Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

So, I have a build idea.

4 Levels of Hellknight Signifier, 10 levels of Eldritch Knight, and either 6 levels of Wizard, Sorcerer, Witch or Arcanist. That should give me a Caster level of 19, and a BAB of 16 (so barely 4 attacks per turn) and the ability to wear Mythril Full Plate without any Arcane Failure.

As a Human with a Gladiator Background, I can get the Feats I need for both prestige classes without trouble.

I figure I can go 5 levels of Wizard or Witch, 4 Levels of Hellknight Signifier, 10 levels of Eldritch Knight, and then the Final levels of Wizard to get the missing BAB. (if i take 5 levels of Hellknight, I only have a BAB of 15 because that final level doesn’t give any).

Or, 6 Levels of Sorcerer or Arcanist, and everything is just behind a single level for a short time.

I think Human is preferred for the ability to take Martial Weapon Proficiency early, but I could swing something else.

The build sounds fun to me. The only caveat is that ultimately naked with mage armor and the mythic provides a much better armor bonus late game. If you choose Sorcerer consider 2 things and that is scaled fist dip for CHA to AC and if you can swing it Oracle dip Nature mystery for CHA as DEX. If you simply wanted the flavor of armored caster and have say a mediocre DEX score then your ideas work great.

Yeah, the mythic armor feat could do a lot of the work instead of the Platemail, and it’s only a level 1 spell slot. But, I can also save that mythic feat for something else. Maybe something boring like the abundant spells. Or, if I took a Sorcerer, I could instantly get the 20th level ability.

I am still a bit torn.

I don’t want to dip into too many classes because I want to retains 19 levels of caster (you only lose that one level from the Eldritch Knight).

I think we are still waiting on some of the Orders to come through for the Hellknight Signifier. The Order of the Gate could provide even more Arcane Failure reduction, but it doesn’t work yet.

First few days in Act 3, hitting demon armies around Drezen, moved my party south for a new quest in Greenglades (sp?) and got a level 25 dragon dropped on my lvl 9 party. Reloaded twice, dragons appeared both times, so it’s obviously scripted. Game obviously doesn’t want me to go that way quite yet.

It does, they just want to drop the dragon on you twice because that’s fun for them. It doesn’t show up randomly again after a second appearance, though.

You should survive the encounter though - think of it as a story bit.

You don’t have to kill it, just survive.

This was interesting.

I applaud the work that went into this but that kind of thinking is also a huge drain on my interest. I absolutely go nuts over math and stats and such throughout my daily life; when it comes to games, though, I just want to have fun and forget about all the detailed management that would be needed to make this work.

I actually asked about Playful Darkness up-thread, wondering how I could possibly make it through. If the answer had been anything like this post, I would have just been a tad frustrated at a game design that would need it, even if it is optional. Likely would have moved on and ignored it as best I could.

I’m very much anti extreme difficulty. I get that some find the accomplishment to be a big part of playing their character build; not for everyone, for sure. I want to experience every aspect that the game offers otherwise, even if that means turning down the difficulty so the near-impossible battles become just mildly difficult.

The big take-away for me was to use Finnean. But PDs not too hard. Use summons and prioritize the Last Stand mythic ability for any melee.

Noticed a new, small, patch that fixed a few things (like pits in TB mode).

And, um, something big coming? DLC?

Anyone who’s finished the game have any good advice for Act 3? Act 1’s overall main objective was clear, as was Act 2’s, but here early in Act 3 I’m honestly not sure what to do. I’ve got a ton of quests that poured in, I’ve got demon armies all over the place, towns to build, and I’m leery as shit of moving my party or my single super-stack army too far from Drezen. Will demon armies sack the city if I move too far? I’m asking because I see them moving around, mainly coming toward Drezen from the west.

Feel free to move the party wherever you need to get the quest done. TP back when your corruption gets too high. Rest in Drezen, then go adventurin’ after selling your stuff and meeting with advisors. Repeat.

I’ve only ever seen one active enemy army at a time. It is stupidly hard to find out where they are due to Fun Bugs™, but once you spot them, you know what they are going to do. They make a beeline to Drezen or a fort and then siege it. Go out to meet them. It’s important you don’t stay holed up in Drezen, since you get all kinds of rewards for beating armies on the world map. You can get relics, income, and of course, open up new areas to explore. So go out there and start smackin’ demons silly.

Cool. That was certainly my first impulse, just wasn’t sure if it was safe and Act 3 is a bit overwhelming with everything that gets thrown at you.

About the crusade armies, I’ll toss in that I tend to expand a radius out from Drezen, and the army strengths really dictate where you can go next until you have your stack-of-doom powerful enough to overcome any of them.

I love that they added an infirmary capacity bar. I only noticed it after last patch but it may have been there for a bit since I was in the Abyss. That lets me decide when to use the Cure Wounds spell so taking apart my armies piecemeal isn’t a thing.

Aside: Oh, um, wow. Hit Shrine of the Three and that was…interesting. I’ll have to do it again as I didn’t make it through the first time, although it was close. Now that I understand my objective it should be easier (the blank ‘Accept’ notice didn’t help at the beginning; wonder what it was supposed to say).

At least this one won’t be as bad as the Playful Darkness, I anticipate. Too bad I gave up my Mythic abilities of the Trickster as I had some pretty nice crowd control paralyzing happening for a while.

So I’m back to playing and just about to attack the Grey Garrison. I’m trying to finish up some quests and eventually looked online to see where Kaylessa is, but she’s not there. I made sure Forn back at the tavern is still asking me to find her. Is there a way to see if I already talked to her and missed it? . Thanks

Same problem, but she showed up on her own later.

Ok, I tried not to read too far into this storyline and just see where to find her, but did notice this might be the case. Still weird that it shows as an uncompleted quest, but I’ll just mop up the other lingering quest and head off. Thanks

She’s in the town square. If you haven’t done GG yet you should still be able to find her there.

I’m looking in the Market Square in the spot one of the guides points to and she isn’t there. Unless you mean the square where the initial demon attack happened. I’ll check there. thx