Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I’m one of the very few that actually prefers RTwP. Turn-based just sucks the life out of me and feels like it kills the momentum of the game. I thought I’d have a snow day today to dig into this, but God pulled a fast one on me this morning. It didn’t snow overnight, as predicted, and it didn’t start until I was in the car and halfway to work. Oh well…

I have not tried RtwP, as I hated it with the original BG/Icewind Dale era games. Just too frantic and imprecise for me. OTOH, it is definitely true that turn-based combat can be slow, which isn’t an issue with set-piece fights but is with trash mobs and random encounters.

WotR is particularly bad with random encounters because travel on the node-based overworld map is tedious in the extreme. Move, move, camp. Move, move, random encounter. Move, move, camp. Move, oops, corruption, need to head back. But by then you are at the ass-end of nowhere and have to retrace your steps to a camp/base where you can remove abyssal ickiness. And you get to do this a million times.

Once I get a party to the point where most random encounters are trivial, I often use ToyBox to auto-kill the bad guys and be on my way. That doesn’t help with the sheer tedium of overland movement, or abyssal corruption, but I try not to abuse ToyBox too much so I endure it.

It doesn’t help either that sometimes you are told “go here,” but “here” is a vague direction and you wind up tromping back and forth trying to find the node connections on the map. I should just use a map I guess, but it’s kind of irksome.

And then of course there’s the “fun” of mass buffing everyone before any significant battle. I used to use a mod for that but I don’t know if it has been updated or is still supported.

Lest it seem like I dislike the game, I don’t. I really enjoy it, for the most part, and one day I want to actually finish it!

The node path based map is not my favorite. I probably will always prefer Fallout/Arcanum, where you simply travel to where you clicked in a straight line. No frills.

You do (just like Kingmaker) can eventually build teleport networks.

I agree with Roguefrog that WotR feels more like a sequel to BG1 and 2 than BG3 does except with the much improved D&D 3.5( or close enough) which is great as I love the originals so much.

Also love the fact that in WotR I can quickly jump in and out of turn-based seamlessly and in into RtwP for any trash mobs…

Well, D&D 3.0/3.5 is always my jam. Basically WotR turn-based combat isn’t that far from Trokia’s 2003 ToEE, but they’re separated by decades. It’s nuts.

There’s basically a period at beginnings of the 2000s to the Kickstarter era where we were without these CRPGs. I lived it. (actually I worked like a slave and had no life)

I wish they would incorporate some sort of auto buffing macro into the game itself so we don’t have to rely on add-ons. I really found the game on playable once people got high-level because of the need to cast so many buffs before each fight.

Yes, the buffing is insane. And the difficulty spikes massively in places, at least it has for me. My current part is around 10 and all the monsters I’m running into are 20-27 or thereabouts, and require a natural 20 to hit essentially.

The one place I had to leave and return to later was Blackwater.

There are ways around that insane over tuned shit, but yeah.

I once again put it aside, this time because it was making my 3070 shoot up to 80 or 90C, with the fans sounding like an airplane taking off. Nothing else makes it do that, so I wonder whether the game is just poorly optimized or what. But it was so bad it was actually slowing down movement, etc. and I don’t want to cook my GPU really.

So I went back to BG3 again. And while I like a lot of what Owlcat does, BG3 is so much slicker in every way. Not quite as crunchy or wild but hella more polished.


Are you playing at a resolution above 1920x1200? (or 1080p)? Could lower it down to that.

You could also try turning off some intensive graphical settings. I’d start with SSR and HBAO.

  1. I see no reason to not run at my monitor’s native resolution, as no other games do this, other than Owlcat and their inability to make Unity work efficiently. Though admittedly Rogue Trader was nowhere near as bad.

I really need to play this, because ToEE combat was amazing. The rest of the game was terrible, but that bit was perfect.

Although, having just replayed BG1 and BG2, the simplicity (outside of magic) of the 2e rulesets is actually quite appealing these days. As a kid I loved 3e and assembling all the broken combinations; these days I just want something handed to me on a platter, minimal choices. 5e really nails it actually.

The Pathfinder games and BG3 for me stake out two ends of a D20 range. The former skews towards a bajillion choices and the possibility of mixing and maxing to the nth degree, coupled with the need to micromanage intensely. The latter edges more towards a streamlined experience, though one with plenty of detail. You lose a bit of the bonkers customizability, but it’s a whole hell of a lot less fiddly.

That mostly comes down to just D&D3.0/3.5/Pathfinder vs D&D5e, which is already streamlined. Like JRPGs, level-ups are mostly self-guiding. BG3 though has extra Larian homebrew shit woven in. The shit which people actually love. So much so the “D&D” almost feels secondary.

Enter Solasta: Crown of the Magister. Another CRPG that uses D&D5e that importantly isn’t Baldur’s Gate 3. I bought it but haven’t played it yet.

I played a bit of Solasta, and was favorably disposed. Need to do some more with it I think. It seems very faithful to the system.

I liked Solasto too! I actually own some DLC for itvI haven’t played, been playing new shiny things instead, but hopefully I’ll get back to it at some point

Solasta is pretty good. Its no BG3 but it has its own unique spin and the combat/ruleset is technically great.

I spent so much time staring at the season 2 pass on my wishlist, seeing it never go below a 20% sale, and never buying it, that I removed it a few weeks ago, uninstalled the game and have no inclination to play again. That’s with it being the third most played game in the modern era of time tracking for me.

More updates come too late for me, but WotR is a great game and perhaps some of these new updates and additions will get some new players to jump in to try it out.

I am hoping their unannounced game is another pathfinder game.