Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

The game seems very buggy after the patch. I’m getting massive framerate drops. As in, so slow even my mouse is skipping around. No weather effects or anything but it happens when I’m in battle. Once the battle ends it immediately speeds beck up. Got stuck a couple times in turn based mode where I couldn’t take any action or end a character’s turn.

This happened to me as well - I waited for a while, and could move again after pressing a few keys. I’ve read others had success with bringing up spellbook through keystroke, and then the game unfroze.

In other news - I am considering starting over with a new character, but man, its so hard. My inquisitor is fine, but…nothing really special. All those that have spell levels to 6 only seems kinda limited. Limited melee figther and limited spell caster.

Has anyone tried a pure figther and know if they are viable? Usually those are heavily outclassed as levels progress with spellcasters being more powerfull

Pure fighters stay viable imo.

The whole “fighters get weaker, casters get stronger” thing is more of a table top issue.
Like in PnP a level 18 Wizard can reshape reality. Gravity? He controls it. Planes? He can make his own and travel them at will. Time? He can control it. High level divination spells unfold reality. What is the enemy doing? Let’s pick apart reality and find out. Fucking Imprisonment. WISH.

In CRPGs Wizards tend to get literally none of those spells. Heck you can’t even fly above the battlefield at 120 feet raining fireballs on everything as it helplessly runs for cover. Now granted something like Wail of the Banshee can be utterly insane. Doing 180 damaged to everything within 40 feet is bonkers. But so is a fighter going after a single target and dealing 400 damage a round or whatever.

Also Mythic Paths narrow that gap even more imo. Mythic Power attack and similar feats scale damage to frankly absurd levels. Now is that better than all my spells on my lich being like DC 36 with +20 spell penetration? Maybe not, but it’s more than viable.

The more likely problem is that it might feel “boring”. You run up and hit stuff. Really, really hard, but still just hitting stuff. Again Mythic Paths help here, giving you wild and crazy abilities that aren’t just hitting things. Maybe you move up and then summon something or drop holy fire on stuff. And then you start hitting stuff.

Edit: Just an example:

Imagine this is most CRPGs. “We don’t know where the bad guy is/what he is doing,” is often a key part of a narrative. Discern Location tells you where he’s taking a shit. So you can pop 35 spells, teleport to him and drop everything in the universe on him before he’s wiping and then be gone in a blink if he somehow survived (probably some version of Contingency so you don’t even have to be able to react yourself) . Make sure to use some other scrying method to see exactly what his shitter looks like so you can assure no surprises.

Contingency is another one that’s insane. “If anyone ever attempts to harm me, teleport me to my safe room in my personal pocket demiplane.”

Thanks @ShivaX ! Much appriciated. I do feel your concern about it being more boring. I think I need to rethink how I play the game. Right now, I just run real time, and let the characters do their thing on their own, and only intervene in the tough fights , like casting heals, and a few specifik spells like Prayer, Bless and Bane.

And that works well - maybe I should up the difficulty a bit, to make a more hands-on approach more needed, and thus bringing out the skills and abilties more often - even shifting to turn-based more than I do know, which is rare.

Yep, definitely some issues. Seems like FPS drops by 15% every fight. I’m in the end game now so my spell effects are all over the place, so that probably doesn’t help.

Turning into a giant Gold Dragon never gets old. :)

Honestly this game shines in turn-based imo.

Especially a fiddly class like Inquisitor. They have like so many abilities and spells, but in RTWP it’s just: “Uh Judgement, I guess, go get em boys!”

Which can be fun in itself, but turn-based is where things get crunchy for me. Positioning yourself just right to cast Wail of the Banshee and seeing 10 dudes explode is something that doesn’t happen in real-time because everything is always moving, there is cast time and suddenly your tank is dead and you don’t even know what happened.

YMMV of course and turn-based slows the game down. A massive amount. Though given the state of the game, taking longer isn’t necessarily a bad thing atm. The longer it takes to get to later Acts the better your chances it might not be broken when you get there. Of course the flipside is that when you get there and it is broken, then you might have wasted even more time.

Edit: And there are a lot of “fighter” classes that have some options. Stuff like Bloodrager. Mostly it’s a Barbarian, but also have some spells to cast while beating people with a giant hammer. Or Slayer. Basically a fighter, but also a rogue. And fighter feats can make them interesting in some ways, but a lot of that takes a ton of game knowledge.

Ooh, Minahgo is voiced by Linzi. Totally didn’t catch that. Deskari is voiced by Regongar.

