Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I don’t think I am wrong at all about the witch, who has healing spells and hexes and her spell list just isn’t as good as a proper wizard/sorcerer. Like no fireball bro!

I have no idea what you are going on about.

Parse this? Or I guess you can just make stuff up to construct an argument that never existed in the first place.

This is why I made Ember take levels in Loremaster as soon as possible.

Ember is designed to get fireball, scorching ray, etc from an easily attainable item prior to her slumber hex losing usefulness.

The Red Salamander Ring. The level 2 fire spells like Scorching ray is included in the Witch spell list.

So I dumped Ember as soon as I could get a full party of “worthy” candidates.

This turned out to be similar to Kingmaker. A bunch of companions I don’t really care about so I choose them based on how useful they are.

I’ve settled my party on the reformed demon urban ranger, the hitman, the paladin from the hood, the tiefling thief, and the apathetic royale decadents douchebag. He has the best heals.

Lann is incredibly bland so I replaced him with at least better eye candy. The Cleric is soooo terribly boring. At least the royale douche has a more interesting backstory. I also have one rule: No fucking furries.

Fuck Playful Darkness.

Also maybe I am wrong (since I immediately stopped playing) but it feels shitty to cast me into an unsafe area after I just cleared an entire dungeon and boss fight. Multiple dudes at death’s door, I’ve got heavy bags, gotta sell crap, wanna do the town crawl shit…

Annnnd…it’s safe now.

Yes, I’m still using that ring on Ember at lvl 20 (along with the similar Stormlord’s Resolve and fire damage boosting items like Ring of Pyromania and Mallander’s Insult.).

I meant using Loremaster to improve the Witch spell list with spells like Haste and Sirocco.

Yeah, that is definitely meta-game stuff though.

As a sorcerer I could plan ahead and neglect to take fire spells and lightning spells + my free bloodline spells but…that requires in-game knowledge so I didn’t do that. (Barring the bloodline spells since I can actually see that ahead of time)

So I guess if you’re reading this you can avoid taking fire and lightning spells because items can convey that to you as a spontaneous caster…

Not that fire and lightning damage is good. It’s actually kinda bad vs the demon focused bestiary of the game. (as in demons tend to have totally immunity to BOTH fire and lightning. These two specific elements specifically.)

It’s just mythic feat tax to remove type immunity assuming you actually desire to use damaging spells vs the optimal pet/attack of opportunity party.

Yes, but one thing is I don’t give a shit about min/maxed optimal play (in fact I kinda hate it and want to avoid it…cool, your 200 DPS beholder mount is indeed impressive, I couldn’t care less!), and I DO want to explore the game’s spell mechanic space. As long as most things remain viable I’m right as rain.

I didn’t really plan ahead for this either. I bought the Red Salamander Ring so early that I hadn’t had a chance to take many fire spells with Ember yet. And I generally don’t like lightning spells, so I had taken few if any of them when I got Stormlord’s Resolve (which was obviously added by Owlcat to make a certain section of the game easier).

Once I got Ember to a level where I found out that Haste was missing in her spell list, I immediately started pivoting to Loremaster as Haste has been a mainstay of my mage builds for D&D games since forever.

One of my favorited parts of Owlcat’s Pathfinder games is finding/buying items with special abilities and then spend time figuring out which character/build can take the best advantage of them.

The chapter 4 city is annoying to navigate. Is there an actual shifting path to some of the rooftops or just dimension door for the win?

You need to use dimension door to get to the rooftops. Try them all because there’s lots of hidden stuff and encounters up there.

Well I figured that out already. So the shifting stuff is mostly a gimmick…What a bizarre choice. My camera orientation, which is just part of the games controls, nothing to do with my characters skills, alters the game world.

I see this is where one of the DLCs come in. The portal teleport map is also odd. This is basically them knowing navigation might be a problem and made a separate system for it…

They wanted to show that the abyss was chaotic, and moving buildings (and islands) was what they went with. I don’t mind it. Any annoyances I find with the shifting is more than made up for with the huge loot upgrades and kicking demon ass on their home turf.

It’s been very buggy throughout Wrath’s lifecycle but it’s mostly fixed now. Just don’t try to use turn-based combat outside of Shamira’s Harem.

Say what? I’ve already used turn-based combat outside of Shamira’s Harem.

Did you have to move? It may also depend on where the island was when you started the combat. If it’s in the “wrong” position, everyone runs far, far away to reach the enemy standing near them.

I wouldn’t worry. I only ever used TB in WotR and didn’t encounter any troubles. But I also never allowed the AI to control anything. I gave all commands at all times.

@Balasarius you might as well be speaking Greek. Your last couple posts don’t make any sense. Nonsense.

Also Act 4 is pissing me off. It has *no chill. I’d almost rather go back to having at least well defined time limits.

That is all.

P.S. Spoilerz
*They kidnapped my dragon and now I am obligated to wipe out the entire slave market. I still might want to purchase some items from the vendors there. I was gonna do that later but now the plot is forcing my hand out of the blue. Also I’m pissed that one of the slavers I bought slaves from to grant the slaves freedom is gone. I really wanted to return and kill that fat fuck! No joy. Navigating the city is still shit. I’m actually contemplating loading a previous save from 3+ hours ago to prep for this sudden random bullshit scenario. Taking on the entire slave market is a non-starter. I do feel like my game progress status is fucked and I now want to revert back hours of progress.
Not to mention this happened in the middle of the game spamming companion quests at me, which I didn’t even get to finish. That was all I was planning on doing. Just the companion quests.

P.P.S. I also hit a bug with toolbox I think where everything dies in 1 hit. So I inadvertently clear some fights. No joy. Probably more reason to just go back to the first save, which I think I still have before the entire session.

There’s no hurry in rescuing Aivu. I mean, the game implies there is, but you can take your time. Buy what you want and then kill all the vendors in the fleshmarket you can before rescuing Aivu. Sarzaksys is the final “boss” of the fleshmarket, just leave him up and you can kill him when rescuing Aivu. He’s one of the last things I do in the chapter because he’s no joke. I prefer to be level 17 and M6.

Never buy slaves in fleshmarket. Always kill the slaver. It’s a win-win.

E - today’s patch broke some mods. Here’s a preview version of Toybox that supposedly fixes the 1hp issue until they release a full version.

Yeah, I guess I’ll shitcanne my entire last 3 hour plus session because of that bug plus other shit.