Pathfinder - Wrath of the Righteous; A Kingmaker follow-up that supports turn-based gameplay now!

Might’ve run into a snag with my proposed character build. The RDD needs to spontaneously cast arcane spells, which to my knowledge limits me to sorcerer and magus. But my build only has a charisma of 7, which means neither class tree would let him actually cast a spell (his spellbook page should show a 0/0 available spells to cast even after a rest). Not sure if this would trick the requirement for RDD or not.

Either of the spontaneous witches works.

Which ones are those? I had already picked Hex Channeler and that doesn’t count.

Fextralife says the Stigmatized witch is one, but uses Charisma, which puts me back in the same bad spot as Magus and Sorcerer.

Edit: ah, Leyline Guardian is also a spontaneous caster. I’ll have to switch his one Hex Channeler level over to that class when I respec.

There’s a sorcerer that uses INT. Sage Sorcerer, I think it’s called.

Uh. Is this enemy army bugged? It’s a five-strength bunch of incubi, but the enemy general is shooting fire at my dudes every round for 329d6 damage. That’s, uh, not super realistic.

Also: Camellia has gone from “fine” to “really quite effective, dang!” somewhere between levels 6 and 8. She doesn’t even suck at melee any more. Huzzah!

Greater Enduring Spells is a Thing, wow. I ain’t even mad about it.

Just finished up Lost Chapel, obviously. That was a fun adventure!

Apparently that army is just a thing. God Crusade is dumb.

In other news, any idea why my character is getting a +3 “Other” bonus to AC, but seems to be missing her wisdom to AC from Monk (should be +4)? I’m guessing some dumb bug, but it’s always something with this damn game.

She’s not wearing armor (she has the Silky Veil shirt equipped). Same behavior with Mage Armor on/off. Sitting comfortably at Light encumbrance. Grumble, grumble.

LOL, just figured it out. Equipping then unequipping armor changed it to +4. Bet you anything the idiot game is loading her Wis->AC bonus before applying the +2 Wisdom from her Aasimar heritage.

You can with Regil’s. He tore things apart in my Lich run with it. Tabletop tweaks mod takes him from good to insane by adding in all the crazy stuff Fighers can do with Weapon Training.

Just remember Hellknight is garbage and more than 3 levels is usually worse than 3 levels in Fighter.
Most people stop at 2-3. Once his Armor Training gets high enough his AC gets really solid since he has piles of Dex.

She gets the feat that adds dex bonus to damage. Plus she can cast some great buffs.


Yeah, the +7 damage all the time between Fencing Grace and Weapon Specialization really help. Plus she’s the Mistress of Outflanking with her excellent crit range. And as you said, buffs.

I really, really, really hate it when these games put you into combat without a chance to position or buff your dudes. This first battle coming into Drezen is just stupid, lol. I feel like I’ve done pretty much all the available content – I’m something like level 8.6 – and my dudes are just getting their faces kicked in within the first couple rounds of combat.

The Drezen fight really is a slog. I like the inn fight much better.

I’ve grown to love it, especially once the Ash Giants are taken out. Music gets kinda old, though.

I’m getting insane framedrop issues, deleting seems to not do much.

Like my entire system freezing for 2-5 seconds when I do basically anything at all. CPU goes to 100%.

That looks like a very tempting mod. If it weren’t for the state of the game still being a bit in flux, I would jump on it right now.

The only thing I would love for them to add (but I doubt they will) would be a halfling subrace that provides a wisdom bonus instead of charisma, if only because that was a change that 2nd edition made, but also because have a small race not be charisma centric would be nice.

Link to the mod for those that want to check it out.

The game performance gets continually worse as you progress through the game. (Although in my case the CPU never gets pegged.) By the time I reach Threshold charging in TBM looks like a slideshow.

There’s definitely some buff(s) or item(s) that are just destroying Unity, just like the “autofill action bar option disabled” was before.

I may have to call my Pathfinder game over, unfortunately. After 83 hours I finally wrapped up Iz and what I think is getting into the end game, I’m tasked with returning to Drezen but every time I try to enter (any zone) in Drezen, I’m greeted with a loading screen that gets to 100% and nothing happens. I’ve tried removing my mods but they are so tied to my save games that just creates other issues (the load game screen flickers and returns me to my menu). I tried to respec my characters and pick only things that aren’t included in the one mod I have that added/fixes some things and that didn’t work either.

I tried to get back out of the 1.1 beta as well, go back to the normal game mode, and that breaks my save games as well.

So, I don’t know. I’ll wait a bit and see if the full release (or an update) can fix anything, but I don’t even know if the mods are the culprit or not. I couldn’t beat Kingmaker at launch at very close to the end game and now this, but I guess I got 83 hours of enjoyment out of it first. Huge bummer way to wrap up my first play through, I’ll probably never get to see my personalized ending/ending cards I guess.

Just never progress in the game. It’s that simple.

I got a little under 300 hours out of it and haven’t finished the game on a single playthrough; more or less tinkering with builds. I’m going to shelve it until an expansion comes out I think.

I was thinking of doing the same thing… but then I won’t get the expansions until they go on sale. And then I won’t have finished the game for over a year or so.

And I’m not as popular as @jpinard (rightfully so) so I’ll be completely alone in playing Wrath of the Righteous, when I finally get back to it.

I’m at 85 hours and my highest level toon is 11, middle of act 3. I’m back in the Gray Garrison with my 5th level witch/monk/vivisectionist/soon to be red dragon disciple build.