I wish they would solve the buffing problem. You know, before combat you want to cast like 5 to 10 buff spells, every single time. The buffs do not last long enough either. There is an mythic extend spell power which for some god-awful reason only applies to spells who have a natural duration of over and hour to become 24 hours. I really could use one that would make rounds = minutes and minutes - 10 minutes, etc…

Has anyone solved the army problem with an enemy general that does like 3.5k damage every round with spells? I have no idea how to deal with it. All my stacks die in one hit, except for my hell knights which require two rounds to die. I am wondering if the generals army limit is unit type or total stacks. If its just unit types, then maybe Ill try and make like 10 stacks of every unit type. If not, then I guess Ill just leave said demon general alone until my armies get serious magic protection, if that is even possible.

I agree, it can get pretty repetitive and tedious. That’s one area I wouldn’t mind deviation from tabletop just for QOL purposes. I saw a mod on Nexus that sounded like it tried to help with this but I haven’t tried it. I think you set up a script and then you can push a button and execute your sequence of buffs or something like that.

There’s a second version of that mythic ability that improves it to spells with a duration of more than 5 minutes.

So you get the first version, and then the second version becomes available as a 2nd pick? The UI didn’t list an additional one as it normally does for other abilities.

However, even with 5 minutes to 24 hours, that leaves out a lot of buffs. Most buffs are either 1 round/level or 1 minute / level which would not benefit from such an ability. Although with the meta-magic ability extend spell AND that mythic ability, maybe it would be more useful if that mechanic is supported.

Speaking of mechanics, does anyone know what counts as a domain ability? There is one mythic ability that allows domain abilities to be swift actions. My holy like paladin has a lot special powers like a large AOE aura, divine weapon, angelic weapon, etc… This is part of the ‘buffing’ stuff before each combat. If these were swift actions, it would not be so bad, but I do not know what they mean by domain abilities.

For Clerics, domain grants them access to a specific spell or two per spell level. In the spellbook they are shown with a different color background to differentiate, and they can only be equipped in the specific Domain slot in the spellbook.

Owlcat is working on it.

1 minute/level spells would reach 5 minutes at level 5, so those would all benefit fine.

I believe it’s possible very late game to get 1 round/level buffs to also work, but it requires going Angel/Lich to merge spell books and using the extend spell metamagic.

No, that does not work. As an experiment, I had a character at level 10 that could cast heroism, which was 10 min / level. So that is 100 minutes well over an hour. After taking the mythic perk, it was still 100 minutes when cast.

I installed Toy Box to counter the legion of bugs that the game throws at me. Don’t plan to do anything silly, mostly QOL stuff and fiddling with respecs. I also will use it for those times when the game throws a never-ending sequence of grindingly hard fights at you leaving your entire party on death’s door with more fights to come…bye bye death’s door.

I feel like it’s a necessary utility for me, haha. Otherwise my annoyances with the game would just bog me down. It’s nice not having to rest so damn often when traveling on the world map (no, my party isn’t heavily encumbered). Wading my way through random encounter after random encounter is already bad enough in terms of bogging the game down. I wish they at least gave a bit better XP/loot or something.

Speaking of random encounters, I’m L12 now and still haven’t run into random encounters as hard as I ran into a few as L7-8 and was whining about in this thread. I wasn’t trying to bypass demon armies or anything. I can only conclude it was either bugged and pulling from the wrong table or I got some crazy RNG results that should have been out of bounds. I was literally having my party entirely flattened before I could even move. I was encounting packs of creatures I hadn’t seen before that later in the story were introduced singularly as elite/champion kind of big nasties. Something was definitely off.

Also, I did realize some of the issue I was having with difficulty spikes early on. On Normal difficulty, one of the options says to have weaker enemies. I think it’s down two notches from the neutral setting. I ended up bumping it up one notch so it was “slightly weaker” or something because I didn’t want babymode or anything. But what I didn’t know until recently is that the setting is completely misleading. The “Core” baseline they’re using when talking about relative creature strength has monster stats seriously pumped up over what you’d find in tabletop. So when I was playing with “slightly weaker” enemies at the start, in fact it was “not quite as ridiculously 'roided out demons” which was not conveyed well in the description.

Weird, it should work fine. I just took this screenshot:

Screenshot 2021-09-15 152816

I’ve never had the unfair/frequency of random encounters that you reported. I would love if I didn’t run into this damn skeleton merchant every 6 game hours though. This dude follows me around - just go to my castle already.

That would help immensely if it works like that. Reading the feat, I worried it was talking about base time, not enough levels putting you above the hour threshold.

I gotta go try that mod out as well to help things out. As the game has progressed, I just have more and more buffs I need to cast. This game feels very encounter heavy so I find I’m having to do it fairly frequently. I like the idea of having to take up the spell slots and everything else to buff, I just wish there was an easier/faster way to apply those buffs from a UX point of view. It gets pretty tedious.

Here were the mods I was thinking of: