Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Haha, same. I’m level 12 now and have hardly had any random encounters in this game that aren’t the skeleton merchant.

Yeah, that herpes skeleton is the worst. He goes away for a time but he always comes back.

I ran into an issue where after basically every single attack the game would effectively freeze and then recover. Suffice to say, it made playing hell. Thankfully someone found a solution from the devs for it.


Just in case anyone else is having the problem. It was barely playable in turn-based (no idea what it would be like in RTWP).
Now it’s perfectly fine.

This is exactly how it works.

Most of Daeran’s buffs are all day for me at this point. Basically anything with a time measured in minutes lasts 24 hours.

Rounds are a lot tougher, but those buffs are a hell of a lot stronger. Running around with permanent Haste an Righteous Might would be a bit much and those are the low level 1 round/level spells.

I don’t freeze after every attack but I have had some freezes and other issues. I’m going to try clearing that out, thanks for the tip!

I can confirm it works for 1 minute/level spells too. At level 12 with the Greater Enduring Spells mythic ability I just cast Heroism, Greater and the duration was 24 hours.

Sweet! Thank you for confirming, that will really help me out!

For my Herald Caller, things started picking up but now they’re veering back towards frustrating! For my L5 or 6 summoning spells (can’t remember which), it summons red caps or these other humanoid dudes, it’s random. Unfortunately, the humanoid dudes just stand there and throwing lightning bolts constantly. And I’m summoning like 2-5 of them at a time. Unfortunately, every demon is immune to lightning but my party is most definitely… not. So all they end up doing is blowing the shit out of my own party, haha.

Is there any way of controlling their behavior at all aside from using ToyBox to take direct control of summons (which I don’t really want to do)? I can mitigate it by casting protection vs. lightning but the point of summoning those guys is to help kill the baddies, not force me to take another turn to avoid my party getting beaten up. I wish the summon type wasn’t random for that tier of spell so that I could avoid summoning them in. Seems kind of dumb to even include them given the Wrath scenario.

I like Buffbot better, but it’s broken. Some Communal buffs cast multiple times. Some buffs are created out of thin air without using any spell slots.

Autobuff works better but is a lot harder to use.

I don’t know if this is the same for all mythic paths, but I ended up rolling back and choosing demon instead of lich. Love it so far - the demon teleport charge is amazing. HOWEVER, it seems every time I sleep I keep getting teleported somewhere else. Related to the demon mythic path quests, but it’s frequent enough that it’s really breaking up my exploring/dungeoneering. I wrap up a dungeon and rest right before a big boss fight and zooop! I’m doing something else now! Then it puts me back at the castle.

You guys are not making me regret my decision to give this some more time in the oven, jeez.

Not really. Knowing they’ll come in tossing lightning bolts willy nilly means you can kind of predict how it will pan out. They travel in a straight line to a target at the end of the day.

I remember in Kingmaker when Cohh was playing a summoner he had plenty of the big energy protection spells ready for when he summoned those dudes.

My suggestion would be to toss them out in front of you as an opening move, but I have no idea how many lightning bolts they can toss. At least that way they’re tossing them down range instead of across your line or at your backliners. And Communal Electricity Protection of course, just to be safe.

I do those things which mitigates the issue, but still sucks that they’re completely useless since everything is stacked with DR or immunity to lightning. It’s great when I don’t end up summoning those and get red caps instead, but it’s not something I can control. I wish there was a way to say “Hey dummy, they’re immune. Stop shooting lightning bolts” when I get them. At least go punch something!

I’ve just kind of stopped summoning those tiers which sucks since that’s what my class is oriented around and where some mythics and feats went into! And I certainly don’t dare respec right now. :)

Hmm. IIRC in kingmaker, redcaps were summoned for evil characters, the lightning dudes for non-evil; maybe a bug if its random?

Does the Vulnerability Curse help with that stuff?

Interesting. I have an item that summons demons/angel type guys that I thought said depended on alignment and what it summons seems random as well. I’m solidly Good, so I wonder if something is a little screwy with my character/game. I mean, I also have a triceratops that started following me around for the past while that is perpetually stuck at level 1 so it wouldn’t surprise me. No idea what that is about, considering I do have an animal companion and it is a leopard?!

I think it should, but Ember tends to be busy with other things. I have her mythics set up so her fire ignores immunities and DR, so she’s usually nuking or doing something else critical each round.

Ill have to check it out again. Maybe it was a UI bug or you needed to rest or something. Basically I did a quick save, leveled up the mythic side chose it with wolfje and then went to his spell book and looked at the spell and it still said 10min/level. I think I casted as well and saw the same thing. I then did a quick load and forgot about it.

For anyone playing a lich, how is the crusade thing working? Did they fix the lack of undead from armies other than the first one yet? If not, how do you handle the crusade side of things?

So, what is the best Animal Companion if not mounted? I’m looking at the Leopard, and thinkings about making it a Stealthy, Racer Archetype.

On the other hand, a Mammoth or Bear just seems fun.

Maybe he’s neutral and it’s random? I forget the wording, but it’s the same as Kingmaker iirc.

I forget the rules, but good shouldn’t summon redcaps and evil shouldn’t summon angels.

Okay, nevermind then. That’s just odd.

There are multiple camps on this, but generally the answer is:

Wolf/Dog for tripping stuff. Smilodon for raw damage.
People have been saying good things about Leopard lately, but those might be outliers.

I’m not sure how being able to gear and level them affects the Animal Companion dynamic, but I would think it’s significant. It’s entirely possible not enough people have done it to really determine what is best. The Wolf/Smilodon dynamic is mostly a carry over from Kingmaker.

Leopard Halfling Cavalry might be a cool trick.

But I’m playing a Druid now, although, I might switch back to my Bloodrider in the future.

(11) Nerd Commando Game Studios - YouTube

He has some Animal Companion Videos

Found an older thread about Animal Companions, might be something useful in there:

Always be wary of Nerd Commando imo. He’s the ultimate min/maxer of min-maxers. And then sometimes he doesn’t understand a mechanic and it gets wonky.

That said, he can be a great source for idea for builds or how to do something. You just don’t need a 7 in 3 stats to do it like I swear every single build of his ends up. “We dump Charisma, Int and Str to 7 so we can get 2 20’s in these stats” = basically half the videos.