh… less than ideal.

Zen Archer 4 gets you nothing but +1 AB and a Ki power you’ll probably never use. I’d take one level of Fighter or Rowdy instead.

Loremasters lose steam fast. You can only take each secret once. There’s Combat Feat, Rogue Secret, and Wizard Feat, then Cleric Spell, Druid Spell, and Wizard Spell, and finally Fort, Reflex, and Will secrets which you probably won’t be taking. I usually only take 5 levels of Loremaster, because after 3 secrets I can usually get more bang back in the base class. Nenio finally gets a wizard bonus feat at level 15. I think Ember has to be a level 15 Stigmatized Witch to get Hellfire Ray at level 15, but you could certainly just give her the Salamander ring instead.

I admit I do get sick of picking useless hexes, spells, or exploits after I’ve already picked all the good ones. That applies to witches, bloodragers, arcanists, etc. Feels bad.

Hellknights kinda suck. I usually make him a Primalist. Pounce is OP.

Good point. I have a strange aversion from using more than two classes, but it’s probably better spent as Divine Hound :)

Yep, that’s what I found last time (where I stopped in act 4 at lvl 16). I guess I’ll play it by ear and take as many Loremaster levels as I feel like when I get there.

Oh, I agree. But Regill feels like an iconic Hellknight so he’ll just have to suffer for it :)

Console and EE launches today!

Console version came out last night, and in true Owlcat fashion it included the new Shifter class. They quickly patched it back out.

LOL Booooo. Wonder if the shifter class will be part of DLC? Once Steam patches the game I might have to put some of my current builds on hold, go play something else for a few weeks to let them patch it up. Which we all know is going to be needed.

Yes, the Shifter class is strongly rumored to be part of a new DLC with a new NPC.

Patch notes -

Is this the transmog system that was alluded to?

EE patch is on Steam now, 17GB.

Edit: didn’t see Balasarius’ post.

My DLC3 save isn’t loading and I was very much NOT running mods that modify your save… Hrm.

Ugh, not good.

I played for about 40 minutes and no crashes. Got a Mystic Theurge build for a pure dmg spellcaster using ascendant element for fire.

So somewhere along the line I looted a bugged robe. It had no name and no description, so I pretty much ignored it.

That was the culprit. EE didn’t like it. Had to use the save game editor and remove it from the Chest vendor.

Now that controller support has been added to the game, is this properly playable on a couch / TV setup? Seems to me some of the fonts might be too small.

Because Owlcat hates me having time to play other games, I can say it works great on the Steam Deck.



Seriously one of the best QoL things there is.