Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

That’s disappointing. Maybe I’ll have more context once I get there, but why not let Finnean stay in the same form he was in when you complete the quest, or give you a choice once the quest is finished?

Also, did I miss where it was mentioned that Finnean can only take the form of a weapon once and then it can’t be re-used? I was a little annoyed when I discovered that as I had changed his form when the party member who wielded him went on hiatus only to find that I couldn’t change him back? Not a big deal now that I have access to better weapons but at the time it sucked!

What? I’m still early so I’ve done exactly what you tried and shifted him to fill in on different characters. So far I think he’s been a composite bow, a dagger, and a throwing axe (the last one was just so I could see what the weapon looked like as I’d sold the only one I’d seen at that point).

It does suck if he becomes a longsword in the end though. On the other hand I think I messed up the smith’s quest so I don’t get Radiance anyway. Maybe I’ll need a long sword.

Yeah, I had him as a Rapier (Camellia) but she was terrible so I turned him into a dagger and gave him to Woljiff. Then I wanted to turn him back into a Rapier because I lacked any magic ones and… no longer an option. I wasn’t sure if I missed the explanation for that or if it was just some sort of assumed knowledge for intelligent weapons or whatever he is?

EDIT: Or a bug, I guess! This is Owlcat. :)

His weapon options differ from companion to companion. Perhaps only the weapon types they are skilled in?

In that case he should have shown up as a Rapier for Camellia, since she was wielding him previously.

I get a lot of milage out of Camilla so far, especially after getting the duelist feat, and adding Keen to her rapier.

Camellia is coming into her own. She was a terrible fit for my party (other than the much-needed trickery for a time) but I’ve got her in a pretty good place. She’s still probably the first one I toss if I need to swap someone in, but she’s certainly pulling her own weight.

For the first few levels she just missed everything she attacked and had a small selection of the same spells my main Cleric already had access to, so wasn’t too useful. :)

Yeah, Camellia becomes pretty good.

It’s just a damn shame…

Hopefully the upcoming companion DLC adds like three of them.

I’m sort of the same. What I need is a good healer. Mechanically I should use Woljif as my trickery and flanker with Ember providing healing and hexes. I tend to forget about Camellia’s spells anyway so I’m not making full use of her. But Ember crosses some sort of line; she’s too young.

Plus I tend to hoard spells. Camellia can at least attempt to fight and tank when she isn’t casting. Ember really can’t.

Good to know on the respec-ing, I was going to do it after realizing at level 8 that I’d wasted a feat with my cavalier. At 8th you get a bonus mounted combat feat, but I’d already taken all of them, so there was nothing left to choose and I lost that. So I was going to respect him at some point soon, but now. . . .

While we talk about respeccing I might as well ask which mod works best. I want to play around with builds for Woljif and Camellia. I’m fine with keeping their Owlcat given starting levels but I think I messed up Woljif and I want to pick different hexes for Camellia.

I suppose it is best to use Toybox to add money and simply pay the Hilor.

General Pathfinder question: How does it work if you multiclass two Divine or two Arcane classes in terms of number/level of spells they have available? This example isn’t something I’m looking at doing, but what if I start with Cleric and multiclass into Oracle or something that has Divine spells. If my Cleric has access the 5th level spells, does it stay stuck at 5th level until my Oracle level gets access to 6th? Or is the Divine spell level stuff shared? I’m assuming it’s the former and I’d just get additional 1st and 2nd level spells as I put levels into Oracle at the start. Again, not something I’m going to do, just an example.

If you’re not looking to respec them from the ground up, that’s the way to go IMO. Least intrusive / risk for something to go wrong. If you ARE wanting to respec someone completely, ToyBox works fine.

The two spellbox, spell slots, and all casting levels are separate. I have Woljif as a 3rd level eldritch trickster and a 2nd level hexcrafter. He has two different spellbooks in the character screen. All the spells appear in the S tab on the in map UI but I believe that they are listed in two different slots if I pick the same spell from both classes (such as picking mage armor from both)

Thank you for the clarification! I thought it probably worked that way but wanted to make sure. This playthrough I’ve just done “boring” single class specs because the number of options is kind of overwhelming, but I’d love to delve into multiclassing. That’s the kind of stuff that I love in games.

Also, keep in mind, the caster level is based on the spell book.

Usually the rule of thumb is, outside of the mystic theurge, never mix spellcasters together.

In fact, the way a lot of abilities work, saves are usually 10+half class + primary casting feat. That means, whenever you split things up, you lose not only higher level spells, but your abilities get weaker, as enemies get stronger saves.

If you want to multiclass, look at the prestige classes, and see ways to reach them. They usually help make up for losses of multiclassing.

Here’s another question: Is there a way I can see what the BAB progression is for various classes (aside from just scrolling all the way through)? Is there a way to tell what the primary scaling stat for a class is before picking it? For some it’s clear (a Wizard needs Int) but for others I’m not sure if it’s INT, WIS, CHA, etc.

Only when you level up.

In general, it scales with hit points. Classes that give 6 or more Hitpoints scale +1 BAB per level.
5 hitpoints (Clerics/Druids/Hunters/Rogues/Shaman/Bards/Skalds) gain 3 BAB per 4 levels (0,1,2,3,3,4,5,6,6,7)

Wizards, Witches, Feyspeaker Druids, Arcanist, all 1/2 BAB

Primary casting.

Wizard, Witch, Eldritch Rogue, Alchemist,Magus, all intelligence, except for a few Archetypes.

Clerics, Druids, Shaman, Ranger, Inquisitor, Wisdom

Oracle, Sorcerer, Bard, Skald, Paladin, Bloodrager - Charisma

Kinecticust - Constitution

Hope that helps @KevinC

Makes sense. I don’t really like Woljif’s first 3 levels but they aren’t that bad. Actually I’m not sure that I can think of a way to save Woljif. I like his character (teenager magical thief) but he doesn’t fit my party well.

Lann - ranged druid
Nenio - full arcane / maybe EK for BAB
Seelah - either reach or s&b tank (note that I’m willing to ignore TWF and use 4 attacks plus haste if I keep the shield)
Main Character - Sohei 12 / Inquisitor 8 (Aeon path) probably ranged

I need a healer and someone to tank (I have two dogs but I don’t think they will be able to tank much longer). I had hoped that Woljif could be a dex tank but I don’t see a good way unless I go sword saint with a single dagger which seems simply silly.

It did, thanks!

Anyone else getting some UI bugs since the update? I keep getting into states (I think it’s after dialog) where I can’t select my party and the game won’t react to a lot of keypresses. I’ve found a way around it by hitting B to bring up the spellbook then closing it. However, just now I hit R to rest in town and my game is completely bugged. I teleported to the citadel but I didn’t get a rest screen and I can’t seem to click on anything. EDIT: Looks like the “bring up spellbook” trick unstuck that case too. Phew.

Also, seems they still haven’t fixed the bug where it un-memorizes all the Domain spells on my cleric every time I load the game or level up. Grrr.