Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Awwww, that sucks.

I’ve been messing with a grenadier/underground chemist Legendary build, just got him to Act 3, when I realized the class is very unfun to play, my party contribution is a few spell buffs and maybe 2 bombs per round that do shitty dmg. So I respec’d him to Knife Master, 1 level of vivisectionist for the mutagen, and renamed him Fafhred the Mouse. 20 levels in both should bring the stealth dmg pain with dual daggers quite nicely.

The Last Sarkorians DLC launches March 7.


The new Shifter class is obviously the hook here for buying the DLC.

I hope it has good updates because it was panned when it first came out.

TLDW: Shifter bonuses will be inherent bonuses so they stack meaning the class might not be the worst class in the entire game (which it assuredly was in TT). Also the archetypes all seem potentially pretty good. Also, also general Shifter info.

Fiendish Shifter + Demon mythic path could be a great combo.

It does look very powerful. The downside is, at least through maybe the first playthough with the DLC, you’re gonna want to play a shifter, then maybe romance the guy so you’ll need to keep him in your party all the time for all the romance counters, which means you’ll have a (probably) sub-optimal party with two shifters.

Oh well.

I’ll happily let him do the Shifter things the first time around.

That way if it doesn’t work for me, I can just bench him.

I found this.

Tried holding out until the Shifter class DLC, but created a chaotic evil half-orc Rowdy Rogue/Vivisectionist last night who’s going full Cleave feat line with a glaive, gave him 20 STR at level 1. Have yet to mess with the Demon mythic path so that’s a no-brainer.

I’m still playing lots of Midnight Isles. I had a fun bug recently where my Druid ended up having like 28 bite attacks per turn. It looked like a Hungry Hungry Hippo going crazy every time he attacked.

Finally got my first crash after about 5 hours with Guthwulf, a lot more stable than it’s been in months.

Upgraded my system from 16 to 32GB of memory, hoping maybe that would help with this game’s crashes. One crash in 6 hours prior with my latest build, noticed there’s a Rogue Trader pop-up on launching the game this morning after upgrading, 2 crashes within 20 minutes already.

I found this.

Primal Druid up to about 45 bite attacks. Over 60 when hasted.

??? How?

No idea. Just seems to be a bug, but it’s happened twice now with a Primal Druid in Midnight Isle runs with the Tailwind of the Hunt.

Big ole giant patch today seems to have a ton of fixes.

I picked up this game with the Humble Bundle and have played it day and night for a week straight.

I absolutely love it. Unfortunately, the crusade mode was totally opaque to me, and I ended up in Chapter 3 with one level 5 army and 3 level 7 armies about to attack the main city.

It wanted to switch me to auto crusade mode, but I read that this opens up stuff too slowly and takes away fast travel. Hogwash! I installed toybox, gave myself a bunch of money and picked up enough mercenaries to increase to level 6.

Hopefully I didn’t jack up my game. Who knows what this patch is going to do.

Edit: Awesome. The spell, ability and use item tabs don’t open for any characters. I loaded a save before I toyboxed and that one didn’t work either. Probably will try to uninstall unity mod manager and see if that fixes. Ugh.

Edit edit: Uninstalling the mod manager fixed, yay! I sure do hope my save file isn’t jacked up. Seems to be OK now. All I did with toybox was give more money and I might have toggled on the same sex romance option. That’s it!

Yeah, not recommended.

Discord is talking about Toybox being jacked by DLC4.

It wasn’t MM, it was Toybox. It’s wildly popular, and most people consider it a must to play the game, so I’m sure it will get fixed very soon. Adding gold and crusade money is very benign, you won’t have broken anything. The romance toggle is only in effect with Toybox running. These are the settings I usually run with Toybox -

Love is Free
Enable Teleport
Relic Info
Allow Achievements
Object Highlight Toggle Mode
Respec Refunds Scrolls
Take 10 Out of Combat (Minimum) - Party
Level Up → Party Level Cap 24 (exponential growth)
Settings → Display guids OFF

Good to hear. Thanks for the reassurance.

So I guess the uninstaller for mod manager disabled / removed toybox and hopefully I’m golden.

I’m right at the walking swarm quest so will be curious to see how they have improved the visuals on that one. Off to play!