Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

I think Kingmaker had a bug that gave you 2 bites?

I don’t know. I usually just pick the race that gives me points in my main stats, and maybe some good weapon proficiencies (although, now we have backgrounds).

Well, with the free respec it’s not like it can’t be easily fixed.

True, but respec loses you all the alignment points… which feels wrong, you know.

Now, here is a different question - Priest of Balance only seems to have 3 options for mythic path. Is Aeon the only strong option?

I did not know that.

I’ve yet to get a toon more than 9th level, just the beginning of act 3, so I know very little about the mythic paths.

The Motherless tiefling gets a bite no matter what. It counts as a secondary attack at -5 and 1/2 STR mod. It’s still OP and great for sneak attacks.

I don’t know what the Feral Mutagen would add on top of that.

All bites stack for no good reason. Nothing else from natural attacks does.

There are tons of degenerate builds based on basically getting every bite attack that exists so you have like 15 attacks out there.

Edit: Also respec mod now has an options to keep your alignment, portrait and whatnot iirc.

Yay they fucking fixed it.

I mean, it doesn’t say where the bite is…

Not the mythic path, just all those little blips on your alignment that show up when you make a decision.

So my Bloodrager is in Act 2 and I didn’t disable the Crusade system for him like I did with my Cavalier (my only other character to get this far into the game), and I have a few questions. I could probably answer these via a few YT videos, but the ones I’ve found are fairly long, which makes me wonder how complex this mechanic is. Anyways, I’m curious if it’s best to max out your starter army’s size like a Might & Magic game and run it around the map or should I recruit additional armies to cover the geography? This is early Act 2.

Edit: and should I move the army to keep it fairly close to my party? Curious if there are advantages/disadvantages to doing so. Or negatives if my party passes too closely to a demon army on the map.

Just make a single super-stack and mop up. My trixter got an ability that let generals gain xp passively, so I recruited a second general just so they could level up to hold four armies and escort them to my super-stack.

Nope, but you need your army to clear the map to areas you want your party to explore. Moving your party through an enemy army will trigger a difficult fight, and you can’t move your party through enemy forts.

I just found out something which perhaps a few people may already know.
The last two ‘pit’ spells, acid pit and hungry(maybe devouring?) pit are both awesome and bugged. It can make short work of some of those bullshit enemies and encounters as long as the enemy isn’t flying or huge.

The bugged part of the pit is the fact that in turn based mode the pits continue to proc every few seconds. Meaning if an enemy is sitting in its AoE, ever few seconds it will have to roll a reflex save or be sucked into the pit. Also if they are in the pit, they will take damage every few seconds while you just sit on one character’s turn.

The only other bugged part is if that an enemy dies in the pit, you may not get its loot.
It also highlights some other bullshit in the game. I was fighting a wizard boss who had like 6 dagger attacks around (level 16 wizard at that) who did insane melee damage. Id love to know how that was done. Anyway, she had like a 7 reflex save and the pit had a DC of like 21. She would only go into the pit on a natural 1 roll.

Anyway, I feel a bit cheesy about abusing these spells, but then again, these bullshit npcs encounters piss me off.

This bug works against the player too.

I’m surprised how much more involved the Crusade system feels than Kingmaker’s town/fief mgmt. And that’s with just one army, its movements, recruiting new troops into it, leveling up its general, etc. I have a feeling this is going to explode in subsequent acts where you have a dozen armies on the world map running all over the place and I’m not sure I want to dip that flavor of chocolate into my peanut butter-based party RPG.

Do not do this. Make one main army that is super powerful. You might want to make a secondary army to deal with invading demon armies, but most of your troops should go to a single beat down army. I highly recommend a caster general for your armies.

However I am now playing as a lich so I have two main armies. One is my living troops and the other is undead troops. I sure hope my undead troops get a boost at some point because skelletons and zombies will only go so far, no matter how many you have. I have been avoiding the demon armies with the caster bosses that can one shot stacks each round.

You can’t really be a true HoMM-like without the one almighty doom stack being the dominant and most effective strategy, heh. Seems like for the most part it’s the preferable strategy for WotR’s crusade mode stuff too. That leveling up caster generals apparently, because as said above, they can do some serious stack wiping once they get going.

I’ve cleared all the demon armies with my super stacked finger of death army (600+ soldiers, 400+ archers, 50 hellknights, 250 clerics, and about 50 rangers), clearing the way to attack Drezen, and then wiped out the three level 6 demon armies that appeared in the canyon to the west. A text pop-up said this would make the actual retaking of the city easier since the demons can’t resupply.

I agree with the stack-of-doom strategy, but if you want to get new troops to your frontline faster, and have the ability that adds extra travel points to every army with a general, I find grabbing up a few more generals helpful (I had four before I went into the Fane). The difference between moving 40 and 55 cuts down on waiting for reinforcements to arrive.

But yeah, also great to have one decent army that can handle the invaders when your main is on the other side of the map. That’s also come up a couple times for me.

The problem for undead armies is that every fight spawns units.

So you end up with like 6 armies of 1-3 units wandering the map trying to meet up with your Undead army to reinforce it and then you realize the UI is terrible and this is going to literally take hours before you can advance and download a mod to let you win.

That said, the difficulty adjustments are pretty good. The first “easier” Crusade level seems about right. Troops come at a decent pace and so do resources, which means so far on my 2nd playthrough I haven’t felt the need to cheat (though to be fair, I cheated the first time because Lich was just broken).

Might change when I hit Act 5 and run out of stuff to do while Level 12-13 armies stare down my level 10 army and I’m just passing time waiting for troops to walk out to them.

Is there a way to move troops around the map without having your party in adventure mode? IE: exit Dresen and then you can move armies around, but not while in drezen?

Also another piece of advice: When upgrading troops and you have a choice for a low damage with lots of HP vs high damage and few HP, take the high damage option. There might be some cases where you want a medium option between the two, but mostly DPS is king. Id just hire mercs who were tanky if I needed some damage sponge.

I did find a trick to use against the armies with generals that cast high damage spells. I just remove all my units from my main army except for zombies who have tuns of HP and do almost no damage. Then my caster general just nukes everything while the enemy general wastes time nuking the zombies. Once in a while I may have to ‘heal’ the zombies, but at least this saves all my high damage units from dying. If this tactic can work with any stack of high HP units.